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Black chick shoots white firefighter in self-defense

Anthony Santi shot dead/YouTube

Woman shoots KC firefighter. 

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KANSAS CITY — The black chick who shot and killed Kansas City firefighter Anthony “Tony” Santi won’t face charges and white folks are pissed. The shooting transpired October 6th around 2:30 p.m. at Liquorland gas station in Independence, Missouri. According to police reports, Santi (who was off-duty) noticed Ja’Von Taylor cussin’ out a female employee and intervened. After words were exchanged, the altercation spilled into the parking lot where things got physical. Taylor, 23, pulled out a gun but Santi wrestled it away and whooped his ass for 10 minutes. Santi, 41, then crawled on top of Taylor and started choking him. Taylor’s girlfriend jumped out the car and implored Santi to let him go. “Stop sir, stop!” she yelled frantically. “Get off! My kids [are] in the car! Stop, [you’re] killing him!” After repeatedly asking Santi to stop, the woman picked up Taylor’s gun and threatened to shoot. Amid trepidation that her boyfriend was near asphyxiation (à la George Floyd), the ride-or-die damsel pulled the trigger — shooting Santi in the back.

On October 18th, Jackson County prosecutors determined the woman — who will remain anonymous — wouldn’t face charges because she acted in self-defense. Kevin Jamison, an attorney and author of “Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law,” agreed with the decision. “Technically, it’s called the defense of justification and your justification is you are saving the life of another person,” Jamison explained to Fox 4 News. “The girlfriend is only constrained by what she reasonably believed to be the circumstances. If she didn’t see the start of the fight, all she knows is her boyfriend is getting strangled.”

Taylor, a convicted felon who committed armed robbery in 2019, is facing gun charges for illegal possession.

The gat-wielding malcontent lambasted the clerk because she didn’t have his brand of cigars.

Police said Taylor went outside to retrieve the gun from his car prior to the scuffle.

It’s also apparent Timothy Haslett Jr. ain’t the only white supremacist in Kansas City. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker received death threats (listen below) from a racist believed to be a Ku Klux Klan member. “You f*ckin’ n*gger-loving whore,” he said in the voice mail. “We’re gonna burn your f*ckin’ house down. You f*ckin’ little n*gger-lovers. Every f*ckin’ last one of you who live there, we’re f*ckin’ coming for ya. We see what the f*ck you’re doing. You f*ckin’ n*gger-loving, f*ckin’ cunts.”

Do you agree with the court’s decision?

Was it self-defense or murder?

Listen to the death threat above and watch the shooting below.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Dude goes outside to get a gun after the firefighter saw the altercation. Do you think he was coming back in to talk???? The firefighter stepped up and tried to help this woman, and got killed for it!! If these roles were reversed in skin color, all of you would be on the firefighters side.
    The woman is a murderer and should be tried for it, as well as the man who went and got the gun in the first place.

  2. Total bullsh*t!!!! This is clearly a hate crime, and they should both be charged with murder!!

  3. Stop thinking y’all white folks can do what y’all want✔️🤣period he didn’t let go so she made him tf keep y’all hands off mfs if yu ain’t ready to see yo maker!!

  4. Of course she got off. Cops didn’t want the city destroyed and set on fire.

  5. Ja’Von Taylor wasn’t even fighting back that man really wanted to kill him! I hope she gets counseling and doesn’t regret what happen because she did the right thing and saved Taylor’s life!

  6. They will say he was a model of his community, high school valedictorian and parking lot choker

  7. He took it too far. Ok you won you have him down it’s over, anger got the best of him and he didn’t stop.

  8. If she’d have kept her man on a leash and not allowed him to assault the store worker this wouldnt have happened not like the fire fighter randomly grabbed some black guy for no reason and did this.

  9. When someone like Santee wants to get out of line and act like that, you are supposed to do what the beautiful woman did in this short clip.
    Everyone that is sane is sooooo proud of her! I would have done the same for my woman and children AND I WILL if a Santee tries my future family.

  10. R.I.P Bozzo Santi 🤡 👨🏻‍🚒 enjoy the shadow realm you violent demon.

  11. So many ignorant people in one comment section, proof that Mouthbreathers can’t stop procreating. That woman was Given the Gun by her man from the ground because he WENT TO HIS CAR (With his kids in it) To get His Gun and Come BACK into an altercation. He was stopped by the Firefighter. I would ask if y’all would stop someone from shooting a cashier over an argument, but clearly you mental midgets would just let the scene play out and record it. Disgraceful. All of you.

  12. Hey you know what. I don’t care the gun was illegal. Its a fucking fight. I do jui jitsu, thats a rear naked choke, that guy was gunna get killed. Doesn’t matter the guy was breaking the law. The boyfriend could have been hitler, it doesn’t matter. The woman is innocent

  13. I don’t know for sure the details around this.
    But that guy wasn’t even subduing. That was some weird bullshit where he was pressing his upper body weight down on the guy’s head which was only cushioned from the pavement by his arm.

    Simple rule. When a woman with a gun is telling you, begging you, to get off her man and break up the fight. You get the fuck off.
    Woman had a God damn GUN and you were overpowering her man as they both told you to stop.

    I’m sure the guy was a good man and all that, but in that moment, it was either sheer stupidity or an inability to recognize his own mortality in that situation that did him in.
    Always assume the gun pointed at you is loaded, and they intend to kill you. He should have got off and awaited police

  14. The Felon got mad because the store didn’t have his cigars. Started yelling at the clerk like it was her fault. The firefighter was only intervening when the felon went to his car to retrieve his unregistered gun. That’s when the fight broke out. The firefighter was trying to save lives (mainly the clerks) and since the felon had a gun. The firefighter did his best to try and disarm the felon. Should he have intervened? Who knows… If he didn’t you’d probably have a dead store clerk possibly more?! During the fight the felon clearly hands the gun to the woman. The firefighter didn’t know this. Maybe if someone said hey, he doesn’t have the gun?! Then it’s not a fight for life anymore. While the fight continues that’s when the women executed the firefighter. She had no right shooting the firefighter. The DA needs to be held accountable. And for everyone saying good or they’re glad the firefighter was shot. Your mothers should’ve swallowed!!! Would’ve saved Tax payers a lot of money. One way or another…

  15. She won’t get charged because she has black privilege.

    If the roles were reversed, the city would have been burned down and nobody arrested for rioting.

    Black privilege. Black privilege. Black privilege.

  16. Now I know what to do when a guy goes to his car to get a gun to threaten a clerk with. You just shoot them don’t try to hold them and wait for police

  17. Exactly why I mind my business…stay in my lane and not interfere…that’s what the cops get paid for not me…sure he had some police buddy’s he could’ve called

  18. As I said before. It’s TIME People! No more standing by watching these s.o.b.’s murder our people in front of our eyes! Cops or Not! At the end of the day, they are just ordinary people wearing the slave catcher’s garb!

  19. We ARE tired of it. Definitely self defense. Please leave our people alone. He decided to choke him. We have to step up in defense of others when danger is around.🙏🏽 No more loss of lives.😢

  20. Ok I got to ask and answer honestly if the roles were reversed the Fireman was a black off duty fireman and the other couple were white people and the black fireman was choking the white guy the the girl friend shot and killed the black fireman would everyone feel the same? Would everyone be ok with it and say it was justifiable? My self I like to think I am on the side of who is in the right and I side with the black lady she was justified in shooting the fireman because he wouldn’t let go he had the man subdued and under control and if I am not mistaken the fireman actually said “I am going to kill you” so the shooting was justified the way I see it, if the roles were reversed I would be siding with the white lady if she had shot a black fireman (that is if it was exactly the same interaction) I would like to see a honest pole of 1.on the side of who is in the right 2. Who is on a black persons side right or wrong 3. Who is a white persons side right or wrong. I am afraid there would be more 2’s and 3’s and not many 1’s. Especially if it was a blind pole.

  21. Two men enter into a physical altercation is mutual combat, because one starts to get the better of the other doesn’t mean an outside person can introduce deadly force. She should have definitely been charged with murder.

  22. White people mind your own damn business! You have no control over anyone but your family! Stop bothering other people period.

  23. Things are starting to turn on our horrible public servants. It’s about time.

  24. You Caucasian men are ,always trying to take the law in your own hands. The young lady did what she thought was right. Happy to see the law saw her side and judged the situation Appropriately. 💙

  25. Great job sista. You’ve done a great thing by saving a black man’s life from an white asshole man who loves Trump & hate the n-word he is suppose to save in which in this altercation he could have handled this in a better way by checking on the lady the black man was involved in the altercation with & or simply called the police🚨 if the situation disturbed him so but no instead he wanted to kill a black man on that day & get away with it. Now his ass is maggot food for trying to #GeorgeFloyd #GodsSon. His family should be pissed at him for his hatefulness towards a blackman… this white man clearly stuck his nose in something he might not even fully be aware of what was going on.

  26. She did a good thing. I’m glad his ass got that drama he was looking for.

  27. The firefighter clearly had no regard for life, his life nor the life of the man he was trying to kill. He saw the gun in the woman’s hand and he heard her begging him to stop… so clearly he either thought he was superman, or he didn’t care if he got shot and died.

  28. I would have emptied The clip in his cranium….. Good job lil sis. Welcome to the Idgaf world. So does this apply to the police officers as well????

  29. Good that’s what that evil demon get just think that man was on the ground trying to breath and the demon continued now guess what he’s dead and people are going to be outraged he had so much hate against that Black King that he risked his on life and that’s why he’s dead he has been getting away with his evil deeds and he reaped what he sowed!!!

  30. Missing some details. The guy went out and grabbed a gun after the altercation with the employee. That would imply he was about to go back in and murder the employee or the firefighter telling him to leave. The firefighter seeing this has the right by whatever means to defend his life by the aggressor grabbing the gun. The guy HANDED the gun to the woman. She should have let him know he no longer had the gun. He was no longer a threat. Bad situation that the black guy started. He shouldn’t be starting shit grabbing guns if he can’t take a Good Samaritan stepping in to save someone’s life. He was committing the illegal activity first. It’s like a guy breaking into your house in the middle of the night, you don’t have a gun but you wrestle him and put him in a choke hold and his partner shoots you to defend the guys life who was wrong in the first place…

  31. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Haaaa Anthony died because he was a simp called Chad defending a THOT. Obviously this firefighter didn’t watch Fresh&Fit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no sympathy for this simp

  32. Black felon pulls illegal gun on white firefighter
    White firefighter tackles and disarms black thug
    Black felon’s girl shoots and murders white firefighter.

    No charges because blacks are a protected class.
    Fire dept wont do shit b/c It’s cucked and worried about being called racist

  33. This peace of garbage got was what coming to him. Beating up a man for insults. Then refuse to stop even though a gun is pointed at you. Have your Darwin award dumbass.

  34. The Witness also told investigators he heard Santi tell Taylor, “I’m killing you.” The video appears to show exactly that. The GF tried to stop Santi. Santi appears to notice the gun and hear her. Taylor appears to be unconscious, from being in a choke hold, giving the appearance Santi is committed to his alleged words. After pleading with Santi to stop and seeing her BF near death, what were other options for The GF??

  35. It’s nice to see a black person who has benefited from a law specifically created to kill them in the first place at the slightest provocation. I think all black people need to buy guns and properly register their guns and use it freely like white people do.

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