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Pookie deletes baby mama before deep-sixing himself

Shinique was fatally shot/Crime Chapters

Pookie kills baby mama & himself.

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DETROIT — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Andre Waters was thrown in the slammer after he deleted his baby mama, 30-year-old Shinique Collins, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired around 3:30 a.m. on May 1, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. According to police reports, Shinique told Andre she was ready to sunder their relationship — sparking a bout of contretemps. As the quarrel intensified, Andre pulled out a 9mm handgun and opened fire — striking Shinique multiple times. Then he turned the gun on himself. Andre determined if he couldn’t have Shinique, no one can. “The three children that they have in common were upstairs sleeping, and there was another of the persons visiting, one of their children was there also. Four children in the apartment,” Detroit Police Captain Michael Deciccio told reporters. “Three kids together, they’ve been together a long time, you hope people could resolve their differences in other ways than this.”

Shimyria Collins, Shinique’s sister, said Andre asked for her sibling’s hand in marriage two months prior. “She just turned 30, just got engaged,” Shimyria bemoaned. “She was everything, loved to dance, have fun, cook, three beautiful daughters, always kept them and herself up. This is crazy.” Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Mothers, what are you teaching your daughters? And, why are you having all these babies by Pookie?” Another chimed in with, “Single and loving Jesus for life. No man is worth losing my children and soul over. JESUS is my husband, my friend, my everything.”

A third person added, “Poor young lady. She seemed to be really desperate for a man. Smh. It’s okay ladies to be single and focus on your children.”

Andre and Shinique were together 17 years.

He reportedly proposed after she twerked on her birthday.

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  1. I wonder how long they were together? This couldn’t of been his first time acting out before he shot this beautiful woman. These women better start doing a back ground check on these men. I don’t care how long the women been knowing the men. I’m so glad that i don’t have a problem with being by myself i don’t need no man in my life. I’m good with being single some women act like they just have to be with a so call man but just don’t know what they are in for in the out come. Smh.

  2. Single mother’s should be careful n stop being too desperate to have a man. Just take a break and focus on the kids.

  3. Focus on y’all kids you don’t always have to have a man ecspecially living in your home with your daughters

  4. That’s sad that they are literally left without a mother or a father; they’re going to be traumatized by this traumatic event that happened right before their eyes, he had to been jealous and insecure; he probably was like if I can’t have you than no 1 will and then turned around and shot himself and ended up dead. whose going to care for them now!

  5. Seventeen years with a man; and three children? And you have to twerk to get a ring? This is madness! Fianceé? For someone who is a dancer, hasn’t she heard of “Beyonce?” She told us to “put a ring on it,” years ago. The man was a misogynist, and disrespected women. He did not love women; his aim was to control and diminish women. His language says it all. He wanted to control her; hence all the babies! A man is not a plan ladies! And a woman cannot be controlled, gentlemen! Love is free and respectful; it’s not violent or painful!
    Learn from these stories!

  6. Ladies please learn your worth Men too so you won’t settle for ppl that will take you away from your kids

  7. They love them thugs… because they love evil men. Good Men are invisible to these type women…..

  8. Smh these females are going to learn the hard way always. Leave these lame a males alone!!!! He can’t even form a fukkin sentence.!!!! Smh sad!!!

  9. 3 beautiful daughters left without a mother Single mothers and woman with no children please besafe be careful love yourself enough too see the redflags

  10. Come on Ladies, get out of the thirst trap! Anyone can clearly see that was a deranged dude yo!!! CEASE with trying to change and build up these weirdos and devil worshippers! Wait on the MOST HIGH YAHUAH for your Boaz! If HE doesn’t send one, then HE knows there’s none out there! Very simple!

  11. The Pookies and Hood Dudes that you all like, don’t like you.. Stay away from males raised by single mothers. They don’t have Protection and Provision on their hard drive, just deep seeded resentment towards their mother that gets transferred to you.

  12. Dear Black Women, please learn the signs of abuse BEFORE it escalates ladies. We have to protect ourselves since no one else is. RIP Shanique.

  13. I am a college educated professional black man. Every day I interact with women of all races in my professional life. I have dated Caucasian, Asian, Indian, and African American women. My current girlfriend is a college educated Korean woman.

    There are many nonblack women of all races who will date and marry a black man, especially an educated black man. But these women will never deal with a broke black Pookie, nor a black thug. Yet, black women on all social strata continue to lay down and make babies with Pookies and thugs. They set up home with Pookies and thugs, and are usually the bread winner.

    If nonblack women can tell the difference between a good black man and a Pookie or a thug, why can’t black women?

  14. I can almost guarantee he put her through alot of bull$*.! way before he took her life.

  15. Simps , beta males, raised by a single mother. Have these kind of control issue’s!!!!!! Lady’s if you dont or didn’t have a father through out your life. Here’s some good advice. Look for that relationship in your spouse that you choose to lay up with. Let that be the first standard.

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