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2 Black boys attack young white girl on a school bus

A viral video shows a pair of black brothers pummeling a 9-year-old white girl on a school bus in Homestead, Florida. After the diminutive lass threw the first punch, the two young’uns took turns thwacking her repeatedly in the head. Several students witnessed the onslaught but nobody intervened, including the bus driver. Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “Wooooooooww that’s crazy❗️” Another added, “This is sad!! So nobody thought to break it up or step in? I blame the parents. I’ve learned at a young age you never put your hands on a woman.” The little girl is in the 3rd grade at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy.

She reportedly called the younger brother a “n*gger.”

The ass-whuppin’ was so acute, the big brother got arrested.

Watch the brutal attack.

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  1. You watch, they’ll blame white people for this young man’s violence!

  2. Lock them up. They’re not going to contribute to society anyway. Better they live in a cage then beat on women in the future.

  3. So messed up . Imagine if it would have been white kids or Latinos beating on a little black girl cities would be burned down and all hell would be loose. We need to be more upset about the fact that this older kid placed his hands on this poor angel. My duele mi gente . Me duele ver que les hacen daño. The media doesn’t like showing these kinds of stories but there needs to be more awareness about how ugly it can be for kids riding on the bus especially when it’s different races . Sad that racism and hate is still taught from parents . This boys parents need to do better

  4. That’s an attempt of murder punching a little girl in the head and neck like that …
    Lock that coward kid up for life

  5. Sue the school, Sue the parents of the boy, lock the teenager up till he’s 21

  6. DID I JUST WATCH A TEENAGE BOY BEAT A LITTLE GIRL???? OMG OMG This is appauling, beyond words! Charge that teenager with attempted murder. That was NOT a fight that was a BRUTAL BEATING by a MALE who is 10 times bigger and stronger than the girl. He has underlying issues that if NOT diagnosed and treated now and harsh punishment with swift action taken HE WILL do this again. Which child is next? Yours? Will it be a little girl or a little boy. Will he succeed in causing death next time? That little girl may have injuries to her brain that are going to be long term only time will tell.

  7. Time for whites to stand up and say what’s right and stick together. Don’t be afraid to be cancelled who tf cares it’s time to take our country back from these animals.

  8. Black kid beating on a smaller, white kid. Bet that won’t make it in the papers. Gotta be sympathetic to the oppressed blacks.

  9. Hate crime, hate crime, hate crime! It’s two BLACK male punks beating on a young white girl. If I were her dad, that little piece of sh*t would be in a wheelchair the rest of his life! Her dad is a better man then myself.

  10. I would not have my children in school now. Home school your children if you can.

  11. No hate crime here? If a 15 year old white boy beat a 9 year old black girl then CNN and ABC and NBC and The View will be all in on racism. Everyday black on white crime way outnumbers white on black crime and all these lying media outlets do is say whites are the problem.

  12. Flat out those kids that did the attack should get their ass kicked…..PERIOD!!!

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