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RedHawks coach out after banging one of her players

Coach Hendrix dated one of her players/YouTube

Coach Hendrix out the door. 

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OXFORD — The only certain things in life are death, taxes and teachers molesting their students. This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to Miami of Ohio women’s basketball coach DeUnna Hendrix who quit after she got busted having a dalliance with one of her players. The 38-year-old lesbian submitted her resignation Wednesday morning. Investigators learned Coach Hendrix sent roughly 180 text messages to the player that included an array of lovey-dovey locutions such as “I love you” and “You’re my baby. Can’t wait to squeeze you.” Awwwww, ain’t that sweet? Social media reaction was spirited. One commenter wrote, “Both are over 18 aren’t they?” Another chimed in with, “Of course she’ll get another chance! Lefties are completely comfortable with forcing homosexuality on children so do we honestly think they care about a couple of legally-aged lesbians? Hell, they’d defend that black lesbian even if it was their underage daughter. Lefties have brain cancer.”

A third person added, “Well, at least they can be together now.”

Scuttlebutt has it Coach Hendrix f*cked the sh*t outta that little girl.

She reportedly strapped on a rubber phallus and waxed that ass.

Believe it or not, school administrators determined Coach Hendrix’s concupiscent deportment did “not constitute a violation of Title IX or the University’s Sexual Misconduct protocol.” The reason she was coerced to get the hell outta dodge is because she violated the school’s policy on consensual relationships between staff members and undergraduate students.

Coach Hendrix could’ve possibly saved her job by going through a hearing.

But she declined.

Instead, Coach Hendrix issued the following statement: “I want to thank Miami University and its administration for allowing me to lead this program for the last four years. I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for this prestigious institution and its leadership. I also want to thank the Oxford community for the continual love and support. I look forward to the next phase of my career and continue rooting for the RedHawks.”

The player remains unnamed but shouldn’t be hard to identify.

All we have to do is replay their games and see whose ass gets slapped the most.

Do you agree with Coach Hendrix’s decision to resign?

Should consenting adults be allowed to copulate?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I am a woman and I am starting to get grossed out by women. I guess many of these coaches are predators too.

  2. She thinks quiting will alleviate the situation but it’s not. In fact, it makes it worse, like you’re running away from your wrongdoings. The only saving grace is this was college, so everyone is legal, but still, the professionalism and just the power dynamic of the relationship is just wrong.

  3. She should have thanked the university for allowing her to meet young women

  4. This is what blows my mind. She’s not the first female Women’s Basketball Coach to be caught. But for whatever reason (s) ESPN or any other sports related shows do not even talk about it. Not one single word is mentioned. But let it had been a man who got caught messing with a female player. They would’ve talked about it for ever. “He’s in a position of authority. Those young impressionable girls looked at him as a father figure blah blah blah blah.” He would have been crucified. Just like they did Ime Udoka. You’d thought he set off a Nuclear Bomb in the middle of Time Square. The way ESPN and every sports outlet covered the story for weeks. But a female Women’s College Basketball Coach gets caught and nothing.

  5. I’m telling you these women’s sports people better stop being cool with all this transgender and LBGTQ issues you know you’re barely freaking funded as it as it is and they’re pushing all this crap and look f**** own coaches f**** players start doing any support for the lgbtq community I’ll tell you that same shift happening at are schools I don’t know but those push on the transgender stuff before I didn’t care if you’re gay now I’m seeing why it’s bad in the Bible and stuff man is crazy

  6. What is really funny is female sports is predator territory more then men sports. Nobody can tell me otherwise. And women basketball is even worst.

  7. This happens all the time. I knew a chic who was literally her coaches side piece. Don’t forget Pokie Chapman

  8. Boyyyyyyy!!!! They raid her house they gonna find different levels of dick belts.

  9. This is waaaay more common than you know, lesbians are predatory, they look to “turn out” young girls. You have to watch lesbians in any position where they have lower and control over people. Teachers, social workers, therapist etc. We know we know, there are men who do the same thing, but we are aware of them. The lesbians fly under the radar. Be careful they even prey on men and try to “turn out” them as well.

  10. She is a predator 😭😭😭. Want more playing time , taste this fish 🐠🐟🐠🐠🐡.

  11. As a parent this lady should be jailed and fired. You don’t send your child to college to be groomed by coaches or teachers. I don’t care if she is a woman, she is wrong

  12. Ladies dont let the wnba or woman’s college ball push they lgbtq agenda on you

  13. She’s grooming the younger players the same way lgbtq is grooming kids. Andre Iggy said he didn’t want his daughters in the wnba because of lesbian bullying and how the players Harass straight women sexually……and now the media is hiding the molesters……..yeah this country is 🤢 can’t wait to move out and watch it burn from the outside

  14. And black women have the audacity to talk about black men. Gtfoh

  15. Notice, ESPN did not announce this. BTW, this is VERY Common amongst female sports. I’ve had conversations with EX track, soccer, tennis, volleyball, softball and gymnastic women athletes who all stated that both collegiate and pro WOMEN”S sports is replete with predatory women coaches, teammates, or even staff.

  16. bro.. if this were a man coach.. and a women player? lmao.. he would never coach again.. and would be on BLAST everywhere

  17. I don’t see the problem here, if it’s two consenting adults who cares.

  18. “I don’t know why these people wanna put themselves in this predicament risking their careers”… They don’t think for a second that the rules apply to them. 20 bucks says she’s a democrat, it’s an epidemic with them. Also in this culture how many on the left have ever been held accountable for anything?…. I’ll wait…

  19. A team full of lesbians gonna eventually have sex. This happens alot in women’s basketball from high-school to pro

  20. Why does it seem like womens basketball, soccer, and softball have a heavy influence on sexuality. What is it about the culture? Why did i see tons of girls come to college to play one of these sports and they came in with boyfriends and dressing feminine, then by 2nd semester they were full on stud leasbian? Men’s sports dont result in men being gay at a much higher percentage than the general population.

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