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Wendy Williams very sick, retinue taking her money

Wendy suffers from dementia/YouTube

Wendy Williams is in bad shape.

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NEW YORK — Lifetime released the disturbing documentary of quondam talk show host Wendy Williams who was recently diagnosed with aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. Telling you dawg… ever since Wendy publicly denounced the COVID vaccine, her life has gone completely downhill. She lost her show. She lost her marriage. Now she’s losing her memory. The docuseries called “Where is Wendy Williams” shows the 59-year-old TV personality giving the filming crew access to her private life as she looks to get her métier back on track. Family members, however, are concerned for her health and finances. Wendy’s niece, Alex Finnie, believes her retinue is taking advantage of her. “I’ll be honest with you. It’s no secret that there have been random people around you getting money, getting paid, whatever the case may be,” Alex told her aunt as she laid on the couch.

“Stealing money from me,” Wendy replied.

“I’m just trying to figure out, your friend you’re saying is your friend, that you’re also paying… it’s giving a little desperate energy,” Alex countered. “You are an A-List celebrity. You are bigger than this. You are better than this. You are smarter than this. You are stronger than this. The Aunt Wendy that I know, that has instilled in me how to navigate this crazy business that we’re in, this isn’t it… Listen to the people in your life that are not taking a dime.”

Wendy was visibly pissed. You can tell she didn’t appreciate being lectured like a child. But Alex is telling the truth. Wendy’s entourage is cleaning out her bank account, and it’s really a damn shame. Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Giving desperate energy? She has a disease where she will be in decline until the end of her life. She needs love and ASSISTANCE, not blame.”

Another viewer added, “I hate to say it because I know how much infidelity hurts, but Kevin Hunter would have never let this happen to her. People called him controlling but now I see how much he protected Wendy… from the leeches and from herself. She should have kept him on as a manager.”

Do you feel bad for Wendy?

Is there a way to prevent family and friends from exploiting her?

Watch Wendy get scolded.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s disgusting that anyone , especially family and friends to take advantage of someone who is sick and vulnerable when she supported them all also.

  2. Wendy needs all around the clock help from people who really loves an care for her not just for the money.

  3. This looks so scripted.. Just like the time Wendy Faked passing out on live tv. She’s such a drama queen and a huge narcissist.. She’s such a disgusting person..

  4. As a Republican white man I feel for Wendy, I hate people taking advantage of her and what’s left of her money, she’s a person who is struggling right now, I don’t care if she is woke or not, I have nothing against her and would like her taken care of by real people who love her..not users taking money and such…just sayin is all…lets keep it real…be people, be human… be humble, be kind, help the next person no matter the color or political view, so what about all that stuff….be Godly like…Amen

  5. This is just sad as f
    Them making her do a show
    In this time of needing her family beside her
    😮😮😮😮 my this world
    Is just so so sick

  6. I don’t understand why the family doesn’t have her because her own sister is an attorney, did she even try?

  7. This toxic person is now reaping what he has sown over the years.

  8. She has dementia. My grandmother had this. It’s a disease in that people actually pass away from this. The fact that she’s being exploited in this docuseries is nauseating.

  9. While the guardian is supposed to keeping her safe and no one taking advantage of her and her money, how much are they being paid ⁉️the judge the bank the court appointed people who say they have her best interest at heart all the while they are making money off of her being very ill. Not letting her family near her or knowing what her condition is these people know what their doing keeping her from her family so they themselves can take full advantage of her situation devils all of them😢

  10. I feel for her bc of her health and her addiction but the way she treats people is terrible. The dementia probably makes it worse im sure. But she has always been a diva that treats everyone like shit as if they’re beneath her. Her addiction is the main cause for everything thats happening to her. And she still fails to acknowledge that she has a problem. She’s not completely lost, she knows exactly what shes doin and she could help herself but clearly she has no desire. I really think she enjoys being the victim. She has pushed everyone away and now they’re expected to come back and kiss her azz bc she needs them. Thats not how life works. She has a nasty attitude, maybe this is her wake up call

  11. It’s unfortunate… but at the end of the day if you build a career out of being ugly about other people… that Karma will come
    back for ya

  12. Shame on the people who allowed to film this poor woman with dementia. It was all for money. They used her until the end😢

  13. I stopped watching Wendy a few years before her show was taken off the air. For me personally, I felt she was no longer fun gossip but crossed the line into just straight trash talking people and being hurtful. I can guarantee if this happened to someone else and she was still on tv she would be the first person to kick them while they are down…

  14. Exploitation. This is horrible. Wendy is vulnerable, and they are all making a dime on her.

  15. I love her, but please someone tell me why her eyes are so wild open

  16. Oh my God Wendy we love you so much you gotta get better you got to you have no other choice we are waiting on you to get better❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Don’t hurt us Wendy get better❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. I would never ever ever wish this disease on anyone, even Wendy. However it does seem like karma served it hot on a plate for her. Her career has been built on publicity degrading people who cannot speak for themselves. Absolutely vile

  18. Poor Wendy she hasn’t been the same every since her and her ex broke up. She just went downhill . And her family should have control of her estate not some court appointed person.❤🙏

  19. I forget what the disease is called.That makes your eyeballs like Puff rrout.
    But it’s some kind of disorder that.
    Causes the eyeball to balge and it looks like Wendy has that. forget what it’s called But yeah no doubt that they probably Doing something To her.

  20. Oh man, it’s so sad to see her this way. I used to watch her when I was pregnant 14 years ago!!

  21. It’s not about her deserving this or not. It’s a cautionary tale that where you put your energy will eventually comeback to either help you or haunt you. I could see it on her shows that while she was making headlines, she was destroying herself and she can’t truly blame anyone else. If she blames anyone else then she missed her life purpose and just didn’t operate correctly. She’s right this can happen to anyone, anyone who makes choices that go against their natural self will end up like this.

  22. This hit me, I’m shedding some tears 😭. People may say, oh she deserves this. But no she doesn’t. No matter what she has said on her show. As human beings, we should uplift and not kick people when they’re already down. I pray God heals her from all the hurt, abuse, and past addictions.

  23. Karma is a bish, that what happened if you talk shit about others even if it just a joke.

  24. Does anyone know the medical reason why her eyes bulge out the way they do sometimes?

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