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Ex-football player stalks, threatens Coach Doeren

Boletepeli wants Doeren dead/Getty Images

Ex-player threatens Doeren.

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RALEIGH — When benching an athlete goes wrong. Quondam North Carolina State football player Joseph Boletepeli was thrown in the slammer after he threatened to kill head coach Dave Doeren and his entire staff. “Imma get him,” Joseph tweeted Monday. “Dave Doeren and the rest.” According to police reports, Boletepeli sent Coach Doeren multiple text messages — vowing to kill his ass. The disgruntled defensive lineman — who played at NC State during the 2018 and 2019 seasons — also showed up unannounced at Doeren’s office multiple times. Boletepeli was charged with stalking and communicating threats. He was also charged with resisting arrest because he wouldn’t let police officers handcuff him. Social media reaction was wild. One fan wrote, “THE KID KNOWS DOEREN SUCKS ASS!” Another added, “It seems this position isn’t safe for Dave anymore. He should resign and leave campus immediately🙏🏻.”

Scuttlebutt has it, Doeren intentionally sabotaged Boletepeli’s chances of becoming an NFL player. Now he’s seeking reprisal. Amid trepidation, Doeren has reportedly moved his wife and kids out the home despite the fact Boletepeli is on house arrest with an ankle monitor. Should Doeren, 50, pack his bags and vacate campus? Does Boletepeli suffer from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)?

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  1. White coaches make millions of dollars off these black athletes who dont get shit. Surprised this doesnt happen more often.

  2. White coaches are plantation owners.

    Black players are slaves.

    Niggas are finally waking up and seeing the light.

  3. We are finally terrorizing the real enemy instead of our own people

  4. Definitely CTE. That boy need his head examined. I bet they’ll find all kinds of shit.

  5. Shows how WEAK the ACC truly is. No players ever mis behave in the SEC.

  6. This story should be more widely reported.
    I can’t think of any sane reason why he would be that angry all this time after he left NC State. He must have some kind of brain imbalance.

  7. Football is a very unhealthy sport! I loved the game but the head injuries that come with it🤫 This game of head on battle is very damaging 2 the brain over time and they been knew this from day one!

  8. He’s a self entitled TROUBLESOME nicca who don’t know how to have money

  9. this is the reason why kids need a strong male role model in there lives. He is so emotional just like a woman. These are the types of men these single black mothers are raising and its these types of men thats being arrested and killed on a daily basis

  10. Bro if this isn’t CTE what is? Dude football messing these guys brains 🧠 up

  11. People keep saying he’s acting like a toddler because of CTE, instead of the fact that he was a coddled athlete with whom the rules didn’t apply for for so long that they don’t know how to act. A great deal of pro athletes and actors etc are never told the word “no” so they can’t handle it and have a low emotional intelligence.

  12. Pure signs of repeated head trauma from his football career. Cannot regulate his own emotions, aggressive, poor judgment. Guarantee that if his family donates his brain to science when he passed away, CTE is highly likely.

  13. I’ll bet he didn’t grow up with a dad. This is what happens when your dad isn’t involved in your life as a boy. Untamed aggression, lack of emotional control, lack of understanding of what it means to be a man.

  14. He is a weak and sick Boy! Get help you let a good life get away being a little punk and cry baby.

  15. He clearly has CTE at this point, it’s sad to see these guys hit rock bottom .

  16. YA’LL idiots in comments saying negative SH*T about him! He was playing FOOTBALL. He probably got CTE.

  17. college athletics is slavery

    the white plantation owner gets paid millions to coach

    the black athlete is a slave who gets nothin

  18. The coach is a white devil and he deserves everything he’s getting

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