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Cousin of BLM co-founder electrocuted by white cop

Patrisse’s cousin killed by cop/YouTube

White cop kills black teacher.

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LOS ANGELES — Uh-oh! Here we go again. The Los Angeles Police Department is under fire after a white cop electrocuted an unarmed black man in broad daylight. The victim is Keenan Anderson, a 31-year-old English teacher and father. He’s also the cousin of “Black Lives Matter” co-founder Patrisse Cullors whose motto is “defund police.” The George Floyd re-enactment transpired January 3rd. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows a fraternity of cops manhandling Keenan who was just involved in a car accident. The arresting officer had his elbow on Keenan’s neck as he was sprawled across the pavement. As multiple cops held him down, Keenan yelled, “They’re trying to George Floyd me!” After giving multiple warnings to stop resisting arrest, one of the officers pulled out his taser and zapped Keenan for 30 seconds.

Then he paused and zapped his ass some more.

“Stop resisting,” the cop said.

Keenan was transported to the hospital where he died from cardiac arrest.

“My cousin was asking for help, and he didn’t receive it,” Patrisse, 39, told reporters. “He was killed. Nobody deserves to die in fear, panicking and scared for their life. My cousin was scared for his life. He spent the last 10 years witnessing a movement challenging the killing of black people. He knew what was at stake and he was trying to protect himself. Nobody was willing to protect him.”

Patrisse also questioned why so many armed officers showed up, instead of paramedics.

“It was a traffic accident,” she said. “Instead of treating him like a potential criminal, police should have called the ambulance. If there was a policy in which traffic stops were met with unarmed professionals who come to the scene to help with whatever situation has happened, that would have prevented my cousin’s death. And that would have prevented so many other deaths.”

Keenan taught 10th grade at a Washington, D.C. charter school.

He was in L.A. visiting family.

Investigators said Keenan caused the wreck then fled the scene while high on cocaine.

The hit-and-run was classified a felony.

Watch Keenan get the George Floyd treatment.

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  1. Get ready, here comes Al Sharpton , Oprah, Mike Obama, and the View to incite some peaceful riots.

  2. He fried his nervous system. Yes he was uncooperative but that was excessive once he was subdued and on his stomach.

  3. Is there some kind of daily killing quota that cops have to meet? Are we so terrifying that we deserve death instead of offering help? Why? And you already know the outcome of the participating officers…

  4. As an ex-command staff cop, this sickens me.
    The safety of an arrestee is the responsibility of the arresting officers. In this example it seems they have no idea how 2 handcuff effectively & instead rely upon a taser designed 2 stop a combative person, not 1 prone.

  5. What an idiot, they were literally begging him to stop resisting and all he wanted to do was fight and say “they’re trying to kill me”.

  6. Guess he didn’t teach english, or he would have understood what “stop resisting” meant.

  7. Another example of Criminal cops🤬this young man was begging for his life and the cops murdered him anyway. They should be fired and imprisoned for life, but we already know they will get off. I am heartbroken for him and his family😢

  8. they warned him multiple times, he was resisting arrest. not the police’s fault for him not cooperating.

  9. Just so horrifying and heartbreaking. To expect someone to stop “resisting” (completely stop moving) as they’re being smothered, beaten and tortured. Absolutely nobody’s reaction is to be still when they’re terrified and in pain. How can anyone be this sadistic…

  10. WTF!!!! REALLY?!?!? This is what our so called democracy has come to….the audacity of murdering of a citizen by corrupt police officers in plain daylight for the whole world to witness….and we have no choice but to accept this BS from hell!!!!🤨🤨🤨

  11. You are acting like this guy didn’t do anything wrong. He was failing to follow lawful orders and then ran. A police officer chased him on a motorcycle. The guy went into cardiac arrest 4 1/2 hours later at the hospital. The police didn’t kill this guy. At least be honest.

  12. I heard that if you cooperate, it’s a lot easier. Also don’t do drugs lol

  13. You have to love when family members blame the police for just trying to keep things calm and sorting a situation out. Dude was losing his f’ng mind and caused a car accident/ tried to steal a car and risked possibly causing other car accidents/ harm to officers, non compliant, running around in the street – time for families to stop the drama – stop projecting.

  14. What are the police supposed to do in a situation like this then? If you have narcotics in your system, it is best to avoid getting tazed.

  15. Seems like a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy going on in his head, panicked and got so scared that people were trying to kill him that he basically created the circumstances for it. That said when someone is on the ground with multiple cops holding them there, I don’t think repeated tazing is necessary.

  16. Total BS… his face, resisting arrest…. what do you expect? Let him go potentially cause another accident? Typically Patrisse Cullors smells an opportunity for more donations to fund her growing collection of properties…..

  17. He died 4 hours after the arrest due to the coke he was on. Stop spreading lies

  18. The pigs had absolutely no reason to stop him! Again the cops murdered another person!

  19. Yep, Keenan the mentor….Keenan the coke head…Keenan the car jacker…

    Keenan is where he belongs.

  20. On drugs resisting arrest and failed to cooperate on every level the cops did nothing wrong why is this a topic of conversation

  21. So this is cousin of the founder of the same organization that has embezzled millions of dollars in donations that were never used to aid the target demographic but instead have been used to buy multi million dollar houses just to host parties.

  22. I swear people in the comment section have no respect whatsoever…. Who raised you….. how could you speak on a man that just lost his life… this could happen to anyone of you or your loved ones… so please have some respect and grow up..

  23. Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter, the fraud criminal who stole millions worth of the Organization’s money, mourns her cousin, Keenan, dying of a drug and stressed induced heart attack hours after being taser by LA Police Justifiably. There fixed the title right up for ya! You are welcome!

  24. Keenan was a coke head Keenan was a dui suspect Keenan was a carjacker Keenan got what ANYONE who resist the law enforcement officers that protect the people of this country so that we are not lawless lunatics should get he got tased his cardiac arrest was due to the COCAINE he was high on im sure he hasn’t been a teacher in quite sometime at least I hope not I mean this is NOT the guy I want around my kid much less teaching them

  25. This is getting ridiculous. Clearly he was involved in a hit and run, resisting arrest, high on drugs, & was in an altered mental state. He did this to himself.

  26. He was loaded on Cocaine, he had just attempted to steal a BMW, he resisted arrest, they did not use lethal force, they gave him every chance to stop fighting, he was in the wrong, not the cops.
    Nice Try though

  27. Oh my, how very interesting. So you mean to tell me that a black male used narcotics and drove a vehicle (not only a crime but also an ignorant and irresponsible act that could have resulted in someone elses death, then commited a felony by causing an accident and attempting to flee the scene, refused to take responsibility for his own actions like a respectable adult and human being, proceeded to blatantly disobey police orders (even though the officer acted peaceful and professional and attempted to deescalate the situation), then the male escalated the situation beyond where it needed to be through his OWN actions, resisted arrest, continued to resist after several warnings and taser stuns, and pushed the officers to use that level of force………….. and society is going to paint him as a victim of police brutality and “rAcIsM? Yep, sounds about right.

  28. She wants justice for her relative? And I want to know why she used BLM donations as her personal ATM. She took the money and ran and then blamed everyone else under the sun for questioning her about BLM donations.
    BLM founder’s and their blind minions/ rainbow 🌈 community have done nothing more than set the black community and civil rights progress back 100-years through their disorganization, fraudulent behavior, back door deals with billion $ corporations, and lies. They left the black community to fend for ourselves after they slithered back under their rainbow colored rock. These people used the death of black men and women to push their own personal rainbow colored agenda and now we all have to dodge Republican bullets coming from every direction including from folks like Fox News wet dream Candace Owens, Kanye West, Stacy Dash, Hershel Walker, Clearance Thomas, and so on.

  29. The family while keenan was in the hospital, “ oh please let this n***a die.. we bout to be rich, please die!!”

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