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Michael B. Jordan claimed Killmonger depressed him

Erik Killmonger all about war/YouTube

Michael B. Jordan was depressed.

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HOLLYWOOD — Actor Michael B. Jordan raised eyebrows the other day when he admitted he was depressed after playing Erik Killmonger in Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther” movie. Michael was so dejected, he needed therapy. Killmonger is the emotionless Usurper who kicked King T’Challa’s ass, took his throne, subjugated Wakanda, then physically abused an African woman by grabbing her by the throat and lifting her up in the air. He also aspired to wage war against non-blacks whereas T’Challa sought peace and tranquility. Killmonger is Malcolm X. T’Challa is Martin Luther King Jr. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Killmonger is just more of an asshole. “That was the first time I was actually like, not feeling like myself,” Michael recalled. “I was like, ‘Man, I’m depressed.'” Social media reaction was supportive. One commenter wrote, “Killmonger honestly stole the show. Most well-developed villain Marvel has introduced so far.”

Another fan chimed in with, “Killmonger was RIGHT. T’Challa was WRONG.” A third person added, “Michael B. Jordan’s performance was f*cking stellar. Usually I’m one to mock people who want capeshit nominated for academy awards. But his performance was genuinely incredible. I’ve been a fan of both Coogler and Jordan for years and was still blown away by this.”

It’s certainly not uncommon for thespians to feel queasy after portraying a repulsive role.

Leonardo DiCaprio almost vomited on the set of “Django” after the director forced him to say “n*gger” a million times during his infamous portrayal of slave owner Calvin Candie.

Should Killmonger be considered a villain or hero?

Who was right? Killmonger or T’Challa?

Watch Michael elucidate his dramatis personae.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Killmonger is not a villain. You have to go all the way back to his childhood. Denied his true heritage. Father murdered by those who disowned him still became a MIT graduate. Served his country and then used what they taught him to his advantage. Would’ve been extremely dope to see him find a common ground with T’Challa and become the new black panter

  2. Freedom isn’t always given it has to be taken. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

  3. Eric wanted to liberat black people globally thru extreme means he needed therapy I have to watch the moive again but he wasn’t talking about genocide (he didn’t say I want to kill every single white person on earth)but the people saying he’s not a villain are just mad that his character was done dirty by being portrayed in a negative light don’t know what he was like in the comics I heard he was just evil but I like the mcu version. But I would say he’s not a villain just so people can look at him again and hear his message if you look at Thanos instead of killing you could of spayed and neuter why wish them away just snap your fingers to spay and neuter and but laws in place but instead he just killed them or reduce fertility Eric would of killed anyone who got in his way but that’s because he felt like his family betrayed him his uncle killed his dad and he was use to seeing violence growing up so those two things combined with a powerful motivation I know his Father pulled the gun first but he didn’t know that and his father just wanted to free people to and saw his goal greater than family.

  4. Killmonger is 100% a hero a black panther the movie black people cross the world to fight the oppressor give us the tools we need to rule them instead of them ruling us took everything from us I like killmonger because he was willing to do the one thing that everyone in the movie refuse to do black panther only cares about wakanda and his people he doesn’t care about black people or Africans killmonger cares about every woman man and child that’s black that’s why I respect killmonger white people have Captain America black people have killmonger killmonger cares about black people everywhere black panther only cares about his people

  5. Killmonger had noble intent, but with vengeful tactics. He was right in what needed to be done, but wrong in how it should be done.
    Even T’Challa himself admitted… his ancestors were wrong. He was right. Very, very interesting “villain”, and in my opinion…one of the best ones. My own personal favorite.

  6. I feel like Killmonger and T’Challa had a bit of Malcolm X and MLK Jr. vibe to it.

    Both wanted similar things but just had different ideologies which didn’t always align.

  7. A lot of black people Missed who the real villains were -The villains were the wakandans!!!!

    The only reals slavery existed because they turn their backs on Africa.

    The only reason killmonger existed was because they killed his father and abandon him America in the streets!

    Was tchaka a villain for killing his own brother? Or was tchaka a villain when abandoned his nephew and left him in the street after killing his father?

    Where the wakandans villains when they let the the entire continent of Africa get enslaved? While lived like kings while their brothers and sisters were killed and enslaved when they the technology to stop foreign Invaders?
    Quote from movies intro-the wakandans used vibranium to build technology more advanced then any other nation . But as wakanda thrive the world around it descend until further until chaos.

    N’Jobu (killmonger father )quote before being killed by his brother and was considered a traitor to wakanda because this was his plan —
    Their leaders have be assassinated, communities flooded with drugs and weapons . They are overly police and incarcerated. All over the planet our people suffer because they don’t have the tools to fight back . We vibranium they can over throw every country and wakanda can rule them all the right way .
    So who was the villain again??

    Tchilla to killmonger – the only reason I don’t kill you where u stand because I know who you are . What is that u want ?

    Killmonger- to the wakandas –
    I want the throne. Y’all sit up here comfortable. Must feel good. It’s about 2billiion people all over the world that look like us and their lives are a lot harder and wakanda has the tool to A liberate them all!

    Tchilla – it not our way to be judge , jury and executioner for people who are not our own !

    Killmonger – NOT YOUR OWN? But didn’t life start right here on this continent? So ain’t all people your people

    Tchilla- I’m not the king of all people I’m king of wakanda

    Question- how is Africa considered a third word country if wakanda is the most advance civilization in the world and it site right in Africa ?
    But killmonger is the villain

  8. Killmonger is the best superhero villain IMO because his motivations make complete sense and are logical. I understand why he’s so angry. The trauma of his childhood and witnessing Wakanda’s prosperity contrasted against Black communities in every other country discriminated against…these reasons all make sense. Every other supervillain pales in comparison. Meanwhile, Dr Connors from Spider-Man is out there wanting to turn everyone into fucking LIZARDS. Like WHY?!

  9. He’s a racist that justifies his racism with past racism.

    There I explained it.

  10. if your a black american or black european you will see kilmonger as a hero he wanted to liberate black people all over the world his character outshined the panther even when he took over the wakandians were with it.

  11. People forgot he literally killed his girlfriend. He’s a villain. Thats like saying Thanos wasn’t a villain because his motivations was for good too.

  12. Killmonger was a villain. Now sometimes their end goal can be admirable but he DEFINITELY was a villain. He killed with prejudice and would do anything to get what he wanted. No different than the white folks

  13. I have to disagree with Michael B Jordan here. Sure, Killmonger was right regarding Wakanda being stingy with its resources and ignoring the outside world, but at the same time what he was doing was really bad. I truly believe that Killmonger never cared about others but himself and his revenge plot. He enjoys the suffering of innocent people, he killed his own gf and he basically wants to exploit Wakanda’s resources to commit genocide. Even in the Marvel What If episode, he still turned out bad and in the comics he was straight up evil. This character is a villian at the end of the day. I don’t understand why people still say Killmonger isn’t a villian, when he did so much evil stuff to bring about the suffering of others.

  14. Here is Erik killmonger explained: He’s a racist hateful piece of shit.

  15. Killmonger had a good plan, just bad execution!! He was literally an extremist soon to be terrorist!

  16. Well he might not be a villain, but he is definitely the antagonist. Sure you could say that he is not a true villain, his goals his objectives were not the goals of a villain, but he lied, cheated, betrayed and killed lots of people, he used the methods of the bad guy, from a certain perspective he might not have the goals of the villain but he certainly took the path of the villain

  17. Some of y’all don’t know what a Villain is. Killmonger literally wanted to cause genocide.

  18. I really love Killmonger! A menacing villain, a compelling antagonist, and a sympathetic character

  19. Michael B Jordan killed this fuckin’ role! His performance is great ❤

  20. I hate how marvel keeps killing off such incredible villains. They should’ve let killmonger live so he and t’challa could work together to change things.

  21. If Black Panther was made in the 90s, Tupac would have made a great Killmonger. He was a great actor.

  22. Killmonger: “I’m going to make you pay!”
    Black Panther: “I pay willingly.”

  23. I can’t get behind Killmonger for the same reason I can’t get behind Magneto yes their lives were full of tragedy and pain, but the second they killed innocent people they became monsters. I Killmonger poisoned a women for simple speed and justified it by saying that her ancestors stole. That’s the equivalent of an Israelite born in 97 shooting the current curator of the Louvre because of Vichy laws don’t make a lot of sense in my mind but what the hell do I know I’m just a dumbass redneck.

  24. Okay when I first saw it I was like sure whatever, then I thought about it and I was disappointed that the person who was fighting deeply for liberation was so villanized. The person who actually would’ve aligned with The Black Panther Party’s Ten Point Program is the person who murders mad people, dominates his country out of spite, and burns (almost to extinction) an indigenous crop from his homeland like… the Black radicalism being tied to villainy has long been a theme here in America and definitely carries through this movie. The anger and despair some American descendants of chattel slavery feel is very real and very intense, that said Black radicals have also often been painted as violent, that they should ask for their rights and wait for them peacefully … the perfect victim myth? Additionally the layers of anti African American rhetoric that exists within the diaspora being represented here, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is an interesting layer to his villainization portrayed through the way Wakandans initially feel towards him. Whereas many within the diaspora look down on African Americans for being uncouth, uncultured and crude. It is also unfortunate that his death is what it takes for him to be understood as a Black person fighting on behalf of the disenfranchised and oppressed descendants of chattel slavery. Yes, he should have gone about it a different way… I think the writers could have too.

  25. Why are we still talking about this.

    It was a marvel movie, nothing more, nothing less.

  26. I wouldn’t say he was right. His success wouldn’t have ended oppression it would have just changed which group was on top

  27. KIllmonger said white people are bad and by that alone he became the Hero for the woke media he didn’t stole the show he ruined Black Panther forever. Black Panther in the Civil War stole the show with outstanding strong character qualities Black Panther chose to bring the villain to justice instead of killing him that is Batman level strength of character and they screwed him over in his own movie.

  28. The movie could have been better but they always want to put white people in the movies we cannot never have a all black movie.

  29. They made Killmonger kill an elderly black woman in the film, JUST SO he couldn’t be considered a antihero or hero. They made him do that so there wouldn’t be that ambiguity between who to root for between Killmonger & Blackpanther… it’s Disney after all

  30. Killmonger was right and as black americans we need to put a end to white supremacy we all know how colonizers think. We have white supremacists groups all over the united states and the world we need a real life killmonger and where is he?

  31. Of course killmonger was right, they turned black panther into a Bill Cosby, pull-your-pants-up type.

  32. kilmonger was 100 percent right. Half of wakanda was with him. The jabari tribe sided with the wrong side, Tchala wanted to share vibranium with the world. That’s dangerous because the west would use the vibranium to control even more. Should of armed all the opressed i would be with kilmonger all the way. Plus kilmongers suit was way more bad ass. then black panthers suit.

  33. They just made him a mustache twirling villain because they had to. There was no other way to make the actually progressive parts of his message wrong other that to make him want to be king (lol), and depict him doing violence against women(wtf).
    Think about the actual moral at the end of the movie, it’s pro imperialism. In the end a fantasy country invented by white people with advanced technology and culture decided to spread its advancement and influence to the poor countries around them. It’s classic imperialist and centrist apologetics. Just because they paint a vague appropriated African aesthetic over the advanced rich country doesn’t cover the fact that it still has the “we are the good ones, change them to us” vibe.
    Like, if they were brave and it was actually progressive, it wouldn’t have to take place in a fictional mystical idealized americanized touristy Wakanda, and African liberation would be the good ideal the black panther is fighting for, and the villain would represent rich countries controlling everything, not the other way around.

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