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Whitlock slams weak men, claims they’ve got no balls

Whitlock calls out spineless men/Fearless

Whitlock slams weak males. 

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NASHVILLE — A viral video shows “Fearless” host Jason Whitlock excoriating spineless men for allowing the Illuminati to emasculate them. Recently, actor Wayne Brady egressed the closet as a pansexual and R&B singer Ne-Yo retracted his apology to the Alphabet Mafia after saying there’s no way in hell he’d let his son become a girl. Whitlock didn’t mince words. He basically called y’all a bunch of bitches. It’s his assertion this is no longer a man’s world. “Shake them chains off man,” Whitlock vented in a recent podcast. “Look at who’s really controlling and manipulating you. And look at what the battle actually is about. We’re in a battle of the sexes. This whole race thing is a gimmick so that you don’t understand that your balls are being cut off, that you’re being emasculated at every turn. That the world is telling you, ‘You know how you deal with someone you disagree with?’ Ignore ’em. Stick fingers in you ears and scream, ‘Nananana!’ Act like a little girl. Act like a child. Act like a P-U-S-S you know what. It’s not manly. This whole world that they’ve designed for us. This culture that’s been popularized for us. It’s not manly.”

Social media reaction was lock ‘n’ step. One commenter wrote, “I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like Whitlock at first. But the more I listen to him, the more I’m starting to understand what he’s trying to say. He is 100 percent right on this.” Another chimed in with, “It’s hilarious to see a dude trying to look tough wearing girl clothes 😂!!!” A third viewer added, “#MTGA: Make Testicles Great Again!” 

The Biden Administration is under fire for putting LGBT books in schools to indoctrinate children.

Do you agree with Whitlock?

Have too many men lost their balls?

Is it time for us to go out in public and kick some ass?

Watch Whitlock keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Be the strong, kind man that God created you be . Permanently a man of character and loving kindness to your wife and family.
    It’s not about skin color, it’s about your heart attitude!
    No woman can take a man’s place

  2. Preach 🙏 🙌 exactly 💯 thank God there’s still common sense reputable men left to say enough is enough. God bless ya 👏 this is America the land of the brave and the free 🇺🇲 not the land of I have no clue

  3. This hasn’t been a man’s world since Adam brought sin into this world.

  4. I find it crazy that The LGBTQ is lowkey getting more support than the actual black community 😂

  5. The fundamental recipe for a healthy, happy family is a confident man at its head. Every young mother wants a take charge man who’ll take the reigns and lead the entire family to success.

  6. My girlfriend don’t like it when she comes home and talks to me like “oh my god babe you know what happened today…” and I don’t respond with the same enthusiasm, and respond with things like “What, When, Where, Who” (being factual and concise).

    I understand being polite, open, friendly and sharing similar emotions, being happy when she’s happy, etc. But I really don’t have the energy to match her dramatic gossip mood, especially when that gossip won’t benefit nor negate anything in our lives.

    Don’t know if that’s a masculine trait but I just don’t have energy for pointless emotional gossip.

  7. What is manly? Shooting someone because they stepped on your shoe? Talk about fragile.

    Problem is yall don’t know when to stand up for yourself and when to let a thing go.

  8. @lipokyange: Agree we need manly men but manly men doesn’t mean you don’t listen to how your girls day is going. A real man would respect, listen and work to keep the friendship aspect alive.

  9. Women: “we deserve equal representation of CEOs that men have”
    Men: “so equal representation of manual labor jobs too then right”
    Women: “no just the office jobs please”

  10. As a gay man, I’ve been told Im boring and I have “internal homophobia” because I like being masculine, because my voice doesn’t sound like a high school brat and especially because I actually want a real man as my husband. I don’t want a “woman” I want a man from head to toe, that’s why Im gay, cause I like MEN.
    But it’s really really hard to find masculine men within gays, mostly because they worship women so much that they even want to become one. Most of them are also fatherless with a “I hate men” mom, which make it worse.

  11. A good man is a man who has the ability to kill everyone in a room, but choses not too. Being weak doesn’t make you a good person, it makes you a 🐈

  12. I agree with this man completely. Women don’t want masculine men, but then it forces women to take on more masculine character traits, and in turn that turns men away from women. Vicious cycle. I wish I could meet a man that isn’t afraid to be a man and that will allow me to just be a woman.

  13. I want the Archie Bunker George Jefferson days back. The GOOD OLE DAYS!

  14. He is so right America is the great whore which advocates men not being manly and it’s men who are in authority who pushes this foolishness. The truth is the devil is behind all of this.

  15. The world needs men to be men or nothing will ever get done. The modern women and feminized man, only want masculine men when it’s convenient for them. Which is basically the entirety of human history up until this bizarre point in time we are living in now. This time will end and masculine men will be needed once again, kind of a big I told you so

  16. This made me think of James Brown’s song, “This is a man’s world” But even James knew the place of a ♂️ and a ♀️. (GENESIS I:27).

  17. Western men have become a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Muslims are laughing their ass off.

  18. As a woman, I love a real and masculine man who takes care of business. Growing up, my father was a drug addict so my mom worked all the time. I was a young girl left to raise my siblings. Now, as a grown woman, bring me a good man who is supportive, masculine, and in charge. I ain’t going to complain.

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