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Zaddy tried to kill 2nd wife because she was pregnant

Jessica is lucky to be alive/Leah Gordone

Zaddy tried to slit wife’s throat. 

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LIBERIA — When swirling goes terribly wrong. American missionary Lucas Richards, 32, was thrown in the slammer after he terminated his second wife’s gestation before attempting to slit her throat. The feticide transpired on September 14th in Liberia. Lucas, a white man, and his Caucasian wife migrated from Louisiana to Liberia to serve a Christian mission. That’s where he met Jessica Lloyd, an African student. Lucas wasn’t satisfied with his white wife, claiming she’s too damn old. So he married Jessica because polygamous marriages are commonplace in Liberia. Because he failed to wear a condom, Lucas got Jessica pregnant. He didn’t want kids so he implored her to get an abortion. When Jessica refused, Lucas whooped her ass and injected her with “unknown drugs” that terminated the pregnancy. Then he attacked her with a knife and dumped her on the side of the road like trash. A vigilant bystander came to her rescue. Jessica was rushed to the hospital with lacerations on her neck.

Fortunately, she survived.

The distraught damsel wouldn’t talk at first.

But law enforcement officials were able to coax the story out of her.

Lucas was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

“While we were going, we saw a cemetery and he suggested that we get down and see the graves,” Jessica recounted. “He said that’s what they do in America, but I told him no. Later he stopped the car and said one of the tires had a problem and he pulled the irons and called me to help him. While helping him, he said there was dirt on my head, and he loosened my hair to take away the dirt. Then he hit me with the iron very hard. I thought it was the tire that burst, but I fell and while attempting to wake up, he took the knife and began to slaughter me.”

Rather than fess up, Lucas called Jessica a goddamn lie. He denied her claim, telling investigators he took Jessica grocery shopping before dropping her off along the roadside. Then he “saw a motorbike come from nowhere and hit her.” Yeah, right. Lucas also said he’s a congregant of Creekside Church. But the clergy released a statement, saying, “Lucas is not a member of Creekside, but of a church in Liberia which he founded consisting of its own board of elders and accountability structure… an eyewitness from Liberia [said] that Lucas had in fact entered into a 2nd marriage with Jessica, which neither we nor his wife had any prior knowledge of.”

Should missionaries be allowed in Africa?

Watch the documentary.

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  1. Super Christians are SCARY. Men in general are SCARY. Mix the two and you have a NIGHTMARE.

  2. That USA flag in the background of his missionary video with his wife let me know all I needed to know about the outcome… he was already married in America- he had no intention of making things permanent in Liberia

  3. Women think twice before you get involved with a man who is married. On top of being married, he’s a missionary, and he thinks it’s okay to cheat on his wife. Devil in disguise. 😈


  5. Exactly why black people aren’t suppose to marry white people🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. She was aware that he was married and still had intimate relationship with him?😮😮
    She should look at her survival as a warning from God. She disrespected this woman and possibly broke up a unit. I have no sympathy for her. Or him.

  7. Hum 🧐 I see it
    A lot these white men who are marrying some black women it’s not for love sister, wake up 😢
    White people never, and they will never like black people
    They can still marry just for fetish 😢

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