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Black man has four wives, polygamy works for them

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  1. She said ever since I got into this Polygamy Relationship my Life is 10 TIMES BETTER enough said .

  2. The women don’t match the guy though 🤔. Poly relationships is fine if that’s what they want to do, it’s that the women looks ummm….a bit too good for him.

  3. I do not like how in America people seem to think this is cool. I came from a polygamous family, it’s damaging to families

  4. What about the days when you beefing with all 4 women on the same day at the same time? Now that’s a emotional roller coaster..😮

  5. I keep seeing a lot about people talking about the financial aspect of the relationship. What the man was saying is he needed a woman who could meet what he wanted in many areas. Financial was just one area. I’ve had a man who was there financially, who cooked, and worked. There was still more that I needed. I definitely get it. They all have different gifts, talents, and personalities to bring to each other. The women benefit from each other as well. Look at the big picture, not just a piece.

  6. THEY want the benefits of having multiple “wives” but still want the women to work in AND outside the home. It’s straight up pimp foolery.

  7. Kings didn’t have multiple Queens, they had 1 Queen and either concubines or additional wives but only 1 Queen. Traditionally, a man can only take as many wives as he can afford to take care of. Meaning, if you’re low on funds, you only get one. 😂😂😂

  8. Whatever makes them happy and it’s not illegal,if it they are comfortable n like it,I think it’s better ppl mind their own bness! 🤷🏿‍♂️Am for it more than a man doing another man and it being ok 🌈 😖😖

  9. Him calling them females is just completely disgusting to me…And before you masogynists ask, its dehumanizing. Female does not mean human woman.

  10. So long as everyone is OK and on board with this, I wish them all well. I’m 51 and me and my wife will have been together 20 years this October I believe, and hell, I can barely keep her satisfied. LOL Having 3 other women to try and keep up with seems a fools errand, but this guy seems to be keeping it all straight, so no hating from me.

  11. This relationship will never work because he will keep adding more women that need help with their children and finances 😮. #sad #foolish

  12. They’re communication is great and they all seem on board and comfortable it’s not bad at all

  13. So we reward cheaters now? That man is for the streets. This isnt ethical polygamy, this is a cheater who used polygamy as his loophole to continue to cheat. Bet he wouldn’t be okay if another man joined.

  14. Oh please he probably still got a wandering eye. If he was with two women I could probably believe it. I also wonder how their mothers and fathers feel about their daughters settling for a man with this type of lifestyle. He seems arrogant and a little narcissistic too.

  15. So he’s a piece of sh*#… and they have no self respect: got it.

  16. anyone hating is because they can’t even hold down one, they aren’t saying you should do what we are doing, or whatever, you have one life to live, might as well live it happily and the best way possible. time you any of yall took to hate you could be fixing any of yall damn selves.

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