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Quarterback: Netflix series cements Mahomes’ legacy

Mahomes is simply the best/YouTube

Netflix series a masterpiece.

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KANSAS CITY — This weekend, yours truly descried all eight episodes of the Netflix sports series “Quarterback” starring Kansas City Chiefs icon Patrick Mahomes and it’s must-see TV. The lone negative is the concatenation was produced by Peyton Manning, a quondam member of the sad sack Denver Broncos. But he and Keith Cossrow of NFL Films chronicled the 2022 season perfectly. The streaming octet is basically a Kansas City infomercial. That said, Mahomes ain’t the only signal-caller garnering screen time. Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings and Marcus Mariota of the Atlanta Falcons are featured too. But Mahomes is no doubt the headliner. All three quarterbacks have beautiful (albeit distinctive) families. But that’s where the similarities reach their cessation. After all, Mahomes is the global countenance of the NFL. Cousins is an 11-year veteran fighting to keep his starting job. And, Mariota was benched and replaced by rookie Desmond Ridder with just 4 games left.

Manning & Co. did one helluva job taking fans inside the personal and professional lives of NFL players. Mahomes, who has an ‘aw-shucks’ look about him, cussed out Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby for hittin’ him late on Monday Night Football. “You woke up the wrong motherfucker!” Mahomes yelled while standing face-to-face with Crosby. “You woke up the wrong motherfucker!” The league MVP is right. The Chiefs overcame a 17-point deficit to win the game.

Then, after Mahomes suffered a high ankle sprain against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the divisional round of the playoffs, he unleashed a profanity-laced tirade on members of the Chiefs coaching staff. “F*ck no! F*ck no! I’ll do it at halftime!” Mahomes told head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy when they urged him to head to the locker room for x-rays.

As soon as backup Chad Henne entered the game, Mahomes snatched off his coat and threw it on the ground.

“F*ck!” he screamed while storming off.

“God dammit!”

Mahomes wasn’t the only one dropping F-bombs throughout the series.

His wife Brittany blew a gasket too.

“F*ck!” she yelled when Mahomes reinjured his ankle in Super Bowl LVII.

After hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl MVP, Mahomes and family celebrated with fans during the victory parade at Union Station. Then they moved into their brand new, mall-like mansion that contains a million bedrooms, a golf course, an aquarium, a basketball court, a football field and a big-ass swimming pool. The palace is widely regarded as being the most opulent residence in KC. Hell, Mahomes’ two kids — daughter Sterling and son Patrick III — have their own wing of the house and both are sippin’ Similac.

Telling you dawg, the year 2023 is certainly one to remember in the City of Champions.

We hosted the AFC title game for the 5th year in a row (NFL record).

We won the Super Bowl.

Hosted the NFL Draft.

Mahomes was crowned the NFL’s “Best Player” and “Best Male Athlete” at the ESPY Awards.

The Chiefs were voted the world’s “Best Team.”

Now we have our own Netflix special.

Don’t get any better.

Again, “Quarterback” is must-see TV for all football fans.

Brittany is gravid most of the series.

But it’s a chef-d’œuvre nonetheless.

Blog-O-Meter Rating: 5 outta 5 popcorn bags

Watch key snippets and more.

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  1. Biggest takeaway from Quarterback is that Kirk cousins is extremely overrated

  2. Reid is why chiefs are good. Mahomes needs to use refs to win anything. Afc championship and superbowl were won by the refs and mahomes going for penalties. Definition of cheating the game see pic of mahomes and Bellicheck

  3. One thing I got from this Netflix series is how mentally tough these guys are. Hats off to Mahomes, Mariota and Cousins.

  4. Kirks kid is like 5 and still sucking on a pacifier. C’mon man! 😀

  5. The biggest takeaway is that Brittany Mahomes soundbytes could be used as my phone alarm clock

    I’ve never seen a tick more annoying & parastically stuck on a person’s coat tails than Brittany & Jackson Mahomes

  6. That Mahomes injury was the biggest bs injury I’ve ever seen. The dudes ankle was completely fine. The only time he would hobble on it in pain was directly after making a “great play” as to remind us (the viewer) that he’s doing all of this on a “bum ankle.” 🐴 💩

  7. great series…entirely different side of Mahomes…even a bigger fan now

  8. Patrick is one in a million! What a time it is to be a KC Chiefs fan❤❤

  9. Britney Mahomes was actually ok. She’s just as passionate as Pat, I’d that’s possible.

  10. For us Kansas City fans we have our Michael Jordan and for these next 10+ years, do not take it for granted. What we are all witnessing is absolute GREATNESS and the impact of Mahomes will carry on for generations..

    The Dude is different.. like Mj was different.

  11. If they had a choice, Derek Carr mightve been a better benched QB to follow. And Russell Wilson if they wanted to follow a QB who had a bad season.

  12. checked out the series, awesome series. one thing for sure that showed every football fan, is how big Mahommes ego n his wife is. Not a drop of hummbleness from neither one of them, it takes a big ego to feed another big ego and they are the perfect couple for each other.

  13. Mahomes is not only on a whole other level, he’s authentically humble about it all. This young man is ALL about Family, Football and Fun. Of course everyone wants to be paid what they are worth, but I honestly don’t think he even cares. The “old folks” used to say that “this child was raised right” well this applies to this young man. If Mahomes stays healthy, he will bring a MJ/Lebron type vibe to his description. In my opinion Super Bowl Championships are an organizational achievement so the number of rings aren’t a part of my evaluation. As true sports fans we are seeing so much potentially ALL TIME greatness in Lebron, Steph, Mahomes, Ohtani, Messi….

  14. After watching this I learnt one valuable thing….Brittany Mahomes is annoying as fuk.

  15. Cousins and his bomb ass wife killed the family part. Mahomes killed it with the talent and joy of the game, football is fun. Mariota is a good guy but damn, if they had Hurts instead of him, this would have been the most epic NFL doc ever. Very good, worth watching.

  16. I respect Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota so much more than Patrick Mahomes after watching this. There is just no substitute for class. Same goes for their respective wives. Brittany should go back to the trailer park.

  17. As a chiefs fan of 11 seasons it’s absolutely heartwarming to see the face of our franchise in the first behind the scenes all access docu series!

  18. It seems like a good show but I’m not watching because of Patrick’s annoying ass wife

  19. The producers were so lucky they choose the Super Bowl winning QB for this series. That really took this series to the next level.

  20. Fantastic series – respected all 3 quarterbacks but really have new found respect for Kirk Cousins. Down to earth person with a wonderful loving wife 💝

  21. Please Netflix. For the love of god. Never subject us to Brittany Mahomes again. I have had nightmares for weeks now.

  22. Damn Mahomes married her? I make 45k a year and my GF is way hotter.

  23. Patrick seems like a good guy but the wife drives me insane. I feel like she is making the play calls lol. If there is a camera her busted hooker look is right in front of it.

  24. Patrick is such a likeable, real guy. He’s an extreme competitor and he hates losing. I love that he’s the Quarterback of my favorite team

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