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Special needs student was fatally shot by ‘stray bullet’

Alaejah killed by stray bullet/Black Girl Unlost

Special needs woman killed. 

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PORTSMOUTH — Something ain’t right about this story. Black Girl Unlost released the murder documentary of 22-year-old Alaejah Johnson who was shot dead by a stray bullet. The homicide transpired February 27, 2023 in Portsmouth, Virginia. According to police reports, Alaejah’s family was getting ready to celebrate her brother’s 17th birthday. Alaejah and her father, Rashed Johnson, had just carried groceries into the home when someone opened fire. Walls were covered with bullet holes but dad wasn’t hit. His daughter, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. “As soon as I shut the door, it was a wave of shots just loud banging through the house,” Rashed told reporters. “The shots come in and it hits her in the head, she goes down. I’m yelling for my wife to call 911. As she’s trying to do that, another set of shots comes through. I’m just trying to hold her and hold her.”

Rashed said he doesn’t believe anyone in his family was the intended target.

But many beg to differ. This may have something to do with his teenage son.

Still, Rashed demands justice.

Police have yet to identify a suspect.

“This is our daughter that was taken from us,” Rashed lamented.

“She was so special to us. This could be anyone’s daughter, wife, sister, brother, whoever. It has far-reaching effects on people’s lives.”

Alaejah, a graduate of Manor High School, was a special needs student. The disabled damsel attended the Mount at Suffolk special needs prom and turned the party out. Alaejah was one helluva dancer. “She was labeled special needs, but really and truly, she was here to show us [how] to be special,” Rashed said. “She saw the world differently. She saw the world through the eyes of an angel.”

Alaejah’s mom, Mary Johnson, echoed a homogeneous sentiment. “Just a happy soul,” she recalled. “Anyone who came across Alaejah never forgot her. They never forgot her smile and she would never forget them. She remembered faces.”

If you have a tip and don’t mind snitching, contact the Portsmouth Police Department at 757-393-5300.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. Something doesn’t seem right about the parents. The story seems put together and if this is truely what happen maybe someone targeted there teenage son.

  2. I don’t know the father sounds like he is acting. I don’t know something feels wrong about this.

  3. Sad. Who was the intended target? Why would somebody shoot in the direction of this house in particular?

  4. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. – Luke 8:17

    💫FLY✨🕊️✨HIGH BABY💫

  6. So sad and I feel so bad for her having her life taken away over senseless gun violence that really needs to stop; innocent people are dying!!! And she was only 22 which is even sadder!!! May she rest peacefully and my condolences to the family and the loved ones of the victim!!!

  7. If this occurred when dad got home, whoever did this seen the dad and daughter in and out the house. This has something to do with the dad. Maybe something happened in traffic and he got followed home.

  8. It seem as if they set it up for a insurance claim let’s be realistic man the mom not even sad she smiling GOODBYE IT IS A SET UP IM SPIRITUAL AND SEE RIGHT THRU IT WHY DIDNT YOU AS A DAD TO PROTECT THEM ?

  9. I call BS!!🤬🤬🤬 Sumin ain’t right bout dis story yall….😢

  10. I’m betting this was connected to the 17-y-o brother or other siblings. If not, it was the wrong house. No way this angel offended anyone

  11. How do they say they were not the intended target? I find it odd as soon as you walk in your house a gun shot come into the house striking their daughter then they say more gunshots come through the house🤔. Come on now this is quite skeptical don’t you think? Sounds like an intended drive by

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