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Chiefs receiver Toney rips Giants fan on social media

Kadarius Toney blew a gasket/YouTube

Toney cussed out Giants fan. 

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KANSAS CITY — Sometimes it’s best to stay off social media. Kansas City Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney is under fire after he unleashed a profanity-laced tirade on a New York Giants fan at 3 a.m. If you recall, Giants general manager Joe Schoen traded Kadarius to the Chiefs midseason. The acquisition paid immediate dividends when Kadarius returned a punt 65 yards in Super Bowl LVII to help the Chiefs win their second title in four years. It’s the longest punt return in Super Bowl history. You can Kadarius, 24, is pissed at Giants quarterback Daniel Jones for f*ckin’ up his stats. Even though Danny Dimes ain’t worth a dime, he earns $40 million per season despite being one of the worst signal-callers in the NFL. Schoen must’ve been smokin’ crack when he gave Danny that contract. “You talk about I miss Daniel Jones,” Kadarius told the troll. “Apparently, he misses me — punk-ass n*gga. I can show you the call log, he callin’ me, blowin’ me up. Pull up n*gga or shut the f*ck up!”

Social media reaction was worrisome. One commenter wrote, “Grow up No. 19. No need to respond to that crap. You’re putting yourself on the trading block doin’ that sh*t. Be an adult and drop Twitter from your phone.” Another person added, “Toney needs to worry about staying healthy and playing football. Let his play do the talking.” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid normally doesn’t allow his players to excoriate fans on social media. If you recall… Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu, Anthony Hitchens and Khalen Saunders lambasted fans online and Coach Reid kicked ’em off the team.

Will Kadarius be next?

Check out the clip.

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  1. I can’t stand people who provoke pro athletes then when they respond wanna post they response so the world can see it keep ts in the DM like u would’ve if he didn’t reply, stuff like this get players in trouble and I know they tired of being provoked

  2. Toney may find himself in the Reid doghouse if this continues and turns into a locker room distraction 🤔🏈

  3. the giants did this jerk a favor by trading him to a superbowl team. he repays them by trashing them every chance he gets. he fakes injuries and suddenly heals with the chiefs. disregard anything he says.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Toney but he does need to chill. I can’t hate him because of what he did for KC late in the season and the SB! 🤣

  5. Jones probably does miss him. Giants had the fewest plays to go for 20 yds or more last season…and Jones has a career y/a of 6.7. He needs play makers to get chunks of yards.

  6. Toney seems like a standup gentleman and scholar. He will be out of the nfl in 2 yrs, broke in 3, begging Danny for a loan so he can open a Weiner 🌭 stand in Times Square 😆

  7. I mean, someone needs to get with Toney and get him to understand that there is literally nothing to gain by engaging attention-seeking, bitter and jealous little Twitter trolls. Both of them look pathetic for this, but Toney has everything to lose. He has nothing.

  8. The Giants are terrible and aren’t winning anything soon. Just move on and talk about something else. If they were in the AFC, no chance they would make the playoffs.

  9. I’m 100% sure he rather have Mahomes as his QB then Jones, any receiver would

  10. “Pull up” bro willing to risk it all over someone on twitter lmao 😭

  11. Toney trying to act like Samuel Jackson in pulp fiction. He already sounding like him.

  12. I liked Toney until he faked injuries……couldn’t play for the giants for months, gets traded to a team that’s already on the road to the superbowl….Suddenly he’s healthy and ballin. Naw man that’s some true b!tch sh!t and that’s why he’s not liked in ny. I give him another 2 maaaybe 3 yrs until they’ve had enough of him.

  13. Dude Kadarius Toney has arguably the most evil face I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂 bro always lookin tweeked TF out

  14. Personally, I love the dude. If he stays healthy I think he can get 100+catches, 1000+yards. He came from a place he didn’t want to be, to Kansas City where we all welcomed him with open arms. He played a significant role in our Superbowl run, and he’s loving every minute of this. Talk yo shit pimp! But, I will say Andy Ried will put a quick stop to all this shit once Kadarius has to report to training camp.

  15. Toney being trolled so hard bro was sending voice messages yelling at a giants fan 😂

  16. Kadarius Toney needs to relax or Andy Reid should honestly take this mans phone 😂

  17. That fan would never talk like that in his face, so many internet tuff guys nowadays

  18. Im a chiefs fan and i like toney but if he keeps this up, the chiefs will have no problem cutting him.

  19. I’m a KC fan, and I love his play. He is a funny guy, but in total honesty, the level he takes it online makes me a little nervous. When things go well with someone of this temperament things are easy, but if things get a little bit tough, people can be friendly fire and unnecessary drama ensues. I wish him success, but I hope he can listen to some older guys who have his best interests in mind.

  20. Anything associated with the KC Queefs is sensitive. They’re a soft as baby shit “fanbase” that’s for sure

  21. God I’m so glad the Giants dumped this clown when they did. How does someone go to another team and win the Super Bowl with that team and still be worrying about what the fans of his old team think of him? He’s a child, it’s clear why the Giants didn’t want to put up with a child.

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