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‘Keep It Naked’ author rips single moms for havin’ sex

Shemeka joined Whitlock’s podcast/YouTube

Shemeka slams single moms. 

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NASHVILLE — A viral video shows ‘Keep It Naked’ author Shemeka Michelle lambasting single moms for lettin’ Pookie & Ray Ray spend the night to copulate with children in the home. Shemeka’s diatribe took place during a recent appearance on Jason Whitlock’s “Fearless” podcast. It’s her assertion too many kids have to listen to mom’s headboard bangin’ against the wall every night. And, because of that type of lewd deportment, young boys grow up disrespecting women. “What I thought about are the women who allow these revolving doors at their house,” Shemeka ranted. “They have these men coming in and out. And then we wonder why these young boys don’t respect women. It’s not because the mom didn’t demand respect. It’s because she didn’t command respect with the way that she carried herself.”

Social media reaction was mostly congruent. One viewer wrote, “Shemeka is 100% correct. If you disagree, you don’t want to do what’s right. My parents divorced when I was three. My biological father never made an effort to care for me and my brother. My mother dated my stepdad for 15 years before she married him because her children were her priority. I am thankful for their patience and selflessness. This won’t apply to ever circumstance, of course. However, the focus should be on the children. After the children become adults, we can do what we want.”

Another observer added, “I love Shemeka. She pulls no punches, a heavy hitter.” 

Watch Shemeka keep it 💯.

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  1. Says the woman who has a book called “Keep It Naked” smh

  2. True so many single black mommas because they don’t know how to act to stay in a relationship.

  3. Sometimes we speak to one another as Black people as if situations and circumstances are unique to just us.

  4. ‘I don’t need no man!’
    Maybe not, but your child certainly does.

  5. I thank God for my parents 40yr marriage and the example and stability it provides for me and my siblings…

  6. Hey ladies, try keeping the thighs together , get to know the man. Hey guys, try not treating the lady strictly as a piece of ass.

  7. My mom always told my brothers when growing up that they re not picking girlfriends but the mothers of their future children. I guess old school would save ‘dramas’ for long term

  8. @Sideburn Sandwich: Truth…seen many women telling pregnant friends..”You don’t need no man, you can do it”. Yeah but the kid needs a man (Father).

  9. I remember when there were so few single mothers, that they were looked down on with disgust. Now they think it’s normal.

  10. Facts.. I came from a single mother. I spent years in prison. I’m overweight. I struggle w discipline. I’ve had to learn everything the hard way. I’ve been in and out of poverty my whole life, mainly because my record stops me from getting consistent employment. When people give me a job, I overdeliver. When they find out abouty record, they always fire me. If I tell them ahead I get politely declined.
    I paid for an $8000 mentorship, was in for two years. Became a leader in the community. When an ex gf deliberately told my mentor abouty record, they immediately kicked me out.
    It’s fucking depressing.
    I take responsibility for my life now. I’m doing well. It’s always an uphill battle.

  11. We need to reverse this! We need to go back to the two parent blueprint in raising children.

  12. I’m from a single mother and the absence of a father has definitely been a factor in my life. Not for the good either.
    Fathers need to be there to discipline young boys to men otherwise they stray from the correct path.

  13. You can’t defend single motherhood as a culture then complain about the quality of men it produces.

  14. She is awesome! Brains, beauty , common sense and a believer. A grand slam.

  15. Yeaaas Shameka lol….. tell dem mama hahah. You’re speaking facts. Pure foolishness in this western society. It’s getting worse. So cringe.

  16. Shemeka is the Margret Thatcher and Joan of Arc of the common people. She inspires American men to keep fighting.

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