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Robots take in Chargers, Dolphins game with fans

Robots watched Chargers game/YouTube

Robots attend Chargers game. 

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LOS ANGELES — Uh-oh! At Sunday’s Miami Dolphins vs. Los Angeles Chargers game, a swarm of A.I. robots from the Sci-Fi drama “The Creator” were sedentary alongside fans at SoFi Stadium. And, what’s scary is them mothaf*ckas resemble real humans. You can tell mechanical engineers left their countenances partially done (the ears in particular) so we can discern the difference. One of the humanoids is a black dude who looks familiar. NFL officials said the robots were there as a publicity stunt to bring attention to the film. Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, wasn’t amused. As a matter of fact, she was spooked. “I mean why?” Brittany wrote on Instagram. “That’s a hell nahhhh.” Social media reaction was priceless. One commenter wrote, “I’d rather have robots at the game than a bunch of drunken assholes who start fights and ruin the experience.”

Another chimed in with, “A.I. robots killed 29 scientists in China… look it up.” A third person added, “Y’all must not have watched ‘I, Robot’ with Will Smith.” Written and directed by Gareth Edwards, “The Creator” sheds light on an artificial intelligence war between humans and robots. Sort of like the Terminator. The military’s secret weapon is an android in the form of a child. The 20th Century Studios flick boasts an impressive cast that includes John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Allison Janney, and Madeleine Yuna Voyles.

Are you ok with robots attending human events?

Is the world near its cessation?

Watch shocking footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If a movie can have these robots, the gov has ones that arent detectable.

  2. They aren’t real AI robots. They are actors playing AI robots to promote a film.

  3. This is spiritual awakening time y’all!?! Wake up and see what’s going on around you these AI bots are falling angels from hell frfr. Staying prayed up and asking god to continue to give you discernment is the only way 😮🙏🙌🏾😢

  4. They cant fill the seats with their own fans so this is the next best thing i guess

  5. Just think of it like this guys: If this is what they’re willing to show the public……. what are they NOT showing us?? 😳

  6. They were humans dressed as androids to promote the new film THE CREATOR

  7. @SoulReaverGirl: This shit really happen . Doesn’t matter its real robt or human dress as robt for me It’s more than advertisement for movie that up coming call creater it’s a message playing sight

  8. Everyonees saying “it’s just a costume”… but that is not what they’re saying/ Even snopes is saying they were REAL ROBOTS.

  9. For everyone who keeps saying these are actors. Can you please provide their names???

  10. Those HAVE to be humans..the eyes..the movements. If they’re really robots this is terrifying

  11. Yup terminators are gonna be areal thing soon. How long until they become fully aware this is dangerous we should not be messing with this

  12. The movie “The Terminator” wasn’t a movie. It was orientation for what’s to come.

  13. Wtf they look like actual people tho, the head tilts, the leg movements, the eyes moving. But the heads tho…looks wild fs

  14. lol those are real people dressed up and it fooled all you idiots. The woman was the worst and she gave it away more than the others. They’re just clowning you guys and starting the predictive programming.

  15. Damn it people they was humans promoting a movie called The creator !!! And yall still believe joe Biden got 88 million votes 😂

  16. What is the reasoning for the robots to be at NFL games? To normalize people’s expectations ~ or~ normalize the robots to people??? How much longer until community police eliminate all officers with robotics???

  17. People think this is funny, don’t realize that they want to normalize this stuff to control people, welcome to the new world order

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