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Olivia Alexa explains toxic femininity & manipulation

Olivia Alexa elucidates feminism/YouTube

Olivia explains toxic femininity. 

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows relationship vlogger Olivia Alexa accusing some women of using “toxic femininity” to manipulate men. “I think there’s more behavior in modern society that can definitely be regarded as toxic femininity,” she explained. “While ideologies like feminism have been fixated on tearing men down, they’ve created a new class of women with behaviors just as toxic as the ones they’re so hell-bent on eradicating. Feminism promised women equal rights but left them halfway without giving them the responsibilities to accompany it. This created a batch of entitled women that ridicule men and their sacrifices while dismissing the massive responsibilities they shoulder. This disconnect is exactly what lies at the core of toxic femininity.” Olivia said it’s not uncommon for drama queens to toss out allegations to garner commiseration and support.

“A woman today knows she can completely ruin a man’s life simply by opening up her mouth and spitting out an accusation,” she said. “The downside of a society that’s geared towards believing all women is that it gives women a certain level of power. And, like any other group with power, it’s inevitable that some of its members will use it for bad. This is the current state of our society.”

Olivia said more than 50 percent of women have a backup plan while still in committed relationships.

“This means that they have a Plan B in case their current relationship fails,” she said. “Women initiate 70 percent of the divorces in America. When it comes to college-educated women, this number jumps up to 90 percent. And the other sad truth is a lot of times women create hurdles in letting fathers see and bond with their own children — a lot of whom they’re paying child support on.

“All because a lot of them are still bitter from the man moving on with another woman or the man not wanting them anymore. This is what toxic femininity looks like. Women like this… use toxic femininity as a weapon to manipulate men… because they know that the law is softer on them. Toxic femininity is the result of turning genders against each other.”


Is there hope for Western relationships?

Are American women batshit?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Us men need to start making the women that want to be in the power seat .. to have them take on the responsibility and accountability if they wanna take on those roles face-orange-frowning

  2. Feminism has removed social accountability for women. No man has authority and no man can hold a woman accountable for her actions. No woman will respect a man who doesn’t hold her accountable.

  3. Women initiate divorce at a higher rate than men because they are often being the victim of abuse and cheated on😅

  4. Gospel Words!!! These are the reasons men have had enough and walk away from women. Nice to hear a good woman speak the truth. God Bless Olivia 👍😊💡

  5. There is no such thing is toxic masculinity. Women are delusional. But toxic femininity is very real, dangerous and destructive.

  6. Toxic women often have undiagnosed mental health issues
    – Narcissistic personality disorders
    – unresolved PTSD (from sexual abuse, parental neglect or abandonment)

  7. Modern feminism has turned women against men. We are seeing the end of marriage and coupling in our lifetime. Marriage has existed for thousands of years. This is going to be dreadful for men and women.

  8. They call men “toxic” simply for being men and embracing their masculinity but what’s really toxic are the bitter feminists that use their “feelings” as leverage to get what they want at all cost even if it means hurting or injuring a man physically, mentally or financially 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. ok theres no such thing as toxic masculinity and toxic femininity, its just toxic people period we have to stop using these terms now

  10. Olivia I’m naked and ready for your sweeeeeet beautiful irresistible love 😘❤
    I’m here for you my love. Protect this woman at all cost!

  11. This woman is just beautiful 🤩 I’m proud of my sista bringing great knowledge, facts and insight…🎯💯😁👍🏾❤️

  12. Basic facts
    Married 15 years
    Wife walked out three years ago
    Lost kids and all assets
    Now 50 starting again

    I love women. They are soft and squishy in all the right places. They have curves that satisfy the eye

    But why would i marry a woman anywhere near my age?. Marriage is about family, ie kids. If you cant have kids theres no point, shes just a companion. Although you may have some shared interests, there isnt any true glue in the relationship. Companions come and go so there is no point even considering a serious relationship as it will never last.
    Then you have to realize you will never be loved or love anyone ever again.

    Am I correct in thinking this or am i just being a bitter man?

  13. If all you’ve known is toxic relationships a healthy relationship will feel toxic

  14. If they find a good man these days,they CRAP all over him and then they get mad when he goes MGTOW or theyre upset with the PASSPORT BROS! Until social media is dismantled,men will go with those two safer sane choices.

  15. Why does she go at women so much when she’s a woman herself? Just curious

  16. Here’s the thing though, 0.0000000000001% of women know what she’s talking about, the rest just follow the Barbie movie 😂

  17. It’s amusing how they label men as toxic, abusive, controlling, oppressive, manipulative, cheating dogs and so much more yet they’re angry and bitter that growing numbers of men are choosing not to date and marry them. That’s almost similar if a kid in school is being bullied and picked on by another kid then gets upset that the bully suddenly leaves him alone.

  18. All these games and loop holes we gotta jump through…
    It’s absurd
    If women didn’t have vaginas understand we would have pushed y’all off the boat 1000s of years ago with these games and bullish😂

  19. Every time my girl starts saying some shit I just have to sit through it even though I don’t care lo

  20. You notice how WOMEN hate prenuptial agreements and will degenerate men (for trying to protect their own “gained” assets prior to their relationship), yet are the driving force initiating divorce when they get “bored” in the relationship and getting the man’s resources (which they possibly had no part in creating).

    They are not concerned with showing effort and improving the relationship, but possibly getting a child (for their maternal needs) and then waiting for time to pass while moving towards their “backup” plan.

  21. Not allowing the man to see his child again after divorce is really toxic, I agree with that.

    However, from what I remember, thats not how feminists define toxic masculinity.

    “Women can ruin men’s life by just words”? – first of all I dont believe that. Most rape victims arent believed that easily. Would you be able to take videos when you’re being raped? No right? unless the rapist does that.
    Women (or men) doesnt come to accuse anyone that easily, because it is stressing and other disadvantages too. And most of the time, they just let the crime pass.

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