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Murder suspect starts big courtroom brawl, 4 busted

Paul Wade mocked victim’s family/YouTube

Courtroom brawl in Kentucky.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOUISVILLE — A viral video shows a massive courtroom brawl that resulted in multiple arrests. The donnybrook transpired last Friday at Jefferson County District Court during a preliminary murder hearing in Louisville, Kentucky. All hell broke loose when defendant Paul Wade mocked the victim’s family as deputies escorted his black ass back to jail. “Yes ma’am, alright, thank you,” a handcuffed Wade told Jefferson County Judge Anne Haynie as he sauntered towards the exit. Then he glanced to his left and called one of the family members a “bitch.” A bout of fisticuffs quickly ensued. Deputies pepper-sprayed two family members in the hallway and arrested four total. Monnetra Cain, Joshua Smith, Isaiah Smith, and Joshua Whetstone were charged with several misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and obstructing government operations.

What’s sad is Judge Haynie was mentoring an 8th grade student at the time. “I had an eighth-grader who was shadowing me,” she told reporters. “She wants to be a judge.” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “I bet he won’t say nothing else in court again. 😆” Another added, “An 8th grader shadowing a murder case….WHATTTT? You can tell the judge seems ready to retire.”

Wade, a 31-year-old gangsta, murdered Edward Lamont Smith, 26, and Alexis McCrary, 25, last month.

Because she had no control over the courtroom, Judge Haynie plans to hire more deputies next time.

Ya think?

Watch the melee.

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  1. The court room is not designed for African-Americans. It was built to break us down

  2. That’s just a whole lot of incompetence right there. A complete and total failure from the top down. I’m just glad the judge and her assistant were not hurt. This could have gone very very bad for them.

  3. Now you get why perps are dressed in orange and kept in handcuffs.

  4. @Thee Oarsman: Coming from a person who’s own scientists say they have recessive tails.

  5. The court room was completely taken over. This is one time where I believe guns should have been drawn.

  6. I’ll preface by saying that I don’t BLAME the family for their anger and high emotions. But, it’s incidences like this that will, eventually, lead to banning members of the family (the victims family OR the defendants family) and the general public entirely from court proceedings and trials. Or, force a defendant to have to appear remotely which, in most instances, wouldn’t be fair to any defendant. I struggle to understand how any of the people involved here actually thought this would be a good plan. There are certain places where, no matter how justified an act like this might be, it is still completely unacceptable. A court of law is one such place.

  7. Total incompetence. Any fool could have predicted that would happen. Judge should have had the room cleared after the first outburst. Her bailiffs were, like Joe Biden, too decrepit to be effective.

  8. At some point we as a society should allow families decide punishment. If a family wants to beat up the killer of their loved one after found guilty, what is the problem with that?

  9. For you all who keep trying to tell me that racism doesn’t exist in America today. Just scroll through and read these comments.

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with this…. only the timing is wrong. Once that murderer is convicted, THEN I say the family/friends should be able to take vengeance. If these animals knew that, once caught and convicted, they face the wrath of the survivors and/or family members and friends, I would like to think they would think more than twice before ending someone elses life.

  11. I’d like to say this is shocking… but this behavior is pretty normal in court or at an all you can eat crab buffet.

  12. Damn!!! Did someone throw a steak? Like a pack of animals fighting over food.

  13. You could feel that tension. Wade needs to get executed too. No need to keep him in jail for years.

  14. An 8th grader wants to be a judge? I’m 40 & don’t know what I want to do. Admittedly though I refuse to grow up. Even though I pay my bills myself.

  15. I don’t GAF what anyone says. I completely and totally support the family. It would have been nice if they could’ve exacted revenge right then and there. Hopefully the animal will spend the rest of his life in a dog kennel. POS

  16. Sheriff’s really screwed up bad. They completely ignored the dangerous situation and didn’t have additional deputies to watch the proceeding. Just before the altercation, one deputy is sa-shaying up to the judge’s bench instead of standing between the defendant and the victim’s family. I bet they won’t make that mistake again.

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