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Crawford floored Spence, scoring ninth-round TKO

Crawford floored Spence/YouTube

Crawford destroyed Spence Jr. 

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LAS VEGAS — “You got knocked the f*ck out!” Terence “Bud” Crawford annihilated Errol Spence Jr. in a lopsided affair, scoring a ninth-round TKO in their highly anticipated bout of fisticuffs to secure the undisputed welterweight championship. The beatdown transpired Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Spence’s swollen left eye says everything you need to know. Crawford lost the first round, then spent the next 8 frames kicking ass. “Like I said before, I only dreamed of being a world champion,” said Crawford, 35, who’s widely regarded as being the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. “I’m an overachiever. Nobody believed in me when I was coming up, but I made everybody a believer.” Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) floored Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) in the second round, gave him a bloodied shiner in the third, knocked him down two more times in the seventh, before referee Harvey Dock mercifully stopped the fight in the ninth.

A wobbly Spence, 33, protested the cessation. But it was to no avail. Crawford is the first undisputed champion in multiple divisions. “It means everything because of who I took the belts from,” said Crawford, who was accompanied by rapper Eminem and his award-winning hit “Lose Yourself” for an iconic ringwalk. The pummeling was so acute, Spence admitted he got his ass whooped. “He was the better man tonight,” he explained with slurred speech. “He was using his jab, and my timing was a little bit off. He was catching me in between shots. … I make no excuses.”

Not making excuses but Spence was involved in a high-speed automobile crash in October 2019.

His $300,000 Ferrari flipped multiple times and, because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, he was violently thrown from it.

Crawford is from Omama, Nebraska.

Spence is a native of Long Island, New York.

Would you like to see a rematch?

Watch the assault and postfight press conference.

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  1. Schooled 😮the only time ive seen Spence hurt was his first fight back after car crash or second , eh🙄, & he looked like he got lost in the ring in the far left corner & got bad stanky legs all wobbly, after getting caught with a cracking punch, & now batterd in this fight, this is all happened after the terrible car crash errol had im sure that has caused some issues, hes definitely past his best, where bud is in his prime & on another level he really makes it look soooo easy 😮… Respect to these guys they r both studs & stellar guys! I dont want to see Spence getting hit like that again his whole face swelled from the second round!

  2. I knew bud was going to win but I ain’t think it was gon be like that….. idk if it’s just me noticing but crawfords hand speed was a Whole lot faster than the previous fights and accuracy was damn near perfect🤷‍♂️ bro 40 and 0 and still improving🤣🤣we living through history rn

  3. It’s like beating on your little brother 😂😂😂😂😂 bud wrong for that 😭

  4. Spencer team should of stop that fight , in the 2 knock down , lucky Crawford was graceful and just wanted prove a point, Errol career , would been over , plus seeing him getting embarrassed like that , he should fired his whole team, like Mike Tyson told him on his podcast, you just money to them , this is the truth, you clearly see nobody cared bout his heath, his corner should stop the fight and say bro you not ready, you fight see another day , bud got this , and Spence also should gave thanks to god , because it could went left

  5. Look at Spence ring walk …anxiety all over his face. Only one winner here.

  6. We done finally found the illest nigga in Nebraska. 👏👏👏 he straight up bullied spence.

  7. Bud Beat The Shit Out My Boy… Still Team Spence But Damn… Bud Got Strong As Hell Out Of No Where

  8. I’ve never seen Spence so helpless. Still props to these two! Fighting at their prime and not waiting til their late 30’s like Gayweather

  9. Spence was just throwing punches to apply pressure….every punch Crawford threw was calculated 💯

  10. He’s not the same fighter after that car crash. Overtime residue from that crash is affecting neurological. He just might have early retirement one day.

  11. Finished an elite boxer with a beautiful 9 piece counter attack. Bud on some real life Tekken ish

  12. I’m glad Bud made Spence and his fanboys pay for all the trash talk! 💯 🐐

  13. I would’ve lost big money on this fight had I betted. I like them both but my favorite, Errol, got lit the fuck up! Dude, I aint never seen a Black man turn so red in the course of a minute (he must got some Indian in his family). Seriously though, it was a very entertaining and historically epic fight and though it was one-sided they both gave it their all and that’s all one can ask for. WE REALLY NEEDED THIS ! Much love, appreciation and respect to both these Fighters/Champions/Real warriors that put it all on the line in the spirit of real competition. It wasn’t about the money or the fame (they both been had that) It was for WHO WAS THE BEST. And I love them both for it. That was what I call A true boxing match . HOLY SHIT 👍 🍻

  14. To get your ass whooped then to be humble afterwards is a very difficult thing to do. Your ego is hurt, and a lot of people despise that feeling and shy away from it. props to Spence Jr for immediately doing his post fight interview.

  15. Spence got fucked up. It seemed like spences shots didnt faze crawford at all.

  16. Spence’s robotic basic style had no chance against Crawford’s speed and skills. Crawford pushed him around like a lightweight to show him who is the real big dog in this ring.🥊

  17. I’ll never forget this night and fight. This hurt me watching Errol Spence lose like that but it comes with boxing. I wasn’t suprised because I watch boxing and I know how good Crawford is but a beating like that ? that one still hurts but if we know Errol he’ll be back and other than Terrence I feel bad for who Errol has to fight next cause he gonna break em

  18. The outcome of this fight didn’t surprise me at all. Bud fans been saying for the past 5 years Spence wasn’t on Crawford’s level💯

  19. Spence called out Crawford, promised that he would knock Crawford “tf” out but failed to deliver.

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