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Rockets guard beats up his girlfriend at New York hotel

Kevin beat Kysre to a bloody pulp/YouTube

Rockets guard attacks girlfriend. 

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NEW YORK — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. who was thrown in the slammer after he beat the sh*t out of his girlfriend, quondam WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick, because she broke up with him. The pummeling transpired around 6:45 a.m. Monday morning at the Millennium Hilton hotel near the United Nations in Manhattan, New York. According to multiple reports, Kevin and Kysre had contretemps in their room when she tried to sunder ties. As the argument intensified, Kevin punched Kysre repeatedly in the countenance with a closed fist. Then he squeezed her neck with both hands in an attempt to strangle her. Kysre, 26, ran into the hallway covered in blood. Kevin, 23, was arrested and charged with felony assault and strangulation. Kysre sustained a black eye, a bruised face, a fractured vertebra and neck bruising. “This is a serious domestic violence case,” Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Mirah Curzer said.

Kevin has a history of abusing Kysre, including an incident in which he rammed his car into hers.

Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “It really goes to show you, it’s not money. Money doesn’t fix what’s bad inside you. Doesn’t erase your past traumas. It’s NOT WEAK to get help.” Another chimed in with, “I would tell him to get a passport. But he already got one.” A third person added, “Kevin Porter didn’t do sh*t. The girl went crazy on him. He just defended himself.”

Kysre’s sister, Kalabrya Haskins, said she’s ready to kill Kevin for putting his hands on her sibling. Kalabrya is the widow of late NFL player Dwayne Haskins, the 24-year-old quarterback who died last year when he was struck by a garbage truck on a Florida highway. “If you think you gone touch my sister & not get touched, Count ya f*cking days,” Kalabrya wrote on Instagram.

“Better hope and pray you’ll be able to ever walk again let alone dribble. You may have gotten away with this sh*t in the past cause yo mama ain’t beat ya ass, but we spank lil punk ass, painting nail sissy bitches like you everyday. Don’t show up to that crib. We gone do it to you. Lil bitch.”

Kalabrya’s words should be taken seriously.

If you recall, she knocked Dwayne’s teeth out during a domestic dispute.

Last season, Porter averaged 19.2 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game — earning a 4-year extension worth $83 million.

Now he can kiss his métier goodbye.

A damn shame.

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  1. He Needs his knees busted and Achilles torn. Making millions and decides to beat a woman

  2. This is a tough subject…. but let’s not miss the message! The woman or man you choose to be with is a reflection of the type of woman or man you are!! Both sides need to take responsibility, and I hope they get the help they both desperately need…

  3. What sound minded man would do anything to destroy his relationship and his bag. Makes no sense . Women please do a better job of vetting these men . All that glitters ain’t gold. He needs to be locked up

  4. How dumb can porter Jr be! He has it all and just messed it all up. He’s been in trouble many times before as well.

  5. Prison and permanently banned from the league

    NBA is a privilege to play in not a right

  6. not saying she deserved it, and I don’t know what their situation is that there were previous instances but there are some people that just like pushing other people’s buttons, like it doesn’t matter what kind of reaction they get out of someone as long as they get one

  7. this fool got a second chance and still blew it up…he has to be done.

  8. Kevin Porter Jr. is a complete idiot. So sick of these guys throwing away their future over this type of foolishness. It has to stop. Guys walk the hell away. You can’t be ramming cars like you in a action movie.

  9. They should just put them both in jail, all this says is the police showed up and she claimed she was hit 🤔 and even if she was hit she’s not innocent just because she’s the victim supposedly…

  10. Imagine making it to the top …just to throw it away on some dumb shit like everyone said you always would.

  11. I guess they have to keep making examples outta these Ball PLAYERS they haven’t learn to keep their hands to themselves and have a lot to lose I guess it comes so easy no need to protect it let’s see which one is next smh

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