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Grandpa walks off set after refusing drag queen dance

Grandpa won’t support gays/YouTube

Grandpa shuns drag queen. 

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LOS ANGELES — Every now and then you stumble across a story that makes you say “Dayuuummm!” A viral video shows a senior citizen walking off the set of “Drag Queens & Grandpas” after he found out he had to dance with a tranny. Based Grandpa was one of three geezers on the show. The other two were Asian and Caucasian. The Golden Boys got matched up with three chicks with d*cks and it didn’t appear to be a problem until… During rehearsal, the lead he-she asked the old men to pretend they wanna f*ck. The Asian and Caucasian were ready to ingest some Viagra. Gramps — on the other hand — tried to go through with it but quickly realized, as a man of God, he couldn’t succor the LGBT community. “I’m sorry. I can’t do this,” he said while abruptly sauntering off stage. “I’m a man of God. I love those people. I pray for them. I would never do anything to hurt them. But men are not supposed to dress like women. I’m not going to go along with that. It’s time to stand up and be a man of God!”

Tell ’em gramps.

Social media reaction was priceless. One commenter wrote, “These are men who think they’re women. So to ask a heterosexual man to look at another guy and say, ‘Oooooo, who is this?’ No f*cking way! Why would any man pretend to be excited about dancing with a dude dressed as a woman? That’s crazy. Well done sir.” Another chimed in with, “America is f*cked by all this woke bullsh*t!”

A third viewer added, “Good for him. Personally, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be in that predicament to begin with.”

After grandpa left, the freaky quintet danced to Britney Spears.

Still no word on if they had an orgy.

Watch Gramps diss the LGBT community at the 4 minute mark.

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  1. Those drag queens look creepy and ugly, you can see how fast theyre so quick to judge other people for being homophobic just because they don’t agree with their bullshit

  2. I Dont understand why Every Man in this World is Trying to Be A woman 😵‍💫This Is Crazy

  3. The other two grandpas have drank the coolaid or maybe they’re are gay too. 😳

  4. bro dont fucking go on the show if ur not okay with it comon sense hello??

  5. He ain’t with that fudge packin sh*t 💩 and I don’t blame him …..

  6. This show is Satanic, the fact that they are making men dance with men as if they are woman 😢and to top it all off they are dancing to TOXIC by Brittany Spears 😂.

  7. Grandpa did right. They thought they had him, but when you serve God, you don’t compromise. Good for him. I think the “oohhh who is this” took him out.

  8. A man of god lmao, as if the Bible says anything about cross dressing. How many of you “Christian’s” know that the verse that supposedly condemns homosexuality is from the Old Testament, aka before Christ, aka Judaism… lmao. Time to wake up people god is still speaking

  9. I agree with grandpa,,,,but he had to have known before he signed up come on now

  10. if you watch closely right after grandpa says the word ‘God’ the tall middle trans eyes shapeshift! freaked me out

  11. Respect to the black grandpa. I was disappointed in the asian one and the white one was already 100% indoctrinated. I was disgusted by what I’ve seen & heard

  12. This White grandpa is the reason why America is imposing its amoral ideologies on the world. People with no convictions.

  13. The man treated them with respect, he shook hands with them and did not curse or call them out of their name. He simply did not want to dance with a man which is perfectly okay. He does not have to consent to something that makes him feel uncomfortable. It’s his body.

  14. This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever watched. Kudos to the grandpa for standing up for his beliefs. God is the creator of this world and not the author of confusion.

  15. Good for him. more people need to be like this. soddom and gommorah being shoved in everyones face is bullshit. They are not respectful of anyone. not even themselves

  16. I think the problem came in when they kept being covertly sexual towards the grandpas which crossed a boundary. If they are just dancing that’s one thing but the flirting and sexual suggestive body language was too much and everyone’s faith values dont align so respect all people. I’m glad the comments mainly agree that this show is horrific and is out to shame faith filled people to appear as bigots

  17. Good for him. We shouldn’t be forced to deal with these creatures.

  18. So funny. To me, the trans looks are demonic looking. Surely, this can’t be natural. The black man did look classy and respectable.

  19. he’s just a cute old man that got all dressed up to come on the show with his bow tie just to be faced with something he’s never seen before, a man dressed like a “woman” in clown makeup

  20. This is straight nasty and I would sue the crap out of that show for trying me in such a bs way and going against my religion! Fkin nasty crap! Good on you grandpa

  21. He’s not “based.” He’s just fucking normal and not willing to hide it. I’m sick and tired of average, traditional, sensible behavior being treated like something that only a heroic individual could ever hope to engage in.

    Just be fucking normal, people. It’s easier than you might think.

  22. If they think it’s okay to make men uncomfortable so they can be satisfied with no rejection then that truly is insanity. I’ve been called an asshole for believing this is a mental illness.

  23. So bring a man on the show who you know is not okay with this stuff and then think it’s funny to mess with him and also act offended in the same process… What kind of logic is this? you know they interviewed him before hand… Seems like some fucking hazing shit to me.

  24. This MAN did the right thing. Drag Queens are immoral and the practice or dressing like a female if one is a MAN is an abomination to God. Drag is of the Devil and is blatantly evil. Shun evil…always. Be involved ONLY with things that are praiseworthy, righteous and of good report. Stand up for God and the teachings and commandments of Jesus Christ. Come on people, this “entertainment” is Satanic and we must call it what it truly is. Bless the MAN who walked away!

  25. Drag Queens are a pointless existence if you love dressing up like a woman so much then just change your gender but it probably pointless to tell these people that because they are already another gender knowing that apparently 1 bazillion gender exist

  26. These days “they” certainly have NO problem shutting heterosexuals down, shunning, rejecting, and insulting them !!! They seem to forget that they themselves come from heterosexuals !!! God Bless this gentleman for just being honest !!!

  27. Honestly none of the drag shit bothers me, except when they’re doing that bs children storytime. Stuff like this doesn’t affect my personal life whatsoever, and people always looks for things to hate each other about. You got one life

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