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Marlon’s baby mama wants $22K monthly child support

Marlon sued for child support/YouTube

Marlon Wayans gettin’ sued. 

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LOS ANGELES — Mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe? It might be time for Marlon Wayans to make another “White Chicks” movie. Because he’s about to come out the pocket big-time. The 51-year-old comedian is getting sued by his baby mama — Brittany Moreland — who’s seeking at least $22,000 per month in child support. Brittany, 34, is a registered nurse in Los Angeles. But she’s still gonna get paid. If you recall, Marlon and Brittany shacked up during the coronavirus pandemic and they ended up conceiving a beautiful baby girl. But, once the pandemic reached its cessation, Brittany dumped his ass and took him to court. Now you have to wonder if Marlon got played. It appears Brittany is using him for a neonate and a paycheck. Telling you, dawg. Men are playing checkers. Women are playing chess. Y’all better be careful. Marlon already has two children — Kai, 23, and Shawn, 22 — with his ex, Angela Zachary. Kai is a transgender male.

In addition to child support, Brittany wants full custody of their 15-month-old daughter — Axl, claiming she spends “95 percent of [her] time with me and 5 percent of [her] time with the other parent.” The gold digging mom also wants her legal fees paid as well as “reasonable expenses of pregnancy and birth.” Damn. Brittany did, however, say Marlon can have visitation rights.

The comic spoke with The Shade Room the other day to address Brittany’s paternity suit.

“It’s the classic case of a good, loving, responsible father shelling out over $18k per month for a one-year-old, and an entitled woman decides she wants more,” Marlon vented.

“My mama and dem would’ve lost their minds for $2K. All these women having to drag men to court who pay NOTHING towards their children. And here, a woman gets a doctor’s salary and says it isn’t enough? I’ve had two children before this. I’ve never had this problem. I’m a good man with a good heart and strong sense of responsibility, but I refuse to be used and discredited.”

Social media reaction was cold-blooded.

One commenter wrote, “These older men want women in their mid 30s or younger… These fools need to realize that younger women don’t want their old ass. They want babies and a check… he needs to pay up!!!”

Another chimed in with, “N*gga 51 in child support court. Smh.”

A third person added, “If Marlon didn’t want kids at 50 he would’ve gotten snipped. He wasn’t trapped that was a choice. In white people news: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro both have 1 yr olds and they are in their 80s.”

Hate to say it, but it looks like Marlon got trapped.

Moral of the story: Quit making women gravid — especially without a wedding ring.

Watch the report.

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  1. To all rich celebrity men out there if you’re going to screw around get a vasectomy,don’t tell them anything and when they pop up pregnant after the baby is born,take a DNA test and embarrass the he!! Out of them.

  2. Why not live off an old dude. He has to pay for her youth. Why would you think a beautiful educated 34 year old woman wants your 51 year old body? Just be real no sympathy. Stop using your small head.

  3. Oh well he got what he got so deal with it. He knew what it was when he laid up with her so deal with it. 51yo and still making babies smh she in her 30s duh😅

  4. We hear men all the time saying they want a submissive and traditional woman who cooks, cleans and births children. Well, this is what traditional women do. They live off of a man’s income. Men need to makeup their mind on what they want. A woman who makes her own money will most likely not be submitting to you or trying to have your babies since she’s too busy making her own money. We only spew black dusty men complaining about having to support their own kids

  5. Ain’t going to lie Marlon played himself cause he is 51 and she’s in her early 30s what did he think was going to happen she trying to get to the bag 💰 😂😂

  6. Actions like this woman are primarily the main reason why marriages are off the table in most men’s minds.

  7. As soon as she got pregnant that’s when she won the game… now she no longer loves him
    And things didn’t work out. Her whole entire goal was the get pregnant. He was a MARK! It was a money move and being linked to a celebrity n access to money.! It was never about LOVE! It’s never about LOVE! That’s why things are about “service to self”
    Instead of “service to others”…

  8. “When the devil want to destroy your life, he’ll come in the form of a woman” its biblical – hence Eve

  9. Was Marlon even thinking?!? “🤡 I don’t think so!” “Homey don’t play that 💥…”

  10. Any man coming into money about to become a pro athlete or entertainer, should just go ahead and get a vasectomy. Too many of these dudes going in raw and not wrapping it up. If you are going to do that, get snipped. You can always adopt a child if you really want kids. Stop allowing yourselves to get hustled out of money these women didn’t help you earn. Ya’ll dudes already know that the court and legal systems are not on your side.

  11. She didn’t really want him she wanted the money men need to realize that smh

  12. He jokes about everything. Let’s see if he’ll joke about this. And he’s way too old for a 34 year old

  13. Why Do these Fools with Money constantly Go in this direction if your Rich and Famous don’t have kids with Broke women.

  14. She in court like, “Ya honor I need da 22k 🥺… I’m too lightskin to work 😭🙏🏼”

  15. If these are the situations that turn men to red pill, that’s interesting. Doesn’t red pill tell men to make money so they can be with women that wouldn’t have looked their way if they were broke and so they can date younger women?

  16. My husband PAYS EVERY BILL IN OUR HOUSE !!! And I STILL!!! Get up every day and GO TO WORK!!! 🤷🏾‍♀️ 😂 and we’ll that was his decision he knows better he’s old enough to know the woman have changed and it’s all about what you can do for them then she’ll be on vacation and the baby will be somewhere else

  17. This is what happens when you play games in your 50’s still thinking you in your 20’s 🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. Let me go and get me a 50 year old man 😂😂😂😂Lol 😂 $21k is decent! Shoot and they mad at Draya!

  19. How does a grown rich educated man gets trapped I don’t like that narrative He was irresponsible and leading with his sword instead of his brain and it proves that at every income bracket and age blackmen hate accountability

  20. She’s only 34?! Yes girl do ya thing! Marlon knew what time it was! He didn’t wanna wrap it up, this is the consequence. No need to start whining now 😂

  21. My neighbors raised 12 kids on less than 5k a month. If the judge doesnt see a problem we are just being ignorant.

  22. He should have had marriage on his mind and just be a well-rounded Good man, He should’ve chosed better. He brought that on himself 😏. PAY THAT SUPPORT!!

  23. Men need to be more responsible and start using protection if they don’t want to pay child support

  24. Excuse me, I’m a woman and this woman does not need $22,000.00 a month to raise a kid! That’s absolutely ridiculous! Her azz needs a freakin job.🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. He should have known better, at his age, to be 🥜 ing in these young women!!! He actually thought she cared about him? He’s my age and I literally have a Son her age. What would a 34-year-old woman possibly want with a 51-year-old man besides money?

  26. She needs a job. I don’t think she deserves that kind of bad on money. If you go out to work first thing first before you collect money from any man you supposed to be able to take care of your own kid you take care of your child first and then you get child support you have to when nobody else does so get them moving get the step in and do what you do as a mother, this is ridiculous. Get a job and stop trying to drain this man from all his money $22,000 a month you don’t deserve it

  27. Now he saying to her get a job? So.. she wasn’t working when u met her Marlon??

  28. So happy these self hating black men have to pay these non black people half they earnings 😂

  29. This is why i DONT fuk with broke women anymore. No way no how. Fukkin leeches

  30. I know Keenan and Damon taught him better that that, he has no one to blame but himself.

  31. A kid ain’t nothing but a blank check for these women. They wouldn’t even file for custody if there wasn’t a payday. What type of expenses is a 2 year old child running up that requires 22k a month?

  32. Wealthy and famous men will always be the target of golddiggers like her☝🏿 🤔🤦🏿‍♂️

  33. I’ll be his full-time nanny and take care of the child for 1/2 that… let’s go for sole custody Marlon ️

  34. I always think that it’s totally ridiculous when these celebrity baby mamas/girlfriends come out yapping about they need/want more money than they’re already getting. And using that lame line; “to maintain the lifestyle that I’ve been accustomed to”. GTHOH, a lot of them are already getting triple that of yours and mine job salaries as it is! And most have never ever lived that lifestyle before they met the wealthy celebrity, so they can surely adjust! Puh-leeze, I can make a dolla holla. It’s pure Greed. A newborn baby or toddler does not need $22, 000 a month to be maintained! I could see a college student but not no baby.

    And the ones getting alimony AND child support in the thousands monthly, are really living high on the hog! They’re thinking, why should I even get out of bed! Lemme hire that nanny, cook, and housekeeper, let them take care of the baby! But Marlon just like the rest is a fool anyways, I bet she’s a pick me ” preference “. No sympathy for him, sorry not sorry. He picked her.

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