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Olivia Alexa reveals clever tactics women use on men

Olivia says women are cunning/YouTube

Olivia reveals women’s tactics.

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DALLAS — A viral video shows relationship vlogger Olivia Alexa revealing a sextet of manipulation tactics women use to control men. In other words, Western babes love to play games — forcing bachelors to purchase passports and travel overseas to find wives. As men, we should thank Olivia for exposing the diabolical, narcissistic deportment of American popsies. “Women have very dark manipulation tactics they use to control you and you’re probably not even aware of it,” the prepossessing redbone explained. “Women are masters of psychology and a lot of them use these six tactics I’m about to share with you.” The manipulative six are: 1) Withdrawal. 2) Mirroring. 3) Guilt. 4) Hot & Cold Method. 5) The Power of Suggestion. And, 6) Love Bombing. “Women know how to have you worrying, blaming yourself, etc., while they’re all smiles,” Olivia shared.

“Guys have almost been programmed to believe that if their lady is keeping to herself then something must be wrong. Your brain automatically goes into panic mode and you start thinking if you missed her birthday, or anniversary, or if it’s something else that you forgot or did wrong. Next thing you know, you’re trying to make up for something that you didn’t even do to begin with.”

Damn, ain’t that a bitch?

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “Only simps and weak men put up with their nonsense.”

Another viewer added, “I’ve been happily divorced for 10 years. I don’t need a lying, gaslighting narcissist. Peace and quiet are priceless.”

Is it time for American women to quit playin’ games?

Should more men purchase passports?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯!

Share your thoughts.

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  1. and this is why men of my generation ignored their own mental health for decades.

  2. Duuude, WTF?! Why are women like this?! Don’t they hate themselves? (That’s a real question in my mind.)

  3. Happened to me. She’s a witch, actually. How do they follow the same track? It’s demonic.

  4. Most of these can be attributed to drama addiction, set your boundaries early and leave if they start acting up.

  5. Narcissism is the default from birth, it’s passed down from generation to generation. Religious circles name it “Jezebel Spirit”. Wisdom requires extreme caution when handling such energy and to avoid engaging. Western “civilization” has no wisdom, so the behavior is ignored at best, but mostly coddled and encouraged.

  6. Lovebombing hit hard for me.
    My ex used all of those phrases to make me think she wanted to be in a relationship, all the while plotting to leave me for my best friend. And what makes it worse, is that I knew this woman from church.

  7. Thanks for exposing the female narcissist and revealing just how common it is.

  8. I PROMISE you she is not lying fellas. Women are pure evil and they only care about there selves and there own survival trust me

  9. The old Jedi mind tricks do not work on me. Will find yourself at a curb, swinging your feet.

  10. My ex wife and girls I dated, showed me that you should NEVER let a woman live with you or MARRY you. EVER. Alimony, poke holes in condom, steal from you, sabotage your life. No one should have that kind of power. Not even your mother point blank period


  12. if your married and she starts shit and you suspect her of cheating get a private investigator and cameras in the house to record shit and accept that the relationship is over and get ready to divorce and move on with you life, being in relationship with a pile of crap is worse than being alone, been there done that, took to long to move on and stop forgiving myself for letting things go as long as it did.

  13. One chick tried these games on me. I tried to see if the snake had empathy by telling her about what I’m going through and why I wouldn’t be able to give her what she wanted at the time. Sure enough she shedded her skin and became heartless of my situation. That was all the ammo I needed to tell her the eff off about herself. She tried the game again but she crapped out. This all took place in 2 days😂😂😂.

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