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Outkick host slams WNBA, saying it ‘absolutely sucks’

Clay shoots down the WNBA/Outkick

Clay thinks the WNBA sucks. 

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NASHVILLE — Sports journalist Clay Travis is catching hell from liberals and the LGBT community after he said the WNBA sucks! The diatribe took place on a recent episode of his Outkick podcast. “A good state championship caliber high school boys team would SMOKE the best team in the WNBA,” Clay said. “Let me repeat… a good state championship level boys high school team would absolutely SMOKE the WNBA champions. Give me a team from California, New York, Texas or Florida. I would bet my entire savings in the bank that the boys high school team would beat the WNBA team.” Clay also insinuated it might be time to deep-six the WNBA mainly because the league loses money and television ratings are atrocious. The league is subsidized by the NBA. “The WNBA doesn’t have fans,” Clay said. “ESPN shoves the WNBA down our throats even though nobody cares. The WNBA has never made any money because people don’t care, because women don’t care. You know who actually go watch the WNBA? Men. There aren’t very many of them. But that’s who actually goes and watches.”

One of the biggest problems with the WNBA is marketability. The league simply lacks superstars. “Everybody knows Kyrie Irving. Everybody knows James Harden. Everybody knows Kevin Durant,” Clay said. “Most of you can’t even name three WNBA franchises.” Social media reaction was mostly in agreement. One viewer wrote, “The WNBA really sucks. It has no entertainment value (boring). My own mother who is a sports fanatic doesn’t watch the WNBA. She couldn’t name one of their so-called stars.” Another observer added, “Clay is being PC. The fans are not mostly men. They are mostly lesbians. Not that it matters.”

The WNBA hasn’t made a penny in 25 years.

Do you share Clay’s sentiment?

Is it time to eliminate the WNBA?

Watch the clip.

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  1. I didn’t know why the WNBA still exists. In the real world when you lose money every year the marketplace puts you out of business. The fact is that they can’t survive without the NBA. The NBA must need a tax write-off pretty badly since they keep pouring money down the WNBA rat hole.

  2. At the end of typical WNBA game you could build a small house with all the bricks they throw.

  3. I got a better idea just shut that garbage ass league down nobody watches it anyway
    I’m sure taxpayers are tired of footing the bill for this garbage League because they are the one that’s footing the bill not the owners they use their loss as a tax write-off the taxpayers are stuck with the bill

  4. I want to support the WNBA and watch more games, but everytime a game is on, I remember that I need to wash my car.

  5. He’s entitled to his own opinion, and I agree with him. I would much rather watch paint dry, than watch the WNBA. I’m just saying! It truly is a horrible product. It’s unwatchable.

  6. The only way to save it is to put all the guys not good enough for the NBA and pay them to wear wigs and play

  7. @Clem Villegas: You’re talking about Juwanna Mann 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Get trans women to play in the WNBA, see how they like their jobs get taken away in the name of woke. I can’t even name three players let alone three team names. The only player I know is Griner because she committed a felony in Russia.

  9. I agree and the fact that media cares so much about people watching the WNBA, makes me not want to watch it even more. Like I get excited now for all the games I’m gonna miss, can’t wait to not watch that bullshit.

  10. Regardless of whether or not he needs a lobotomy; the wnba still sucks.

  11. Women don’t watch it….that’s the bottom line and it would seem the theoretical customer base. The WNBA women are not that great looking, downright unattractive in my view where men will flock in and watch WNBA women play. The American public is not interested and the population that is interested in woke and lesbian athletes is not that big a market. Why it even gets press time is surprising to me. 🤪🤪🤪

  12. Professional sports support ladies programs because the ladies are also customers of tickets to men’s teams. It is not about equality or altruism it is about tickets and merchandise. Men’s pro sports and television can easily absorb any loss that the ladies incur. This is not about equality, this is about profit margins. I suspect the dollars the ladies contribute to men’s professional sports far out weights the sponsorship monies. Leave the women alone and enjoy your choice of professional and college sports.

  13. Imma say it with ya, THE WNBA SUCKS, I said it publicly, ooooh!!! I don’t care who likes it or not, but this thing has been a 25 year joke. Name one company that has lasted that long and never made money??

  14. It’s like fat people making pornographic films there might be a couple of freaks that would like it but most wouldn’t!!! And the woke left most of them never saw a professional woman’s basketball game and they have the balls to say that the women players should be payed like the men!!! 🤢🤢🤮

  15. Shoot even the NBA product is starting to become bad its nothing but a pickup game now

  16. If the WNBA was a men’s league, it would have folded by the year 2000. It only exists because the NBA doesn’t want the blowback it would get from letting it die a natural death and the money they pump in to keep it afloat is a rounding error on their balance sheet. And it would be one thing if the WNBA players understood that they’re lucky to be propped up by the men, but they absolutely don’t act like it. They think they should be paid more.
    To make matters worse, not only is the WNBA not going away, THEY’RE PLANNING TO EXPAND WITH TWO MORE TEAMS! That’s how you know the grift is in, when new ownership is willing to pay $1 milliion for a franchise that they know will never make any money. The league as a whole has never turned a profit in its entire 25 year history.

  17. Why would I watch WNBA, its boring, I rather watch men play chess, more interesting. 😂🤣

  18. I don’t mind the WNBA. I just hate ESPN trying to gaslight us that it is a great league.

  19. The WNBA teams should put the name of the NBA that subsidizes them on their jerseys. They may sell better.

  20. The WNBA has been on the verge of bankruptcy since its inception. It’s embarrassing…

  21. 🏀 much respect for the ladies of basketball😎👍 don’t listen to the haters

  22. We should abandon all professional sports(and I am being very generous to wnba).people sitting around eating chips and drinking beer watching somebody else do something is counterproductive to the health of society

  23. They think it’s sexism, but it’s simply biology. Once you watch a Heavy weight title fight, once you see two men build the strongest and fastest in the world fight, would you want to watch two women who are way less fast, weaker, and slower fight for the same money? Hell no! So just stop with all this equity crap. It’s not equal and it never will be.

  24. Wnba is the best sleeping pill for ppl who can’t sleep at night 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. How about if they wear a two piece and play ball?. I bet all WNBA games will be sold out.

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