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Popular attorney went loco, crashin’ her Kia into people

Lawyer had nervous breakdown.

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FORT LAUDERDALE — “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Viral Crimes release the documentary of Attorney Beatrice Bijoux who went batshit and intentionally crashed her car into a group of people. The bizarre incident transpired around 1 p.m. on February 22, 2022 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While driving 35 miles per hour, Beatrice drove her black Kia over the curb and into an outdoor table at the Fresh Market on SE Ocean Boulevard — striking four patrons who were having lunch. Then she put the car in reverse “at a high rate of speed” and tried to hit someone else. Police pulled her over moments later and placed her in custody. During interrogation, Beatrice told the detective she was coerced by an imaginary friend to commit the crime. “I’m an attorney,” she said. “I’ve been hearing voices telling me to kill myself and kill other people. I have a gun at my parents’ house right now. I got diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia… and it ruined my life.”

As the detective elucidated her rights, Beatrice interrupted and implored him to upgrade the allegations so she’ll get more jail time. “What are my charges?” she inquired. “Probably four counts of aggravated battery,” he replied. “I want the attempted murder charge,” she countered. “Because I tried to kill [them].” Beatrice then stood up and tried to egress. But the detective wouldn’t let her leave.

“I can try to kill you,” she threatened.

“I’m gonna try to kill as many people as I can.”

Beatrice, 31, was obviously non compos mentis and the judge showed clemency by finding her “not guilty” by reason of insanity. Instead, the disgraced lawyer was committed to a mental health facility. Beatrice was also disbarred. The métier she busted her ass to achieve was flushed down the toilet. Telling you dawg, this is one of the biggest head-scratchers ever. Beatrice had it all.

She was managing partner and head of litigation at Bijoux Law Firm.

Her television commercials received ample airtime.

And, she was engaged to a white dude she met online.

But Beatrice lost her mind and beauty simultaneously.

She looks like a completely different person.

According to her fiancé, Beatrice worked 100 hours a week and suffered from sleep deprivation.

That combination will drive anybody nuts.

Beatrice said she intended to kill her niece the day of the crash.


Mental illness is a bitch.

Watch the explosive documentary and interrogation.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I know what she’s going thru. She’s terrified of herself. Scared to be alone. Wants the detective to know what’s been going on. Scared people will label her and call her names, regardless of her accolades. The voices are real. Its so so worrisome and disruptive. Its exhausting and ruins us, and everything we worked hard for. I’m so sorry for the victims. I’m sorry for her also, because she is a victim of the medical physicians. She explained to her doctor that the meds weren’t helping. What they did was give her more powerful anti-psychotics and it unhinged her. It happened to me. I was doing fine until they prescribed Xanax. My life hasn’t been the same since. I’m praying for you Beatrice. You’re going to be just fine.

  2. I think the fiance had something to do with it, all that God talk probably triggered her schizophrenia it has happened in other cases I wonder if this one is one of them too plus the fiance looks kind of off too.

  3. Learn how to stay with your own race. It is like being in a relationship with a snake.

  4. Someone did black magic on her and possessed her with a demon. That’s not her talking.

  5. I think its important for us to understand that there are things going on that maybe we haven’t experienced or understand. It hasn’t happened to you but it doesn’t mean its not happening to other people. With that said if she is a lawyer it’s a good possibility she knows how to manipulate the system and she’s faking it. Usually people who really have a condition isn’t so obvious an detailed about it…its like she knows just want to say

  6. I don’t believe her for a second.
    She tried to kill others and is being pampered like an infant.

  7. Sometimes you can think too highly of yourself that it is hard responsibility to carry. You are competent and smart, but you also have to know your limits professionally and personally. All the video footage is unnecessary when you just need to carry yourself professionally as a lawyer. Leave out the flossing and do the work. Don’t find yourself suffering a mental breakdown due to pressure you put on yourself.

  8. Yikes! That fiance is weird. He can’t complete sentences. Is he a mental case too?

  9. Somebody needed to pull her out of the car and beat the shit out of her

  10. Imagine going through college, getting good grades, getting accepted into law school, passing all the coursework, then passing the bar exam, to end up like that. The schizophrenia gene can remain dormant for decades in a person then suddenly flip and the person slumps into full blown psychosis after having been normal their whole life until that moment. Glad no one was killed. Hope she gets the medical help and deliverance she needs.

  11. The mother of my 5 kids is diagnosed with the same. It brings tears to my eyes cause I hear her in Beatriz voice. Even though we are no longer together I still try to involve myself in her life so that she knows she has someone in her life that loves her. Our second oldest son was also diagnosed the same. Between the age of 12-15 he too had the same episodes. He is doing better, but it took A LOT to get him to understand the difference between right and wrong…. It may seem fake to alot of people the truth of the matter is communication and patience is key on helping mental health.

  12. She is one of the greatest lawyers ever. She turned 4 aggravated assault chargers to 4 counts of attempted murder

  13. I work with patients with schizophrenia and it is fascinating how real the delusions and hallucinations are to them. The constant drinking of water is also something several of the residents in my care home do and their fluid intake has to be monitored because it can cause them to have seizures due to over hydration. The moment someone is questioned with diagnosed mental health problems, a lawyer should be provided, also with under 18s.

  14. Nobody ever heard a voice telling them to buy everyone an ice cream cone. Someone should get to the bottom of this immediately!

  15. These are demons, I’ve casted out demons and they can have a very heavy influence over your thoughts, they can only be over came by Jesus

  16. Wow. Just wow.. I’m almost left speechless, seriously she has something demonic in her with the way she is talking.. alongside seriously untreated mental health issues.. or she may have hit her head really hard at one point but this shit isn’t normal.💯

  17. 27 year old Veteran here. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenic PTSD and take a few different meds to keep me balanced. I didn’t really hear voices, but I heard my own in my head and couldn’t control what he said. I told my VSO and they got me to the right people. TAKE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH SERIOUSLY. ONLY YOU REALLY KNOW YOURSELF

  18. Poor girl needs deliverence. She has demons. I plead the blood of Jesus over her and that Jesus will set her free and bring peace to her mind. As well as peace and comfort to every family affected❤

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