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Delonte West rock bottom after sexin’ LeBron’s mom

Delonte has gone downhill/YouTube

Delonte strung out again. 

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CLEVELAND — A viral video shows quondam Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West dancing outside a convenience store while high on crack cocaine. Delonte, if you recall, was jettisoned from the NBA after he f*cked LeBron James’ mom, Gloria. You heard me right. I didn’t stutter. King James had Delonte banned from the league and the 39-year-old D.C. native has been a homeless crackhead ever since. The nosy redbone who recorded Delonte’s gyration is catching hell for clout-chasing. “I do not believe in recording people when they are at their lowest,” she said with a chortle. “But Delonte West is at my 7-Eleven.” Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “She said, ‘I do not believe in recording people when they are at their lowest,’ then proceeds to do exactly that. But aight.” Another chimed in with, “Clout is a helluva drug.”

A third observer added, “Don’t know why you guys are acting as if she committed some major crime by recording him. It’s a natural reaction to seeing a ‘celebrity’ doing something weird.” If you recall, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban put Delonte in rehab 3 years ago. But it obviously didn’t work. To say Delonte has hit rock-bottom would be a vast understatement. Dude is long gone.

Moral of the story: Stay the f*ck away from Gloria.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. He had to go in there and see could he make another Lebron James who wouldn’t bust a billion dollar nut🤷🏾

  2. I think it was her laugh that really disappointed me, broke my heart a little to see this human choosing a lesser side instead of an inspirational one…
    Don’t feed the wrong wolf people.

  3. My mother (RIP) always said ‘None one is ever to far gone you just don’t wanna dive that deep to get them!!!!!’

  4. No Miss u just recorded yourself at your lowest – carry on…

  5. She is the problem with society he need prayers not to be further exploited so she can get viewers

  6. You can’t help those who don’t want to be helped. Cuban tried to get him back right and he fumbled. He’s too far gone at this point.

  7. What was the point? 🥴🥴🤨🤨 I’d be pissed if someone was recording me without my knowledge.

  8. I could totally see my grandfather doing this. I miss that man. Never lose your grove.

  9. She kicking someone when they down what does that make her to have money and still be a bum

  10. I do remember Mark Cuban helping Delonte West out so he can get right. Man I hate seeing dude like this.

  11. Lebron got him blackballed, believe that. Remember he is close to those carters they have power.

  12. Very sad story. I’m hoping this man can get back. Hate seeing this happen to people.

  13. How low can you go to record and ridicule someone that you know has a documented mental illness and substance abuse problem…was he bothering you? Oh it’s ok because he once played in the NBA? Shameful

  14. Very lonely Gloria James wanted it so badly. Way to go Delonte West. You Fucked her so good. She’s loving it. You are No. 1

  15. LeBron was too nice of a guy, imagine if this happen to MJ or Kobe, they would’ve kill him

  16. This is downright Embarrassing for Lebron and I feel sorry for him!! He doesn’t deserve this at all… he’s trying to play professional ball and his mother sleeping with all his friends or these young guys that he has to play ball with! Not for sure why she don’t understand that this is effecting her son tremendously!! Gesh.. Grow up!!

  17. She had to be attractive to him and maybe he wasn’t that loyal to LeBron like LeBron was loyal to him as a friend some people in this world or snakes some people just don’t give a damn he knew his mother was off-limits he just didn’t give a fuck 💯👋👋💪

  18. Brons mom was getting her cheeks clapped in the post game locker room!

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