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White student slaps black teacher over a cell phone

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A viral video shows a white high school student smacking the sh*t out of her black teacher in front of classmates. All hell broke loose when the educator ordered her to get off her phone. “I told you get off your phone right now!” he yelled. “Get out of my face!” the student replied before slapping him silly. Feeling mortified, the teacher demanded an apology. “Apologize or you’re about to face some serious repercussions,” he warned. “I’m not apologizing for nothing,” she countered. “You should’ve stayed out my face.” The educator calmly rolled up his sleeves and delivered his best Will Smith impersonation — knocking the teenager to the floor. “You just hit a student,” she said. “Are you serious?” The teacher quickly snatched her phone and said he’ll whoop her mama’s ass if it came to that. He also made it clear he don’t give two f*cks about his job. “At this point, I don’t even care about gettin’ fired,” he said.

Is it ever appropriate for a teacher to attack a student?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. “you just hit a student are you serious” she definitely gonna be a Karen

  2. Honestly he was in her face, I would have done the same if someone got in my face like that and screamed.

  3. If you’re a teacher and you see a kid in their phone, let them be and then when it’s time to grade them, you do your thing

  4. Why is everyone supporting the teacher??? There’s no excuse for his aggressive behavior. Why was he in her face screaming like that???

  5. she said I’ll mess this whole classroom up flips over just her chair and desk 😂🤣 I would’ve been dying laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  6. It couldn’t be true! A real teacher would have sent her to the office.

  7. I’m going to work real hard buy a school and then hire him as a teacher 👌

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