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Maury: Black chick claims fiancé got sister pregnant

Cierra thinks her fiancé cheated/Maury

Pookie bangs two sisters. 

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NEW YORK — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. In a recently released episode of “Maury,” a woman named Cierra claims her fiancé Darryn enjoyed a dalliance with her little sister Shaniqua who’s 5 months preggo. Cierra also believes Darryn has copulated with more than 20 thots. That’s because she found lingerie around the house that’s not hers, he stashes condoms in his pockets, and one of Maury’s hidden cameras caught Darryn canoodling with a sexy decoy in the green room. Why do they always fall for that? “I’m in love with my fiancé Darryn. But I have a gut feeling that he is cheating on me,” Cierra told the crowd. “What hurts me the most is that I think he’s cheating with my baby sister Shaniqua… My sister’s pregnant and I believe that Darryn will be the father of that baby.” Darryn called Cierra a goddamn lie, claiming he’s 100 percent monogamous. He also said there’s no way in hell he knocked up Cierra’s sibling. “All I wanna do is marry Cierra,” Darryn said. “But I can’t seem to do that because all she does is accuse me of cheating on her. But I’m not doing anything wrong… Cierra’s my baby, my heart.”

Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “He’s smirking through the whole thing. He don’t give a f*ck about her.” Another chimed in with, “Lust will make you do some nasty things.” A third observer added, “She better calm down. She’s about to have a damn stroke.”  Maury strapped Darryn to a polygraph and gave him a lie detector test. Will he pass?

Also, would you forgive your sibling if they slept with your lover?

Watch the drama unfold.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The pregnant sister is better looking but there’s probably a great chance he choose the one he proposed to because she’s the loyal one

  2. This world is on some Bullshite. How you want stay with a man that straight Violation. The sister I would of Mop her like Molly the Mop. Where iam from yu we don’t PLAY that we will dead them boths ain’t no coming back from that. No damn Morals and Values. They’re are straight DIRTY throw em boths in the Hamper. FOH 💯

  3. She didn’t have to come on Maury to find out if her dog was cheating. The sister is a hoe. She is a little b*tch.

  4. Well, he definitely doesn’t watch the Maury show , because he didn’t know about the green room 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Some women are darn pitiful…So sad to see. This man ain’t worth 1 teardrop.

  6. She didn’t deserve that but Jesus how can any man deal with all of the yelling and screaming all day.

  7. She will end up with him and she will be taking care of the niece/nephew/step kid.

  8. One less sister I would have. That trick sister is for the streets. They can have each other.

  9. She better keep her next man away from her sister smh … since now you know she loose as a goose

  10. Please take that big ass flower out of your hair it’s distracting me from watching maury lmao 🤣

  11. I’mma tell you that’s the worst betrayal for a sister to do that to another I have a sister she’s 12 years older than me and I noticed every time she had a boyfriend she never wanted me to be around her boyfriend I found out that she had kicked it with you know my boyfriend when I was younger which ain’t nothing to me cuz it wasn’t nothing serious but I always say what comes around goes around made her life come to a full circle cuz she has people in her life right now that she told me she don’t trust as we were growing up is to be lady she said she didn’t trust them because they the Big h I hope that the one that’s closest to her made it happy I don’t talk to her I haven’t talked to her in years and no I don’t wish nothing bad on nobody I just do better when I don’t see her cuz she and she’s just a confused older person the oldest she gets used to you know that she’s done is always come back to her and I don’t want to be around her but I hope that this young l young lady that she messed up she’ll never have that sister again like she had their they’ll never be a full circle again because of what she did and her luck will never be good God bless everyone and stay safe 🙏👁️👁️🌈⭕😍

  12. It’s painful to be cheated on but to be betrayed by your sibling is a whole different level of betrayal and hurt…Both of them would have to GO ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

  13. I still don’t get how guys get caught in the green room! Like have you not watched the show?


  15. But why do women want a little boy like that? He’s not a REAL MAN. He showed himself by getting with the other sister. The red flags were there.

  16. both sisters are damaged goodz and waste of space both sisters need to do there self a good favor stay with that man we don’t need yall damaging good men out here there is too many out here doing that right now sistah know your position with him and polygamy save us good men the headache

  17. She’s way too emotional I see why he’s cheating on her…when she found out he cheated the first time she should of been out…but she clearly ain’t going nowhere so I don’t understand all the loud emotional outbursts

  18. When she stood up Maury was looking like Goddamnnn girl calm tf down.. but if you know he cheating LEAVE! you had all the clues right in your face

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