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Psycho hubby abuses wife because she wants divorce

A viral video shows a belligerent husband beating the crap out of his wife after she asked for a divorce. As customary, these simps can’t handle a chick giving ’em the boot which is weak and pathetic. But women continue to pick ’em. Nevertheless, surveillance footage shows the prepossessing spouse jumping out of a moving vehicle and falling face-first in the middle of the damn street. Once the wife-beater tracked her down, he punched her repeatedly, kicked her twice then dragged her back to the van by her hair. Even Ike Turner wasn’t that bad. Social media reaction was cold-blooded. One viewer wrote, “DAMN!! She look like a baddie too! Those are the main ones that like that sh*t though.” Another chimed in with, “Lol. Shouldn’t marry these hoes in the first place. I f*ck bishes off like casino money … ain’t wifing none of these hoes.” A third observer added, “She still loves him though, don’t worry.”

Let’s pray she lives long enough to finalize the divorce.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Any bih who hops out of a moving car, and then tries to be cute in front of a parked car, is 1. Clearly not ok and 2. needs her ass whooped!

  2. The way he reacted to hearing them words I know she got some blazin 🔥 coochie

  3. She probably spent all his money. Never date a girl who makes less than you

  4. If I was her father or brother that piece of sh*t 💩 wouldn’t be breathing.

  5. No excuse to hit a women but I guarantee he was taking care of that bihh

  6. And they tell them to stay away from black men. I chuckle every time. It’s your own race that’s beating your azz.

  7. Gha DAMN she was cute as hell. They will be back together tonight

  8. Seriously, why would you beat up a girl like that? If she can make you that angry, it’s time for a divorce.

  9. she too fine to just let her leave… she gotta fight to get out of that relationship!!!

  10. Why are dudes still getting married to these money hungry hoes who never loved them in the first place? 🤔

  11. she is going to ruin him in court, this nikka will be lucky to find a couch to sleep on when she done with him.

  12. If you beat a woman like that, then you don’t deserve her.

  13. The irony about this whole situation is that’s the only nigga that’s ever going to LOVER HER in her life because for the rest of us she just a jump off

  14. What a f’n coward! Come to me sweetie! I’ll treat you right!

  15. How you jump out a moving car and just casually walks away AND flip your hair back. She must have thought he drove away. Bish RUN and find help. If you at the point of jumping out a moving car then its probably serious.

  16. Damn she was looking pretty good from what I could see. No wonder why this nicca trippin so hard. Still tho gotta control your emotions

  17. What was that dangling in her crouch area when she got behind the car cuz? Say it ain’t so 😤

  18. We need to beet sense into woman. This liberal feminism bs has to stop.

  19. Capt’n Save a Höe’s arch nemesis Lieutenant Beat a Bïtch


  21. “Oh hell nah, get yo thick assss back in the car bish. Yo phat assss ain’t leaving me just like that. I got at least 2 more yrs of gud f-king”

  22. I used to feel bad when this type of stuff happened to women but when you realize all the treacherous stuff that they do they probably had it coming.

  23. Sad part about this, is that her next man might have to beat her ass to have her respect…been conditioned into this type of relationship. Get a guy that don’t hit her, and she will be unfaithful.

  24. You cannot make someone love yo ass especially when they don’t wanna be with yo ass.

  25. He’s doing that because she doesn’t have any brothers, men like this are often cowards, if she had men in her family that would stand up for her, this wouldn’t be happening

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