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ChiefsAholic busted in Cali after robbing several banks

ChiefsAholic robbed 6 banks/YouTube

ChiefsAholic finally captured. 

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KANSAS CITY — It took a while. But they finally got him. Kansas City Chiefs superfan ChiefsAholic — né Xaviar Michael Babudar — was arrested Friday in Sacramento, California after 4 months on the run. Law enforcement officials offered a $25,000 reward for his capture and somebody turned his ass in. Babudar, 28, robbed a handful of banks throughout the Midwest in a 9-month span. Ticket prices and concession items are expensive as hell. So who can blame him. The FBI linked Babudar to robberies in Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Authorities said he purloined more than $800,000 then bought casino chips to launder the money. Babudar, if you recall, was arrested in December for robbing a Tulsa credit union. But the judge released him on bond, he removed his ankle monitor, and he’s been an absconder ever since.

Social media reaction was hilarious. One commenter wrote, “Tickets, concessions, etc. are expensive. We can’t all make Roger Goodell-type cash.” Another person added, “That’s a true diehard fan. Chiefs tickets ain’t cheap.🤷🏻🤣” Babudar is arguably the Chiefs most recognizable fan. He attended games dressed as a poor man’s KC Wolf and he has a massive social media following.

Babudar also has a history of legal trouble and he’s been homeless for years.

Watch ChiefsAholic get arrested and jailed.

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  1. He gets a jury of his peers so that’s KC wolf as foreman and we need 11 more wolves.

  2. The real crime is how much a burger and bottle of beer are at one of these NFL games. Got people out here committing armed robbery for some football 😅

  3. Chiefs super fan my ass. I’m tired of hearing about the douche and hope they throw the book at him. I sincerely hope he rots.

  4. Just throwing this out there. A bank in Dayton Ohio was robbed the Friday before the Chiefs played the Bengals. Dayton is about an hour outside of Cincy and you can take i-70 directly from KC to Dayton 🤷

  5. He probably didn’t use a real gun it was probably a squirt gun that shoots water but looks real. I think he used a fake gun the first bank that he robbed. This is some crazy 😜 stuff, didn’t get caught for four months.

  6. He should identify as an actual Werewolf and say that he’s no longer responsible for his actions during his transformations

  7. And he used his vehicle with the license plate “KCC4EVA” as his getaway car.

    I’m surprised it took authorities this long to catch him.

  8. Chiefsaholic watched the movie Hell or High Water and said to himself “I can do this.”

  9. Chiefsaholic: goes to every scheduled Chiefs game
    Police: Where could he be?

    Chiefsaholic: is in California randomly one week
    Police: There he is! In that random spot there in California!

  10. Holy sh**! I knew my bank got robbed late last year – super odd crine for my area- but didn’t realize it was Chiefsaholic who did it! Wow!

  11. This entire chiefs hype program seems satanic. Mahommes went to a super bowl ready team. Would he have received the hype hade he been drafted to Texans or Jaguars? The chiefs are a hype machine out of the bowels of hell.

  12. Chiefs fan robbing banks don’t surprise me he probably paid off the refs during the chiefs Bengals playoff game when mahomes got that 5th down on a bs penalty to win the game what a joke this guy was like that playoff game was a joke chiefs fangot exposed what a classy fan base robbing banks like the refs and chiefs robbed the Bengals

  13. If only he bet all that money on the Chiefs! He be in prison for long time now. Kind of ruins your life, robbing bank bad choice.

  14. He may have just landed himself on “World’s Dumbest Criminals”.

  15. i was personally on the side of the chiefaholic guy! didn’t hurt anyone and only stole money from banks (government money). A true legend with a football addiction

  16. Damn he robbing my local banks 😭😭😭 good thing I go to a credit union

  17. Funny how the fbi can find a person stealing money but not able to find missing children or who brought Cocain into the Whitehouse.

  18. Imagine Alvin Kamara, cheifsaholic, Jackson Mahomes, and tyreek hill in the same jail cell💀

  19. The good news for him is that bank robbers are treated like celebrities in prison.

  20. As a Chiefs fan, I’m glad they caught him. Another season ticket slot just opened up!

  21. “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

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