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Pookie disowns his 7 kids, trashes his 7 baby mamas

Pookie trashes baby mamas/YouTube

Pookie disowns 7 kids.

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ATLANTA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. A viral video shows an exasperated black man excoriating his baby mamas for achieving accouchement against his will. Instead of donning condoms, the belligerent sperm donor busted nuts in a septet of fecund popsies who were equally irresponsible. Now he’s saying he won’t pay a dime in child support. “I got 7 kids, 7 baby mamas. But I always tell these women that I got pregnant that I do not wanna be a father to these children,” he ranted. “So don’t expect me to be responsible financially, emotional, spirituality, mentally, or physically with some kids I do not want.” Damn, that’s sad. Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “Imagine if those 7 women had the self-worth to keep their legs closed for a Pookie.” Another chimed in with, “And this is EXACTLY WHY I’M 35 WITH NO KIDS. You not going just get me pregnant and leave.” A third observer added, “Moral of the story: Wrap it up.” 

Pookie said he could’ve prevented each pregnancy by removing his phallus prior to ejaculation. But it’s not his responsibility. “Yeah, I could’ve pulled out but I didn’t,” he explained. “I didn’t care to pull out because I’m not the one that’s gonna have to carry a baby for 9 months.” Pookie also called the ladies “jumpoffs” before saying he did the “bare minimum” to get a piece of ass. “Another thing is: these just jumpoffs,” he cracked. “These are the type of women that I ain’t even had to do nothing for — the bare minimum — but they gave me access to their body.” 


Do you agree with Pookie?

Are women solely responsible for pregnancies?

Watch the diatribe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. A baby born out of wedlock and the father didn’t want the child, should be considered a trap. Traps should not be rewarded.

  2. BW need to wake the f up and stop getting in bed with these degenerates. And still, please let’s not forget BW out here having unprotected sex that per the CDC, HIV/AIDS-related illness is among the leading causes of death for black women ages 25-34.

  3. @Steve Anderson: weak effeminate men don’t get rewarded either. 😂 YAH gone destroy all men like this. Y’all some lil girls fr. And can’t even control ya nut…weaklings 😂

  4. Pookie & RayRay back at it again. I know these women are gonna blame all men for this man’s actions. He’s definitely a piece of garbage.But the rest of us shouldn’t be held responsible /accountable for his actions,conduct and behavior.An were definitely not physically, emotionally, mentally,socially and finically responsible for his kids.

  5. So he would rather spend five hundred dollars on an abortion, then to spend five dollars on a box of condoms.

  6. This is why casual sex is a big no no if you’re capable of conceiving. Some men will simply turn on you after you’ve conceived. I’ve watched enough paternity court to know. 🙂

  7. But..but..they luv them doe…that’s that rough neck. Bad boy they are sexually attracted to…make it make sense…black men have come to the understanding these black woemen are damaged..and we slowly have to stop procreating and competing for them…this pookie feeling the pressure but delivered the facts as he eloquently share his feelings…as good black men are exploring other options… Black women and the pookies/ rayays they procreated with will have to figure it out themselves….good black men have checked out.

  8. Bum AZZ dude who admits to being such to the women upfront and they still choose to have unprotected sex with him, smdh!!

  9. And now, all 7 of those women are probably going to say “All Men Ain’t Sh!t!” because of this idiot.

  10. Do Not Be A Step Daddy!! Let single moms all suffer. If they don’t learn their lesson, oh well!!

  11. This is why men need to have say so on if a seed is brought into this world.. not just the women.. but since there is no law in place for that.. he got every right not to be there.. yea morally it’s fukkd up.. but this is why women shouldn’t have all exclusive rights on bringing life into this world.. so many kids are born out of selfishness from the mother, her knowing damn well the father don’t want kids.. so when the child gets here she expects something to change? Hell no

  12. This low-life accountability lacking excuse of a man can talk trash all he likes, but the truth is that in life there’s no getting away with anything, especially when there’s innocent children involved.

    He probably told those women he didn’t want kids AFTER he’d impregnated them. If he’s so sure that he doesn’t want children, then why doesn’t he practice safe sex? Why have multiple sexual partners? What about the STDs? The women are also at fault for opening up themselves to these degenerates. This man has no pride cause if he did, he’d be protecting and respecting his seed.

  13. @Kill Hatred: Yall niggas weak😂. If you a man who dont want kids,:

    use protection
    Pick the right women
    Or DONT have sex.

    Sex is a feel good perk that YAH gives us for helping populate his earth. You living really wicked for thinking this is cool. He gone destroy y’all feminine men. Y’all some lil girls 😂

  14. Why show this buffoonery.

    Sadly, it’s obvious he’s not the most intelligent. Plus, it speaks to his upbringing, evidently no father in his life. He’s just repeating the cycle of pain.

    Also, his ignorance only plays to stereotypical image of Black men.

  15. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯…
    Women are the Gatekeeper’s of their own “so-called” Temples, so when they consensually allow entry into their bodies, and the aftermath that follows🤰, when the Baby-Daddy doesn’t want to be bothered- “is a Baby-Mamas fault” then…
    The knock-ups he’s talking about are apparently only good to Rawfully bed-up, but NOT Lawfully WED-up as his chosen WIFE, therefore, they get what they deserve, regarding this Gentleman’s point-of-view💯…

  16. That’s an easy fix black women keep your legs closed black females for centuries have out lived us and they have no ideas no inventions on keeping the black family solid you wonder what have they been doing for all these years Twitterling there thumbs inheriting our royalties and you wonder why our children these days run around like hillbillies and rednecks I’ve heard many of times mothers say the son owes them because they’re doing well in life now she need to marry her son because her son got money.

  17. I can’t even be mad at dude he knows what he is and is honest about it, those seven women who lay down with him and had his baby are f**** idiots.😂

  18. 💁🏽‍♀️ Need he say more? There are very few people who know that some relationships that we entangle ourselves with, will actually serve as a vibrational mirror that reflects back to us things we should heal within ourselves. There are ALWAYS Red Flags 🚩 But Some people will ignore all of them! Once we learn that You get to choose who you want to invest and give yourself to then it will help those stay out of this vicious cycle. Never allow any individual to EVER tell or show you they don’t want you!! Know your worth and Want You! 🙏

  19. I hope this goes viral and I also wish women would stop thinking that THEY are The Neo ONE to change some sorry behind man! You can’t make a bad man good. If a man wants to be a good man, that’s what he will strive to be. And if you were a smart woman you would not allow sorry behind men to put you in precarious situations. Sex means nothing is what I’m saying and I learned this lesson 30 years ago thankfully. Idc if its the best you’ve every had…that does not equate to you or he actually being candidates to partner with each other and certainly not to procreate together. I’m happy when men like this give it raw….no pun intended. Tell the world how irresponsible you are. Trust and believe the system will find a way to cull your irresponsible azz.

  20. I wonder if you can take them to court as soon as they find out they’re preggers and plead your case of not wanting the kid or responsibility….
    Because the child is 50/50, so if pops don’t want it he shouldn’t have to take care of it

  21. These men sound like mentally impaired sperm donors to desperate women who crave attention. Find them and put them on child support and accept that the community will need to pay extra taxes for therapy and special ed for the kids.

  22. Protect your womb ladies. These men will tell you anything to get your kitty kat 😺

  23. Don’t Have a baby by a man that doesn’t want a child by you.

  24. Both men and women of these types should be avoided. He should be avoided and the type of women who slept with him and or had a kid from him should also be avoided.

    Made my life much easier and happier.
    Married with same person over 20yrs….we have one daughter.

    Our community as a whole looks like the future is going to be rough! We have no shame, no one likes to take responsibility and everyone wants to blame.

    We take pride in things that we shouldn’t.
    We don’t shame enough when we should.

    I can see why other cultures look at us sideways…..we look ridiculous.

    When we have a large portion of our straight men single and childless….but large portion of our women are baby mamas that means a lot of women are sleeping with the same dudes.
    A statistical fact…..

    And do you think this will make our black communities stronger and thrive in the future?

    We keep doing the same crap over and over and expecting it to change… won’t CHANGE!

    Your crazy if you think this will ever change…..its changing its getting worse!

  25. Well, he may run away from child support, but I don’t know if he will be able to run away from HIV the way he’s having sex so carelessly.

  26. He good in my book. We’re talking about hoes that WILLINGLY become impregnated from men who are CURRENTLY serving HARD TIME in prison. These women out here in the streets are retarded and they dont even care about the fact that they are retarded af.


  28. The only problem I had with this joker. Was the fact that he is out here slinging that diseased D out here unprotected! Other than that. He didn’t say anything wrong in my book! There are no victims in this story!

  29. I feel like if a man tell you “I D0NT WANT THIS BABY!” LISTENNNN!!!!! That’s what’s wrong now! Both people having fun but at the end of the day if the other partner say they don’t a child why keep it? Then get mad when you have the baby and the father not there! HE SAID HE DIDNT WANT IT!!! I don’t have sympathy for woman like this because you birthing a child without parents ! Then wanna get mad ?! You can’t make this shii up! He even offered abortion money and some still go out and get something to eat 😂💀 or buy clothes with the money instead of doing what they supposed to do! Looking STUPID AND STUCK! 💀

  30. He will need one of those children when he is on his death bed this is how it always happens. I’m happy the younger women aren’t opting out of having children because no matter if you are married or single this can happen to you. Since abortions are illegal in some states men should be going to jail if they don’t take care of the child. Ladies if a man acts like this and wants nothing to do with the child don’t try to force a relationship. So many children are killed simply because the parent didn’t want them.

  31. A man is more invested in a woman and a family if he marries you before you have children. Men want families as well and Black women need to raise your standards like other races and cultures, and STOP having babies out of wedlock! You all are degrading the Black race and culture with all these illegitimate Black children (72%)! It declasses the Black race and brings shame to the children who don’t have fathers, not to mention it keeps Black families in poverty generation after generation.

    We should NOT still be living in ghettos or so-called hoods. We have been in America too long (before colonization), and there are too many opportunities for the advancement of Black women (and men). Some Black families are working on 3rd, 4th, even 5th (or more) generation college educated women and men. Time to wake up and stop making excuses for out-of-wedlock births and single-parent homes! There, I said it!

  32. Look imma keep this short simple and sweet aheemmm…. Sir if you did not want any offspring/ children why stick yo 🍆 in them and 🥛’d inside them in the first place?? Pull out game weak I see I see.

  33. I value marry before you Carry. Because at least they show they are willing to sign that contract and be committed on that level. But either way you still have to be mindful who you have a child by. I think it’s irresponsible as fuck to not be married and have a child. Period. Of course people get divorced but no one goes into marriage planning on divorcing.

  34. Any woman willing to create a child with a jughead looking naker like that cares nothing about her progeny or that they’ll neither get brains, beauty, bank or a superior bloodline…dang, blk women don’t want pretty and smart children anymore? He’s goofy and a little off…

  35. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a minute, because its clear here that most women think this guy is satan himself.….

    But consider this…How can women bash this man for wanting to do the same thing they do and are praised for? When a woman decides to have an abortion or in that case, MULTIPLE abortions because shes not ready to be a mother. Society praises her as being responsible, her rights should be protected, she shouldn’t be shamed for it. And she’s still out there sleeping with other guys, many times without protection.

    Now switch it around. A man tells the woman he doesn’t want to be a father right now or ever. She gets pregnant by him, he offers to pay for the abortion, but she has the baby anyway, knowing full well he wasn’t in agreement from the beginning . Then not only expects but DEMANDS he be a father.

    That would be like a man being able to force a woman to have a baby she doesn’t want…oh wait a minute, that’s right, thats happening now with the abortion bans

    Do y’all ladies see the point? Many of you ladies right now are fighting because in many states they are now doing to women what has been happening to men who don’t want to be fathers or aren’t ready but still have had parenthood forced down their throats.

  36. The true culprit here is not Pookie, but rather the pathetically low self-esteem of all the women he knocked up! That’s how little they think of themselves that this guy can nut up in them for a cheeseburger. And worse, the women will take out their anger on Poindexter, who will raise another man’s seed. Shame on the mess!

  37. First and foremost, HE should get a vasectomy if this is the lifestyle he wants. It will decrease the chances SIGNIFICANTLY.

    But at the same time, those women WERE forewarned and they didn’t do shit either, so shame on them, not all men are gentleman so they fucked themselves and they kids.

    But going back to this man, it is INEXCUSABLE to do this SEVEN FREAKIN TIMES. Dude, if you’re really paying for as many abortions as you’ve claimed you’ve paid, get the freakin snip. IDIOT!

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