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Black teacher terminated because she hates Zaddy

Danielle slams interracial dating/YouTube

Black teacher hates Zaddy. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MESQUITE — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to 29-year-old Danielle Allen — a black teacher in Mesquite, Texas — who was fired after she disseminated a diatribe via Twitter about her sister bangin’ a white man. The self-proclaimed “Black Supremacist” also implored Pookie to kill Zaddy before admitting, “I enjoy being a racist.” Dayuuummm! “Why shouldn’t I hate White people,” Danielle wrote. “Like I’m baffled as f*ck seeing a White man in my house. I can’t believe it! This is supposed to be a NEGRO ONLY house. I’m so mad right now! I can’t BELIEVE she has this cave dweller in my freaking house!!! Omg I’m trying to stay calm. She knows I’m a racist!!! Come and kill him for me… I promise I’ll help you hide the body… Bring all 4 of your guns. MY SISTER LETTING ALL OF EUROPE TAKE TURNS ON HER!!! The disappointment I feel right now!!!”

“Our parents raised us better than this!!!” she added

The Mesquite Independent School District fired Danielle on Tuesday then released the following statement: “As of this morning, the employee is no longer a part of the Mesquite ISD organization and is not eligible for rehire. The highly offensive statements posted to her X account do not reflect the values and standards of Mesquite ISD, and the district condemns them in the strongest terms.”

Danielle taught first grade at Thompson Elementary School. She’s reportedly pissed at how Massa raped black women repeatedly during slavery while shipping their husbands and children off to other plantations; never to be seen again. Babygirl is equally incensed over the Black Wall Street Massacre and the Civil Rights Movement. Danielle said administrators originally told her she could keep her job before the court of public opinion coerced a sudden change of heart. They even laughed about it.

“They told me to delete the post, but my job is safe since I did not directly wish harm on all White people,” she told reporters.

“They laughed and told me to watch what I say, and I’ll be good to go.”

Danielle said her sister’s boyfriend resembles a gay Donald Trump supporter.

“That’s super gay,” she wrote.

Speaking of Trump…

It’s been a rough few days relative to racial tension in America.

The Montgomery Riverboat Brawl transpired 24 hours after Trump held a rally there.

Now we have teachers wishing death upon Zaddy.

Lord have mercy.

Do you share Danielle’s anti-swirl sentiment?

Should chocolate coochie belong to black men only?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They’re speaking and feeling that way and still think Trump supporters are the bad guys????

  2. What are the chances she was an affirmative action hire? Asking for a friend.

  3. My question is: how did she treated her students that were not black? If I was the BOE, I would start interviewing kids and parents, bet y’all they would find some horror stories that can be use to prosecute this person. Just sayin’!

  4. If she doesn’t get prison time for planning to murder him and bragging about it, then there is no hope for us.

  5. I’m a proud white guy and I’ll never back down from anyone for anything. I’d love to run into this woman in a Walmart or something similar. I’d have a LOT of fun.

  6. I feel bad for her students who don’t look like her. I can only imagine the way she’s treated them.1st grade? Scary to think of the damage she’s done to our youth.

  7. This truly breaks my heart.💔 I’m a Black woman married to a White man. I don’t understand hatred because of race. We all bleed red. GOD help us!🙏🏽

  8. I bet most of her former white students knew something was wrong, but at six years old, weren’t in a position to articulate why, except to say that the teacher didn’t like me for some reason. How many innocent kids suffered in her classroom?

  9. We (black people) use to be smarter than that! I was raised to ignore color, but to be aware that I had to be a better representation of humanity, because I am black. MLK would be so disappointed in us if he were alive today., we have allowed the false narrative to Kill THE Dream. God forgive us all.

  10. @patchwerks: The same MLK who cheated on this wife with several women and sold us out for socialism? Shut the fuck up.

  11. She better not be allowed to teach in ANY OTHER school. Keep your eye out for this woman and make sure she’s not hired by your child’s school!

  12. The saddest part is that she’s probably already succeeded in destroying her sister’s relationship.
    Trust me that relationship will probably never be the same and this thing going public will affect her sister’s dating choices and options in future, irrespective of the race of man she decides to go for in the future.
    I really feel for the poor sister.

  13. Lol what is this black thing about “cave dwellers”?? Does she realize that there’s actual nomads in the orient who live in caves to this day? I don’t think white Europeans have lived in caves since pre history. I just think this is hilariously dumb.

  14. This woman will get a high paying job in the biden administration. Any and All knuckle dragging degenerates have a special place in the Liberal Freak Party.

  15. First of all she cannot be racist or a black supremacist. There is no such thing.

    Her ancestors did not rape, Slaughter to almost Extinction and pillage the red American Indians and then write laws to put them on reservations. That is racist. To reign supreme and suppress and oppress another race.

    Black people are the only race that push back, when you talk against interracial dating.

    A wise woman once told me, when you have children from another race or ethnicity, YOU WEAKEN YOUR GENE POOL!!!!

  16. That’s a spit in our ancestors face. If my sister get with a caucasian dude I’m cutting her off. She would have been kicked out of my house on sight. I ain’t going to no wedding, no baby shower, or nothing.

  17. I am a black man and I am so fucking shocked by this sisters comments… wow I am so so so… ashamed of her/ there is no way she can be a school teacher in multi racial classrooms, no way

  18. Shut up!!!!!! I dated outside and have a son out of it. However , I will not date a white man ever again. So , I am with her. And all who want to come and say something bring it on.

  19. I love how she was exposed for this. She said all white people are evil. So are we talking white babies, white toddlers, white what point does a white child become disgusting to her? She’s a sorry excuse for a human being.

  20. Her boyfriend is a simp because if she love her own relationship she won’t be too focused on her sister boyfriend and not her own relationship 🤔

  21. Bitch even refers to herself as a racist. Why hasn’t she been charged with plotting a murder?

  22. This type of stuff sucks lol. Makes me think twice about dating a black woman, she could be the best person in the world but then her whole family could be brainwashed to fucking hate your guts just cause you’re white. Turn out just like in that movie You People except in real life parents don’t just swallow their pride like that lol.

  23. First off, this BIMBO doesn’t understand LOVE IS BLIND, just like JUSTICE, it doesn’t matter what color of your skin is, it’s the character of the person whom you fall in love with!!!
    Most people prefer to stay with the same race but when love kicks you in the butt, it doesn’t matter about what others think, as long as the couple are happy then leave them be!!!
    I’ve dated Arabic, Asian, Black, Native American and Hispanic women and we had a great time but that spark wasn’t there to kick it up that notch to the next level to plan for a wedding, I guess being stationed over seas kind of puts a second guess on things to seriously commit to while there.

  24. I get tired of black people saying they can’t be racist that shit is fucking stupid

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