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Pookie gives wife a rat for Mother’s Day then kills her

Jessica lost her life over a rodent/Twisted Crimes

Pookie kills wife over a gerbil. 

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HARTFORD — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 30-year-old Jessica Connie-Sue Edwards who was asphyxiated by her simpin’ husband, 22-year-old Tahj Hutchinson, because she didn’t like his gift. Jessica and Tahj are natives of Jamaica. They also share a son. The femicide transpired on May 10, 2021 in Hartford, Connecticut. According to police reports, Tahj bought Jessica a guinea pig as a Mother’s Day present. But she thought it was disgusting, sparking an argument. When Jessica refused to accept the gerbil, Tahj pulled out a knife and beat her ass. Then he kneeled on the scruff of Jessica’s neck until she stopped breathing. Rather than contact authorities, Tahj wrapped up Jessica’s body and dumped her in the bushes. Police found her cadaver eleven days later.

Tahj was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

But, amid public pressure, the charge was eventually upgraded to murder.

Investigators found divorce papers in the home so it appears Jessica was on the verge of leaving Tahj. Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Why would he give her a FURRY RAT? That’s a red flag right there.” Another chimed in with, “Sad. Who the f*ck buys a guinea pig? These young ladies choosing dusty dudes to their own detriment.” A third viewer added, “A Guinea pig??? Such a STUPID REASON 2 Kill Someone😩. I Hope he NEVER Gets out of Prison😏.”

Jessica attended Manchester Community College where she earned an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.

She also completed studies to become a respiratory therapist.

Tahj is a murderous bum.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Many red FLAGS in this story However, the main one is why was she married to someone who was 8 yrs her junior… I wanna know the backstory to that🤔

  2. Guinea pig ?!?? WTH. IDIOT. RIP young lady. She was very beautiful.

  3. Can we say CHEAP! By bringing her a gift she wouldn’t want is intentionally giving the message that he will never act right nor do right. She was sick of his bs. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Since they found Divorce Papers, the Gift had Nothing with the Murder. Dude was Prolly Cheating or something!!! SMH
    Sad he took her from her Son😔

  5. She blew up on him verbally when he gave her that guinea pig. He responded with violence. There was so much more going on. The innocent guinea pig simply lit the fuse. Condolences to her son and all her loved ones. 🕊️

  6. Im 48. There is nothing attractive to me about someone damn near 10 years younger than me. Im not even entertaining your advances. This is sick. And he definitely didn’t kill her over a damn pet that she didnt like. He’s an evil person and he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison. May this beautiful soul RIP

  7. Her stupidity for getting with a young pookie. That’s all these BWs want to get with though.

  8. Its bad enough he killed her but he also dumped her like trash R.I.P BLACK QUEEN.

  9. She probably thought it was a rat. Some women are not going to be happy with such gifts. Most women don’t want rat looking animals for a present. He is a cruel manipulator. He knew she probably was afraid of it. Nothing but a big rat.😢

  10. Who gives a guinea pig for a mother’s day 🎁. That’s why you have to be careful who you get into a relationship with. It’s her first mother’s day smfh. Why a guinea pig? But I’m sure that wasn’t the first sign that something was off with him and she probably ignored it

  11. Don’t ignore red flags. That man was a damn weirdo before he gave her a guinea pig.

  12. It’s okay to be alone ladies Satan attacks the weakest and these men are under attack and taking woman out bc mentally men are the weakest link

  13. He bought her something else to take care of. She wanted to get her nails done, not some free guinea pigs stinking up the place. No animals!

  14. If someone doesn’t like your gift, simply return it and get your money back! Sure, you’re going yo be upset but it doesnt warrant violence. There was more to it than just a guinea pig gift. Something was brewing for a while.

  15. There was obviously something deeper going on than just the guinea pig issue,,and its more than obvious that she unknowingly married a monster that was disguised as a kind loving husband…smh 😪…Also,,the bible clearly says that Satan likes to transform himself into an angel of light,,and this is why we must seek the HOLY SPIRIT when choosing mates and making life choices…In fact,,im sure that this devil gave warning signs ⚠️🚫🚷🛑❌‼️and red flags in the beginning before they were married,,and like i said before,,this is why we must pray for HOLY SPIRIT discernment to lead us down the right paths in our lives…😔🙏🏿✝️…

  16. Let’s take the crime out of this story for one minute. Yes, he was wrong, yes he was wrong, and yes he was wrong. Now, with that said, let’s go to the part of the gift. Just maybe it wasn’t about the gift, maybe it was about the acceptance part of it. It was a gift, on Mother’s Day, to his wife, he thought she would like it, he thought about it for a while, and for it to be rejected on a day for women led to his personal rejection. All these comments I read from women never take into account that maybe it’s the way y’all accept gifts. If this is your husband why would you reject the gift right away? No, it’s not money, gold, silver, a car, a trip to a resort, a vacation, or a new house, which is now the standard for most modern women today. I feel funny buying women Hallmark cards today because most of you will scoff at them. So take that into account. Why act negatively toward your husband’s gift? So it’s a guinea pig, you both can care for it TOGETHER, that is how you BUILD. If you don’t like it after a week or so, donate it to a school. It’s just the materialistic nature of women today. “I can’t wear a guinea pig, why did you buy this for me”. This man was only 22, the wife was 30, and I noticed how NONE of these women on here took note of that fact. He was younger and she was older and acted like the ungrateful child in this event. It’s a gift from your husband, smile, accept it, give it a chance, and let him learn about you more instead of starting a fight like more combative black women will do. So an older bw can’t make this a teachable moment, nope.

  17. Women are dying and we need to be holy before Jesus Christ. That is our only fighting chance, holiness. Don’t wear braids or weaves and learn to fast and pray for wisdom. Also stop wearing makeup and tattoos because those things are unholy and can assure you an early death

  18. Not dating anyone 8 years younger than me. Condolences to her family.

  19. He been hitting on her… She been fighting back lately… And he felt himself losing control &/or
    … This was really about them divorce papers…

  20. Man I no longer desire marriage, people are going insane now😢

  21. Naw….he was a narcissist evil asshole who intentionally murdered her because of his stupid ego… Probably couldn’t beat a man in a fruit bowl fight but was steadily abusing his woman…Its sickening how many men are out here killing women just because thier feelings are hurt… its pathetic.

  22. She had absolutely no business with him. Dude looks crazy, what a funny looking, creepy, unattractive man he is. Women have to do better. Ain’t no way I’m marrying somebody let alone having a child with someone that looks like that. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I wonder about these women mindset sometimes.

  23. Who buys a Black woman a guinea pig PERIOD??? And for Mother’s Day?? Unheard of… may she rest in peace.🙏🏽

  24. Over a Guinea pig,like we really have demons walking this Earth. I’m so glad I am beautiful and single by choice. My intuition don’t play. I don’t care how many gifts you send,How many text messages? If my spirit don’t tell me you’re good. Then I’m not dealing with you and if I deal with you. And my spirit tells me you’re bad. I’m out with the quickness with a number change. You’re a ghost to me. I have never wanted love that bad for someone to put their hands-on me to. Slander my name or to cheat on me. These relationships nowadays are garbage. Everybody wanna be on the internet instead of genuinely waiting for the signs. Please ladies, wait for the signs. We don’t have to be in a relationship because everyone else is.

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