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Barstool owner suing NFL, claiming games are fixed

Barstool honco suing the NFL.

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NEW YORK — Uh-oh! Ladies & Gentlemen, we have our first sports gambling scandal. We knew this would transpire when rapacious franchise owners hopped in bed with Vegas oddsmakers. A viral Twitter video shows Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy announcing his class-action lawsuit against the NFL and Cincinnati Bengals for allegedly swindling gamblers out of millions by predetermining the outcome of games. Dave made the audacious claim after learning Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who wasn’t on the injury report, wore a wrist wrap on the team bus prior to facing the Baltimore Ravens on Amazon Prime’s “Thursday Night Football.” Now he’s done for the season. Had gamblers known Burrow was injured, they wouldn’t have placed bets on the Bengals. Bettors nationwide are understandably pissed.

Dave is litigating on their behalf.

“Hi there. My name is Dave Portnoy,” he said in the clip.

“My father is an attorney [Michael J Portnoy]. Have you lost money betting on the NFL? Did you bet on the Bengals… against the Ravens thinking Joe Burrow was healthy? Only to find out after the fact that he had a brace on his hand coming out of the bus and was not listed on the injury report? That is unfair. You’re the victim.”

“Here at Portnoy [and my dad, Michael J. Portnoy] Law Firm, we protect grieved gamblers from these atrocities from Roger Goodell and the Cincinnati Bengals,” Dave continued. “I will be filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of all grieved gamblers. So join me as we fight for the people for every man to get rightfully what is ours. The injury report exists for a reason. If you’re not on the injury report, that means you’re healthy. If you get off the bus wearing a brace around your hand, that means unhealthy.

“We expect when we put our hard-earned money to work we get a fair value, fair shot. Gambling is legal in this country. Who will protect the gamblers? I will, through my dad [Michael J. Portnoy, Attorney at Law] class-action lawsuit. Join me, protecting you.”

Dave ain’t the only one crying foul.

Super Bowl champion head coach Tony Dungy accused referees of scripting the game by making “phantom calls” to ensure a Ravens victory. Baltimore beat Cincinnati 34-20. “If not for the unfortunate injuries to Mark Andrews & Joe Burrow last night everyone would be talking about the officiating,” Tony tweeted. “Missing a foul is one thing —you can’t see everything that happens,” he wrote. “But calling things that aren’t there??? Phantom calls were a problem both ways!”

Bengals safety Jordan Battle echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“We can’t play the refs,” he vented after the game.

It should be noted, the NFL is licensed as a sports entertainment entity instead of just sports.

That means, legally, they can predetermine the outcomes of contests (à la the WWE).

That said, do you think NFL games are fixed?

Are gamblers being sodomized?

Watch Dave put the league on blast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The referees go to the stadium 4 days before the game starts and they learn the key plays of each team so they know where to be on the field.The referees can tip off the defense to what plays the offense is going to run.

  2. Portnoy can shut the hell up there shouldnt be allowed to gamble on sports teams period

  3. Come on the NFL been rigged for years, I don’t bet on NFL games the refs control games with ghost calls, bad calls, we forget how teams made the super bowl because of refs bad calls, just be real to your self and don’t bet on the NFL and enjoy the game for what it is, A refs run game!!!…or be a fool and bet…

  4. I believe it’s rigged as well !! Refs can control the game with stupid penalties !!

  5. Never thought I’d root for the house, but here we are. Legalized gambling has made so many sports fans insufferable. Its ubiquity in the sports conversation got tired almost immediately. I now enjoy watching morons lose their ass and blame everybody other than idiot in the mirror who GAMBLED away his hard earned money

  6. The only thing that NFL is worried about is if it comes out that they are considered sports entertainment not that they’re going to get sued. Dave Portnoy doesn’t have a case here.

  7. It’s been rigged for many years, they made Tom Brady the face of the NFL, now they made Pat Mahomes the face of it, especially after George Floyd!

  8. The Raiders and Patriots tuck-rule game clearly tells you NFL is rigged for long time. And NFL has a disclaimer at every game. Its states the NFL is entertainment. Which means Portnoy will lose the law suit.

  9. Rigged is the wrong word.
    It’s a T.V. show. The NFL has stories and characters. The refs control the script on field. It’s not a real sport.

  10. To rig games all the NFL has to do is tell its refs to call holding against the team it wants to lose since every play has contacts that could be interpreted as
    a hold! Just call holding against the team they want to take the fall and call nothing on the team they want to win and the team that gets picked on by the refs would have absolutely no chance of winning! So when the team that is supposed to lose the game scores a touchdown all the refs have to do is call a holding on an o-lineman and the TD would be erased and plus the offense would have to move back 10 yards as part of the holding penalty! How would that team be able to win if it has to move back 10 yards every time it scores a TD or move the ball within scoring distance?

  11. The NFL is definitely Rigged, the NFL is not hiding it, Las Vegas gambling on these games has never been so obvious, these days and times we live in is filled with lies and cheating , there is nothing that is honest in todays society. Follow the money.

  12. Kansas city chiefs. Enough said the most rig team in the history of the NFL. Maybe we should give them a do over.

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