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Beautiful real estate agent fatally shot on New Year’s

Monique Baugh killed on New Year’s/StarTribune

Real estate agent was set up. 

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MINNEAPOLIS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. A fourth and fifth malefactor will spend the rest of their miserable lives behind bars for the shooting death of Minneapolis real estate agent Monique Baugh. The femicide transpired on New Year’s Eve 2019. Baugh, a 28-year-old mother of two, was kidnapped and tortured. Her baby daddy, Jon Mitchell-Momoh, was also shot. But the drug-dealing rapper survived the premeditated attack that involved a quintet of bloodthirsty assailants. According to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, 37-year-old Lyndon Wiggins was recently convicted by a jury of aiding and abetting first-degree murder and kidnapping. He was sentenced to life without parole. Shante Davis, 40, was slapped with a homogeneous conviction as an accomplice. Cedric Berry, 43, and Berry Davis, 43 were convicted in June 2021 of aiding and abetting first-degree murder and kidnapping. Both were sentenced to life without parole.

Elsa Segura, 30, was convicted in September 2021 of aiding and abetting first-degree murder and kidnapping.

She also received a life sentence without parole.

Prosecutors said Berry and B. Davis, with assistance from Wiggins and S. Davis, lured Baugh to a bogus house showing that was set up by Segura around 3 p.m. on December 31, 2019. That’s when Baugh was abducted and hauled away in a U-Haul truck. Investigators later found her cadaver in a nearby alley riddled with gunshot wounds. Baugh was shot in the face and her wrists were bound by duct tape. Moments later, a masked man invaded Mitchell-Momoh’s home and shot his ass multiple times in front of his 2 daughters.

“It has been two and a half years since this sinister plot was implemented, tragically ending the life of Ms. Baugh, and injuring her boyfriend,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement. “For the victim’s family, friends and loved ones, our sincere thoughts go out to each and every person impacted by this tragedy.”

Scuttlebutt has it, Mitchell-Momoh had a drug rivalry with Berry.

Bloodshed didn’t occur until after Mitchell-Momoh started “flaunting his cash on social media.”

Now people are blaming him for Baugh’s murder.

“They’ve got me looking like a monster,” Mitchell-Momoh told reporters.

“I’ve never seen that Cedric dude in my life. I don’t know him. … I really want to clear the air. It’s like I murdered her. This has really hurt my heart.”

Baugh, a prepossessing black chick, was a sales associate with Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

So it makes you wonder why she cohabitated with a gang-bangin’ street pharmacist.

Watch the sad report.

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  1. So sad and wicked
    We don’t claim these devils
    Prayers for the family, friends

  2. Hats off to the judge for making sure they never get out…👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. What a beautiful young lady…the loss of her life is a real shame. I am glad the perpetrators got the sentences they received. They earned nothing less in this case.

  4. Why. Why. Why??????? Sick sick sick. They deserve exactly what they got. Life!

  5. Damn , What did the boyfriend do to make them do this to her .and why didn’t they just get him .

  6. Wow this was fucked up this was wrong ….. I hope they rot this not even enough the family got bamboozled run em muck give them the chair together and play the stupid rap music as they fry if it was my mom or sister I’ll seek revenge

  7. I guess there will be no march on Washington for the death of this beautiful young lady because her killer was not white …smh 😥😥 RIH

  8. When you date thugs you date death…… a bunch of demons with tattoos and don’t know a thing about God

  9. Moral of the story is when you date drug dealers you are subject to the rules of the street!

  10. Burn those punks… in the city Square ⬛ so all call see!!!

  11. Omg why? Just why? God this is so painful! These awful scum bags took this innocent woman’s life all because they had beef with her husband?? I’m so hurt and pissed!! This world is so sick and wicked!! God please be with this family. How heartbreaking.

  12. As a mother of 5, including 2 daughters…my heart bleeds for this mother and the children. It’s so tragic..and heartbreaking.. it’s going to take God and healing…. Jesus…

  13. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard…OMG….i will be praying for this family 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️

  14. Her boyfriend that she left behind did not learn his lesson because to this day he still flexes all of his cash even though it cost his fiancé her life

  15. Whyyyyyyyyyyy 😢🥺😭 I can’t help but cry! Hell is Earth. Humans are the demons. There are good and bad ones. SMH. I hope they get poles in the A in Prison.

  16. I know sometimes these women know there boyfriends are doing things and especially if the money is coming in sometimes they know about other income maybe coming in and some women will protect there man even confronting anyone making threats to there man or family I wonder was this the case only YAHWEH and the boyfriend and the murders know ladies love yourself think about your children come back to the laws statues and commandments of Yah and he’ll give you peace ☮️

  17. Ladies please be careful dating and associating yourself with known drug dealers. She knew what her man was into. She was too smart for that😔. A successful realtor w two beautiful babies. Her bf deals drugs and was beefing with the ringleader of the kidnapping plot. His street life got his girl killed. So sad 😞

  18. They were jealous and envious of her because she was very successful. Their was absolutely no reason to murder her. Shooting her in the face shows how jealous and how everyone involved in her murder hated how flawless Monique’s beauty was and is!!!!

    JAMES 3: 15 For jealousy and selfishness are not God’s kind of wisdom. Such things are earthly, unspiritual, and demonic. 16 For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.⚠️⚠️

  19. Any woman who deal with street men are not innocent.. They know what they be doing.

  20. Women if u do not value yr life, no one else will, stop dealing with these sorry ass men who put u and yr children in danger these thugs are not the only men with a hard D……..!!!!!! ,value yourself for more, u deserve the best, not the less.

  21. Kevin Samuels said it ladies. Stop picking sewer water over clear water then complain. But rip sexy

  22. This is sad but this happens n the world of drugs and jealousy,,,,ladies if you Value your life,,,stay away from drug dealers trust me I know,,,,you, your mother, your kids, your whole family and friends will be involved,,,,please learn from this my sisters

  23. My God🙏🏾 Case’s like this deserves the Death Penalty, imo. And not lethal injection but electric chair/firing range. Better yet bury them alive!

  24. This is definitely sad to hear. However nothing comes good from being with someone who’s living a life of danger.

  25. This is devastating!!! This beautiful woman should be able to raise her girls and her mom is broken thanks to those monsters!!!🤬 Rip Monique

  26. So many devils at work my brothers and sisters!!
    Have cameras everywhere!
    Notify everyone where you going to be!
    Take pictures of folks that are around you depending on your particular job School etc!
    OMG This is so sad!!!

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