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‘Wire’ star Reddick is dead despite havin’ good health

Reddick roasted for having white wife/YouTube

Lance Reddick dies mysteriously. 

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LOS ANGELES — Lance Reddick, who starred in HBO’s “The Wire” and all four “John Wick” films, has migrated to that big movie theater in the sky. The 60-year-old thespian died suddenly Friday morning. Lance’s public relations rep Mia Hansen said he died of natural causes. But she wouldn’t provide specific details. His cadaver was discovered inside his Studio City residence around 9:30 a.m. Lance was healthy and in peak physical condition. So everybody’s wondering what the f*ck happened? Not to mention fans on Black Twitter roasted his white widow for marrying a black man. Social media reaction was wild. One reader wrote, “Who cares? He and his wife were happy. I want people to be happy with whoever you want. Man, female, white , purple or green. Just be happy, damn. All this getting mad because somebody married outside the race.”

Another chimed in with, “I bet he took the vaccine. It’s killing men but women appear safe.”

A third person added, “Everybody on Black Twitter can go to hell. Such low, classless behavior.”

Lance’s “Wire” co-star, Wendell Pierce, tweeted the following panegyric: “A man of great strength and grace. As talented a musician as he was an actor. The epitome of class. An sudden unexpected sharp painful grief for our artistic family. An unimaginable suffering for his personal family and loved ones. Godspeed my friend. You made your mark here. RIP” 

Lance is survived by his second wife, Stephanie Reddick, and his two children — Yvonne and Christopher — from his first marriage.

He released a video 24 hours before his death mocking Elon Musk.

Do you suspect something fishy about his quietus?

Is the Illuminati involved?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The same women that don’t want us… don’t want us to be with any other ethnicity. . . . Crazy

  2. Rumor has it that his sudden death was just 24 hours after what he said about Elon Musk

  3. This is horrible. Why would people go off angry at her being a white woman, she was probably the sweetest person in his world.

  4. Bloody sacrifice always happens b4 a big movie release “John Wick”

  5. These women worried about the wrong shit, which is why they’re perpetually single mothers and unmarried. His wife was a rider and stuck with him till the end, like wives are supposed to to. Black women would rather have him have a wife with a BBL and a wig so she can’t get all of his money after he passes. These women don’t care about developing their character and being better women, so they can be chosen by these men. R.I.P to Lance.

  6. Whatever happened to “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all”… Do they not realize how unattractive this is?? Forget race, love, age and all other outside factors . From one human being to another, it’s just ugly, trashy behavior 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. What if that’s the only woman who loved him and treated him the way he wants to be treated?

  8. Its so low to go after a widow out of jealousy. The same women who advocate for “body positivity” and curvy black “Queens” and all that, are as shallow as a puddle when it comes to white women having black men.

  9. As a Black woman what I find so interesting about the comments made here is the fact that all of you Black men sound so bitter and seem to hate Black women. You don’t have an issue creating children with Black women but then you bash and seem to hate the very women that you’re impregnating and most times not supporting the women or your children emotionally or financially. Hey fellas, why don’t you stop having sex with anything with a hole in it or at the very least put a raincoat on it and stop contributing to the problem if you’re so upset about it. Better yet stop being felons, drug addicts, emotionally unavailable, disrespectful, immature, violent, weak and/or just lame! Get over yourselves and ask yourselves why Black women are dating and marrying out of their race. I will answer that for you..because most of you ain’t about s**t! If I had a Mike, I’d drop it right now!

  10. That’s nuts I just found this out just now! That sucks! Ima miss him and we’ll always smoke one for him while re watching John wick when I do!

  11. These are the same BW who claim they know Christ. Who claims they are righteous, etc. When it’s all said and done, it will be depart from me, I never knew you!!!

  12. It’s no wonder the Passport Bro community is growing in leaps and bounds. No one can stand these toxic BW.

  13. I don’t think that it was his wife was white, I believe it is because in every show he acts he is in a relationship with a white women. Never the less he is still a great actor but his acting roles are one sided.

  14. Healthy 60 year old randomly dies? I wonder if he took a certain safe and effective “treatment”

  15. Damn, and he looked great for 60. I thought he was much younger. So many dying right now.

  16. The clot shot claims yet another victim. I remember when he badmouthed black people for refusing to take the shot. Welp, now he knows why…

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