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Psycho hubby abuses wife because she wants divorce

A viral video shows a belligerent husband beating the crap out of his wife after she asked for a divorce. As customary, these simps can’t handle a chick giving ’em the boot which is weak and pathetic. But women continue to pick ’em. Nevertheless, surveillance footage shows the prepossessing spouse jumping out of a moving vehicle and falling face-first in the middle of the damn street. Once the wife-beater tracked her down, he punched her repeatedly, kicked her twice then dragged her back to the van by her hair. Even Ike Turner wasn’t that bad. Social media reaction was cold-blooded. One viewer wrote, “DAMN!! She look like a baddie too! Those are the main ones that like that sh*t though.” Another chimed in with, “Lol. Shouldn’t marry these hoes in the first place. I f*ck bishes off like casino money … ain’t wifing none of these hoes.” A third observer added, “She still loves him though, don’t worry.”

Let’s pray she lives long enough to finalize the divorce.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Pretty sure she taller than him…..why doesn’t she just step on him 🤣

  2. Ladies The prettier you are the more possessive men become, if you gotta leave don’t tell the mf until ur ass is gone

  3. This is why I don’t break up. I just ghost. Put my exit plan in place and get gone. Breaking up with men is too dangerous for women.

  4. aint no divorce here hoe u gave that man a promise for better or worse now u stick with it or face the consequences

  5. Can’t tell me you want a divorce in them lil bitty azz shorts 😂😂

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