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Joan Rivers death tied to calling Michelle a ‘tranny’

Joan exposed Obama’s homosexuality/YouTube

Joan Rivers knew the truth.

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NEW YORK — Damn, she was telling the truth. “Just In” released the documentary of comedienne Joan Rivers who suffered a mysterious death two months after saying the Obama family is full-blown, Liberace gay. Now we realize there’s veracity to her claim. That’s because quondam President Barack Obama wrote a love letter to his ex-girlfriend in 1982 admitting he makes “love to men daily, but in the imagination.” A redacted portion of the epistle went viral a few days ago. Joan dropped the bombshell on July 4, 2014. Prior to that, she officiated a same-sex wedding. “Do you think that the United States will see the first gay president?” a photographer asked. “We already have it with Obama,” Joan replied. “You know Michelle Obama is a tranny. We all know it.” In September 2014, during a routine medical procedure, Joan died from low blood oxygen. She was 81.

Many people believe the Obamas were complicit in Joan’s quietus. “In my opinion, it was 100 percent preventable,” said her daughter, Melissa Rivers. Sadly, her mom ain’t the only one to get a dirt nap. The Obama family’s personal chef, Tafari Campbell, died of accidental drowning just days after he revealed plans to publish a tell-all book exposing Barack’s homosexuality.

Tafari was paddleboarding on July 23rd at a lake on Martha’s Vinyard. Next thing you know, that n*gga came up missing. Tafari’s cadaver was ultimately washed up on shore. But scuttlebutt has it he suffered head injuries and Barack’s “personal coroner” conducted the autopsy. Ain’t that a bitch? Gayness within the Obama family is America’s worst kept secret. Barack has called his wife “Michael” multiple times in public which, as far as I’m concerned, is enough corroboration. See, a straight man will never, ever call his woman a n*gga’s name. It’s impossible. And, while dancing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you can see Michelle’s phallus bouncin’ up and down underneath some white trousers.

Lord have mercy.

Has Joan been vindicated?

Can the Obamas be trusted?

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I want to see Big Michael in a bathing suit, or pictures of Big
    Michael when he was pregnant
    Or Big Michael in shorts..C’mon Man

  2. Gay Barry and his transgender BOYFRIEND MICHAEL
    Michelle Obama has a big dick between HIS legs
    Adopted daughters
    Fake family

  3. Joan Rivers was a miserable human being. She was popular because she fit in so well with this sick world we live in. Her husband committed suicide probably because he was so unhappy being married to her. I researched this claim. I found school pictures of Michelle as a little girl. I doubt she was a boy then, dressed as a girl for elementary school. Obama’s daughters look too much like them both. I doubt if she was a man and had a uterus put in as part of her sex change. It’s apparent all the people who believe these lies just want to believe them because they are racist and can’t accept we had a black president.

  4. @Gary Bankston: He/She was Never Seen pregnant before. And where are all these pics you claimed you seen?

  5. I remember seeing Joan talk about ths right before she died during a outpatient surgery. RIGHT BEFORE SHE DIED.

  6. When did Joan Rivers become an expert in physicality of men and women. Joan was a comedian. What scientific proof did she present to say Michele Obama is transgender. All the folk on here that believe her is a sample of the reason Donald Trump became President and is running again. I pray for America and its people.

  7. Well same thing happened to the gay guy who testified in court and provided NUMEROUS EVIDENCE that Barack IS a homosexual coke-head. I believe he had slept with Obama and occasionally did drugs with him. 😅🤦🏾‍♂️Its crazy, this man had text messages, recipts, phone calls, address, time stamps, etc. He even told where and how he got the drugs for Obama. Obama apparently loves cocaine.

  8. First of all, if any of this were true, then who the f*ck cares. It’s rampant homophobia and transphobia right out of the gate. But none of this is true to begin with. They have two daughters, and are in a loving marriage.

    Example of b*llsh*t being taken out of context: him referring to “Michael” in the Joint Chief of Staff Transition video was him referring to an ACTUAL Michael.

    And using Joan Rivers as an authority figure? Come on! I loved her (for the most part), but that woman could be off her rocker most of the time. She was a comedian who fed off of saying outrageous and controversial sh*t! That was how she made her living! She literally hosted a pre-Oscars show where she just asked people the most offensive possible thing one could imagine! She’s not a source of authority. She was a living, breathing National Enquirer.

  9. @Dean Wallace: Obama was the first gay president. Micheal was the first first man. This has been known for well over a decade. The only people that don’t believe it are Liberals and Canaanites.

  10. Obomas real name is Barry sotora and Michelle is Michael Robinson… but wait there’s more oboma isn’t even American and that’s the issue you have to be born American to be president.. he was born in Kenya Africa … when this is revealed every destructive policy and executive order he created is null and void

  11. Everything done in the dark comes to the light. The downfall of the Obamas is here

  12. She wasn’t lying , and then she suddenly dies from a routine cosmetic surgery , The Obama’s are nasty people

  13. Obama is gay and michael not michelle is a man hell you idiot’s believe anything obung hole says

  14. This Lady was killed when she unveiled the truth about Obama and Michelle the freak show of the White House. I love her show, I love her so much.

  15. Where can I find people questioning Michelle’s Obama sex? My personal opinion is that she is ,when ever I looked at her without even knowing what people think I saw a man,a very obvious man. Her body shape is proporsianal to a man, a part from the fact that she is tall as well,she has a man’s jaw and she looks to me as if she is. This woman died 2 mounts after she accused her (him). And I’m not looking and taking believe in the photos since we can say that now days you can Photoshop , again I do believe it is a he ! Good day to y’all.

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