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Bills’ Hamlin collapsed on gridiron, fake heart attack?

Damar Hamlin falls safely on his butt/CBS

Bills safety had fake heart attack?

Blog King, Mass Appeal

CINCINNATI — The NFL world came to a screeching halt on “Monday Night Football” when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin fell on his butt after making a routine tackle against the Cincinnati Bengals. The unusual incident transpired in the first quarter at Paycor Stadium. Hamlin hit receiver Tee Higgins, stood up, then fell safely on his ass before laying motionless. Team doctors rushed to Hamlin’s aid and claimed to administer CPR for 9 minutes. Why not 10 minutes? Because 3 times 3 equals 9. The key number is 3. More on that in a moment. But we couldn’t see CRP performed because Buffalo players huddled around Hamlin like they were hiding something. Hamlin was subsequently given oxygen and transported to the hospital via ambulance. Turns out — Hamlin, 24, suffered Commotio Cordis (Cardiac Arrest). But was it real? Moments later, the refs tried to reconvene. Both teams were given 5 minutes to warm up but Bills coach Sean McDermott wouldn’t let his players continue.

Instead, they pretended to cry and hug each other like sissies despite not knowing the severity of Hamlin’s injury. Then they took a knee and encircled Hamlin in masonic fashion. The game was eventually postponed. Look, scary injuries happen all the time in pro football because it’s a gladiator sport. It’s also just as perilous as boxing and mixed martial arts. That’s why tackle football is probably inappropriate for women and children — demographics the NFL markets to out of avarice.

Again, horrifying incidents are commonplace on the gridiron. Earlier this season, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa hit his head on the turf at Paycor Stadium in prime time and suffered a nasty concussion that rendered him temporarily handicapped. You could see Tua spazzing out on the field before he was transported to the hospital. Looked way worse than Hamlin’s injury.

Yet, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel inserted Tua’s backup and continued the game.

The Bills and Bengals should’ve done the same.

Postponement could only delay the inevitable.

What happens if a homogeneous ordeal occurs when play resumes?

Will players refuse to take the field again?

Barring inclement weather and/or death, games must continue.

Not being insensitive. Just telling it like it is.

If you and I suffer a heart attack on the job, business will go on and we don’t have the benefit of an on-site medical team.

“Undisputed” host Skip Bayless took a savage beating online when he tweeted, “No doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game — but how? This late in the season, a game of this magnitude is crucial to the regular season outcome… which suddenly seems so irrelevant.” Skip is right. The show must go on because there’s simply no way to prevent devastating injuries in football.

Through the years we’ve witnessed players suffer paralysis. We’ve seen ’em get concussed. We see players carted off the field with torn ligaments and broken bones every week. Many suffer punctured lungs and lacerated kidneys. Players are aware of the risks when they sign their rookie indentures. Either the show goes on or it’s time to close the curtain.

Seriously… the question we should be asking is, “Should the NFL shut down?” After all, the league hasn’t been the same since crawling in bed with Vegas oddsmakers. Fans have grown weary of corrupt officiating, point-shaving, big pharma ads and ultimate reception footballs. Many have sold their season tickets. Others are changing the channel. At the behest of pro football lawyers, the NFL implemented a bunch of nonsensical rules to lessen injuries. Yet, players are still gettin’ hurt and the product sucks.

This is not your grandfather’s NFL. The sport has been castrated and, in many aspects, feminized. It’s not a man’s game anymore. Not even close. The league has already lost nearly $1 billion in concussion lawsuits. If this keeps up, millions more will be indemnified. Hate to say it, but it might be time to deep-six the NFL or, at the very least, convert it to flag football.

Upon further review, it appears Hamlin’s mystery was scripted and it has everything to do with numbers 3, 6, 9.

Hamlin’s GoFundMe account has accumulated more than $9 million.

During the team’s midfield orison, Bills cornerback Siran Neal was the only player standing while everyone else kneeled.

Neal’s number is 33.

Hamlin’s number is 3.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw for 33 yards when the game was suspended.

Hamlin’s injury took place near the 33 yard line.

Jesus died at 33 years old.

Hamlin was born in March, the 3rd month of the year.

We’re also in the year 2023.

The numbers 3, 6, 9 comprise freemason numerology.

So if you multiply three times three, you get nine.

If you multiply three times two, you get six.

And if you calculate six hundred threescore, you get 666.

See the symbolism?

Watch the controversial video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Heart attack? C-19 shot side effect?🤫just like all the soccer players dropped dead, look it up but I’m sure they will blame it on GLOBAL WARMING.

  2. This appears to be the Fauci sauce. Looks exactly like all the athletes around the world instantly dropping in identical manner.
    Ryan Shazier was a real scary hit and injury.
    Damar Hamlin was jab induced.
    I pray he survives. Unfortunately, he won’t play another snap ever. The kid had talent too!

  3. 63 Years old. Grew up playing baseball and hockey until 55. We’ve NEVER seen 11, 18, 25, 35 year Olds falling down with heart problems.

  4. This is not the first injury in the NFL. I hope he recovers and I’m thankful I never got the jab

  5. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is Damar getting back to full health. I sure do hope he, his family, friends and teammates get all the love and support they need.

  6. Doubt he’ll ever step on a field again. His heart exploded. Thankfully he had top notch medical care around him and wasn’t alone. He could’ve been a goner.

  7. He got hit to the collar home chest area. It would be interesting for him to hire his own doctors to determine the real cause of why u can do an nfl hit that u have done a million times and this time u do it, stand up, walk , and then step around and fall over. Something doesn’t add up.

  8. Something definitely ain’t right, he got up like nothing happened and seconds later he fell down like a rock, who ever took that juice hope you stay safe it’s getting spooky out here

  9. can’t wait to see what they blame it on in the future when this happens alot

  10. My dad said people would start dropping dead a couple years after getting the jab and we are seeing tons of cases of this happening to young, healthy people. Not saying it’s the cause of this but it makes you wonder.

  11. First time this has happened in the NFL. It has happened a lot to soccer players.

  12. You Can bet if it did happen because of the jab they will probably cover it up and say it was something else because its already been said that the bills whole team has gotten the V .and he had gotten his booster V a few days before the game.

  13. Hamlin did not suffer a hit he delivered the hit to the opposing team receiver. This has to do with the vaccine and boosters that the NFL made the players take. A 24 yr. old athlete does not
    all of the sudden go into cardiac arrest.

  14. The 9 minutes of CPR could very well of symbolized the possibility of the NFL completely being dead in 9 years due to a sudden catastrophic event that takes place… Who knows?..This seems to have been a ritual… Suspect concerning how the man fell… But were all of the players involved, or just certain one’s who knew what was going down… Done for a variety of reasons…

  15. Two very important points not mentioned! (1) The ambulance had no identification of the company under contract in the stadium. (2) The ambulance drove away with Hamlin inside ,at a very, very slow speed! What ambulance drives like a hearse when they’re carrying a seriously injured professional football player, supposedly resuscitated from death??

  16. How do I even deal with people going forward? I don’t even know anymore.

    Who the fuk is actually dumb enough to believe this is real with so many giveaways?

    Pretty much everyone apparently.

    Everyone literally crying over this dude (or FTM) LMFAO.

    So all of the world is crying for a sell out who has no problem toying with the emotions of millions (that’s also every NFL player, they are all sick frauds).

    And why are you crying over a thug you don’t even know when there are thousands of innocent, good people who are really dying every day who shouldn’t have to.

    I hate everyone.

  17. Yeah, they would script a player to have a life threatening injury that could kill him, you’re unbelievably stupid and if anybody agrees with this idiot, you should go to hell with him, and they couldn’t cart him off because they had to revive him because his heart stopped, they can’t just wait til the hospital to do it, you are retarded as heck, please stop.

  18. The NFL is definitely rigged to a degree, but this was not a staged situation. He had a heart related incident. This video is 100% left field opinion with no facts backing it and totally irresponsible whether it has to do with vaxx or natural situations or genetics

  19. If the NFL wants Vegas to clean house on bets, they will script the Bills to make the SB, have this guy return and play in that game, and then lose… Imagine all the bets and money that would be on the Bills for that game..

  20. I love how all these idiots are saying, why would they stage this… Remember back in the day when the WWE staged Vince’s death but the storyline died no pun intended after the whole Benoit situation… Why would the WWE script a storyline of Vince dying? How messed up is that… So to ask why the NFL would script this is pretty dumb to ask… These clowns are fucked up, that is why they would script something like this… Just look at the whole Kobe Bryant helicopter situation which was prolly staged and he was never on the helicopter.

  21. Agree there are anomalies, but the evidence is overstated. Main thing i found odd was how distraught many of the players appeared even tho they could not have known the seriousness of the allleged situation. Also of course we dont have proof this is a V A X X injury, but we can and should speculate about it.

  22. He gets ‘better’ after the cardiac event…only to lessen the fear of the negative effects the injection is causing in many. How to restart to ‘uptake’ of the jab. Also throw in ‘chinese’ are coming.

  23. Definitely a psyop, moreover could be a ritual to insinuate that people that took the “juice” will start dropping en mass in public this year 2023 which is the 322 in Freemasonry- skull and bones.

  24. Damn, I kinda thought is was real. Duh. Government and NFL are the same. I’ve been too busy to give a rat’s ass 🐀 about it, but yeah, must be staged.

  25. Don’t forget all of the Devil horns people were throwing up during the “prayer”. Much more then the jab is being exposed in the NFL and soon all “professional” (fake) sports. Do some digging on the Buffalo bills players and the satanic symbolism they drop on Instagram and social media.

  26. Blog King, you need to get off the boot leg Crack, or get back on your medication!!! I went through this in October and had the same DIAGNOSIS. What a FUCKEN MORON.

  27. 😱 OMG😳 I ‘fell’ for the ‘fall’. Thinking it was 🫀clots. But, no..they set us up. Again. Tired of being played? I am. They got everyone all playing each other 🤣 in this one. Me, too. So many dropping like 🪰 s. Now, they can say the clots are a conspiracy, and we are wrong about all the healthy, young people dying suddenly. But, they are. So, this one was fake. Millions others aren’t. Keeping ahead of the game. Thanks . I wondered if this would be the spin. We are all so stupid. 🐑

  28. They literally updated the definition of Commodio Cortis 2 days ago, on my Google search 😂 “Commotio cordis is a condition in which an abnormal heart rhythm (ventricular fibrillation) and cardiac arrest happen immediately upon an object (usually something small and hard like a baseball or hockey puck) striking the chest directly over the heart at a very critical time during a heartbeat.” Call me crazy, but I thought EVERY beat of a heart was critical to sustain life 🤔🤦‍♀️🤣😂

  29. What is it with MEN these days? All these tough guys crying and holding their hands to their faces and showing so much (fake) emotion. I agree – it’s all fake. The actual donations were $6m and 66c

  30. NFL made millions off the all the merchandise from this situation. I hope this doesn’t mean Bills win the Super Bowl.

  31. People get SO MAD if you say this wasn’t real. Lol. People can’t fathom it. They can’t understand NFL and crooked government will do and say anything

  32. The power of the 3, the 6, and the 9. They killed the man that figured that out

  33. Here’s a number of other strange occurances about this drama. The lights in the ambulance are not flashing, there are no markings on the ambulance indicating what hospital it belongs to. Also with the photos of him sitting up in bed, none of the monitors are switched on, and none of his drops/catifers are attached. Is pure BS, a staged drama!

  34. Words can’t describe how happy it makes me when people see the BS! To me its obvious, when I bring this stuff up to other people they suggest I need help 😆 🤣 How do people buy into this crap???

  35. Remember if he passed away it wouldn’t be part of the script. He recovered faster than Superman

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