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Pookie murdered girlfriend during 911 emergency call

Charniese was brutally murdered/Viral Crimes

Mother killed during 911 call. 

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KENOSHA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 26-year-old Charniese Brown who was stabbed and fatally shot by her simpin’ boyfriend, 51-year-old Ranon Brownlee, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired at their residence in front of their blended family of six children on March 8, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. After suffering years of domestic abuse, Charniese told Ranon she was sick ‘n’ tired of him beating her ass and — for that reason — she was sundering the relationship. An argument ensued. As the quarrel intensified, Ranon pulled out a knife and stabbed Charniese multiple times. The single mom of four called 911 and told the operator, “He’s killing me! He’s killing me! Help me please!” Seconds later, the call went silent and the dispatcher heard a shotgun go off. When police arrived, Ranon — a father of two — came out with his hands up. He was drenched with blood. Officers found Charniese’s sanguinary corpse inside near the back stairwell. The knife and shotgun were in the hallway. Blood was everywhere.

Those kids are definitely gonna need therapy.

Ranon, a convicted felon with a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s, was arrested and charged with murder.

What’s sad is Charniese knew Ranon was a no-good bum when she met him. She ignored every red flag. The Certified Nursing Assistant was aware of his lengthy criminal history which includes domestic battery of another female. Hell, Charniese had Ranon arrested for abuse. But she dropped the charges and the n*gga got off scot-free. A day before the murder, Ranon sent Charniese a series of threatening text messages — accusing her of cheating. “Have fun tonight like it’s your last,” he wrote. “The state can have my kids because they’re better off. I don’t care what happens to me. Life is over to me. I’m done. I can’t take it no more.”

Social media reaction was melancholic.

One commenter wrote, “If you’re a single mom, there’s no reason you should be in a relationship. If you don’t care about your life, at least respect your kids enough to keep them safe from that drama. My mom never dated while raising my brother and I. Me and my fiancé are having a kid together. So I’m fortunate I don’t have to worry about that. But God forbid if I ever did, I wouldn’t be looking. There’s no need for that.”

Another viewer added, “Women need to stop taking their children through abusive love affairs. This sh*t is gettin’ old.” 

Thanks to Ranon, the six kids are now orphans.

A damn shame.

Ladies choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary which includes Ranon’s court appearance.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The more I see these stories the more I’m so happy to be single. Makes me scared to date. I only care to date men I’ve known already for years . I don’t have time to be figuring out the backstory on anyone new.

  2. Why are these animals always RELEASED? Why do TJS fail battered women and children? There is no hope for anyone anymore GODDAMN.. Women if you plan on leaving animals like this simp wimp…DONT SAY SHI+ to him, handle your bidness before he do!!. Sick of stories like this😡

  3. So a man with a looooooong criminal history, a history of violence against women was still getting lovin’ from a woman. Ladies, do you realize that signs are usually present way before you start a relationship. You want the man, not his history. You want the title “taken” “wife” “married”, but don’t want to observe the red flags that come with it. So glad I’m not a ladies man, y’all keep chasing these criminals and giving up your booties to those that hurt women in the past. Let all the “blame the man” comments begin even through he had a history and she accepted it.

  4. They be bisexual and jealous of Us 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Women’s be careful ❤



















  6. 26 and already a mother of 4 with a 51 yo abuser? Her mother must have been proud. 😲 Dumb women, stop thinking you’re better than the prior woman the trash dated. If he can do it to her, he can do it to you. Also, if you can sleep with a man so fast, you can Google / do a background check in that same hour. She put her 4 kids at risk for d**k 🍆.

  7. Ok, I mean don’t cheat 🤷🏾like I’m not trying to be funny but I mean it’s not like he attacked you for no reason. It doesn’t make it right but people these days are lonely which makes them more dangerous & prone to volience to keep there relationship together. So as I said I’m not saying it’s right but I Def understand 🤷🏾

  8. It’s not as easy as some people may think . It never start off as abuse it gradually goes to that stage . Buy the time you realize it they have already separated you from family and friends. Have you believing you need them and everything that goes wrong no Matter what is your fault! Then they tell you they will kill you or your family if you try and leave. Some make good on that promise. Then you go back thinking they changed and it only get worse. Sometimes police won’t help until your bruised up . I know from experience. Praying for everyone that had experience this.

  9. And this absolute pos just sits there listening to the prosecutor like he’s watching a TV show. Ladies, especially single mothers…Sometimes its better to stay single. Focus on yourselves and your babies.

  10. Ladies don’t drop any charges and then accept that nigga back and especially DO NOT tell that nigga that you’re planning on leaving him keep that shit to yourself, you already know what that monster is capable of, purchase yourself a gun, don’t let him know it and then tell that nigga you’re leaving him just to pass him off and then wait until he grab a knife and come at you and then protect yourself,😮 ladies as a man I must tell you that y’all need to put a stop to these, IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU ASS NIGGAS!

    Condolences to her kids and family and loved ones.

  11. Picked a pookie, blended family and she cheated? Cheating is punishable by death so I don’t feel sorry for her. It’s going to get a lot worse for people than this in the future to people who made poor choices and I’m all for it!! 🤣🤣🍿👀 One cheating baby mama gone and another pookie locked up!! This is a dub for the community!!!

  12. This is why I don’t date anyone who’s been in jail. Never been in an abusive relationship, but if I was ever to find a fool like him and he hit me one time that’s it I am gone. I am so sorry for her babies, family and friends. HE’S a small dirty little man. 🙏 🙏 RIP, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

  13. People who accuse you of cheating are the ones who are always the cheaters. He’s a sad pathetic little man. He doesn’t believe in faithfulness cause he doesn’t know the meaning of the word. The only woman you’re going to have now is the one in prison. Try controlling any of them, you’ll see how bad you are. Good luck with that.

  14. All y’all women and men on here blaming this woman for what horrendously happened to her are disgusting. ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN. Please don’t talk shit until you’ve been in this exact situation. Y’all be making it sound so easy to just “do background checks” like that shit don’t cost money. She was likely scared for her safety and her children’s safety. Hence why she tried to break up with him and a few days later is when he killed her. She TRIED to do something but these men will do anything to take a woman’s life these days. Y’all act like doing a background check or breaking up with him( which she did) would be enough. He could sit outside the house and wait for her. He could wait outside her job. Y’all men on here talking about “oh she liked a bad boy” are fucking gross. I hope you don’t have children let alone daughters of your own because I can already foresee how you’ll be raising them. Y’all don’t know how he portrayed himself to her once when they first started. This world is so fucked up. This woman was murdered brutally in front of her children and all y’all can do is sit around and blame her and talk about what she should’ve, could’ve and what you would’ve done differently. Please shut the fuck up.

  15. He had to get someone younger, no woman close to his age would put up with his dusty felon a$$. He had nothing to offer but negativity and glad he’ll be locked up. No one suffers but the babies. He’s sitting there like he’s bored in class!

  16. Abusers always accuse you of what they are guilty of. He had audacity to walk out with hands up. They won’t try that with cops, they bow down..

  17. I’m so glad I’ve NEVVVAA been in that position! Since I was 16, I carried a power tool, if you know what I mean! I Tell my now, deceased husband he had one time to ever try to hit me. And that would be it for him! I consider myself blessed because I had a fantastic husband!

  18. He is nothing but a coward, bully, evil and doesn’t know the meaning of love. I pray for her soul and her children, mental state and I pray that they will be placed with people that love them and will give them what they need. I have No pity or sympathy for him. He could have just killed himself and left her alone but that’s too much like right. 😢😢😢😢

  19. Please, women, if you have children, please take more caution with who you allow in your life(Ultimately, your children’s lives) . I can only imagine the loneliness and wanting to be loved but to think of any monster like this being around my 5 kids makes me sick. This monster didn’t just become a killer in an instant. There were warning signs.

  20. Captial punishment (brutal) needs to be brought back because these POS will never get it. Addtionally, going back to prison is a like a family, high-school, lovers reunion to them.

  21. Thank God for keeping his hands on me when l was in a abusive relationship for almost 11 Years, l never judge women in these relationships because l know how these men play on our sympathy and sometimes plan stupidly, l can admit l was young and materialistic and thought because he crazy in love it was cute, it took for him to go to prison for us to finally break up and love found me and taught me that love doesn’t Hurt, THANK GOD, BECAUSE I KNOW IT WAS ALL HIM THAT GOT ME TO WHERE I AM NOW🙌🙏 I PRAY FOR MY SISTER’S THAT’S IN IT, TRYING TO GET OUT AND THE ONES THAT LOST THE FIGHT OF TRYING TO BREAK FREE😪💜🙌🙏

  22. 26 f**king a 51 year old AAANND he was kickin her ass? DAYUUMM! LOW SELF ESTEEM in most women is VERY real

  23. this is the price for not doing a proper background check, especially mentally on people you want to date. Failure to do these things would put your life at risk from day one. I thank god I followed these rules and it saved me from a lifetime of hell. Also, if you want to mess with other people please break up with your partner first, you don’t want to get yourself trapped in a love triangle. it never ends well for anybody. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  24. Yes background checks do help but if you get with someone who has a clean background they can still be crazy A lot of people are camouflage…they show you a good side until sumthen happens then the horns come out.

  25. Get away from any man constantly accusing you of cheating when you know that you are not cheating. This is a ploy to intimidate a woman and a sign that a man is insecure enough to kill you.🙏❤️

  26. This clown clearly was confused and wanted to go back to jail to be forever with his lover. He hated women because he loves men. Killing her was more of hate because he hated himself not because he thought she was cheating

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