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Rodgers claims Dr. Fauci created AIDS and COVID

Rodgers says Fauci is up to no good/YouTube

Rodgers doesn’t trust Fauci. 

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NEW YORK — Man, Aaron Rodgers better be careful before he ends up on the back of a milk carton. Mr. Rodgers, star quarterback of the New York Jets, set the internet ablaze the other day when he accused Dr. Anthony Fauci and the United States Government of creating the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the 1980s. He also believes Azidothymidine (AZT) was rolled out as the “blueprint” for scaring Americans into taking Remdesivir — aka the COVID vaccine. Rodgers, 40, unleashed the conspiracy theory during a recent appearance on the “Look Into It” podcast with Eddie Bravo. “The blueprint, the game plan, was made in the ’80s. Create a pandemic with a virus that’s going wild,” Rodgers said. “Fauci was given over $350 million to research this, to come up with drugs — new or repurposed — to handle the AIDS pandemic. And all they came up with was AZT.”

Rodgers said you don’t have to be a virologist to see what’s going on. Just do a Google search and you’ll find answers. “If you do even a smidge of research, and I know, I’m not an epidemiologist, I’m not a doctor, I’m not an immunologist, whatever the f*ck. I can read, though,” he vented. “And I can learn and I can look things up just like any normal person. I can do my own research, which was so vilified, to even question authority. But that was the game plan back then. Create an environment where only one thing works. Back then AZT; now, Remdesivir until we get a vaccine.”

Social media reaction was mixed.

One commenter wrote, “He’s right. Fauci & Co. created AIDS and COVID to force us to take their sh*tty vaccine.”

Another chimed in with, “I really hope Dr. Fauci sues Aaron Rodgers for defamation.”

A third viewer added, “Rodgers will be looked at like he’s crazy for the next 10 years until all this is proven true, unfortunately.”

Rodgers, if you recall, gave Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce the nickname “Mr. Pfizer” because of his “Two Things At Once” TV commercials.

Have you drawn parallels between AIDS & COVID?

Is it time to probe government officials and Big Pharma?

Watch Rodgers keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This guy thinks he’s so fucking smart and is so completely ignorant at the same time. Just makes up numbers and conspiracies 🤣🤣🤣

  2. 🤣🤣 Someone doesn’t have many brain cells left 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. The Truth is probably a lot stranger than even that! This world has done some nutty things. Humans are effed up!

  4. @Richard: YOU ARE SO BLIND.
    thEY LiEd and you followed.

  5. All the “Crazy people believe this” people have not looked into a single thing regarding Fauci and the AIDS epidemic, and still won’t they’ll just continue acting like the moral superior for no reason

  6. Aaron Rogers, attacking people who have sacrificed their lives in service of others, who have put thier efforts into studying, learning, and developing ways to protect people and make their lives safer and better. But this idiot thinks he knows better because he searched the internet and found things that back up his bat s#!t crazy opinions. Based on the kind of ”research” this idiot does, I could ”prove” that unicorns and fairys exist and control his brain.

  7. I always thought his helmet looked weirdly larger than the other players, naïvely I assumed it was for padding. Now I realize it was larger to fit the ridiculous ego and BS conspiracy theories floating around in that swollen cranium. Good luck Jets fans.

  8. I see what he’s saying but HIV didn’t shut down the entire world like COVID did

  9. @PokerFace: HIV did not cause a world wide shutdown because there was no way for the world to keep working back then if you shut down like we did for Covid. People could not work from home or do school from home, most things were not automated to the same degree.

    The worldwide shutdown only happened because we could still get by as a society since we have the internet and are so connected. If Covid happened in 1982 or whatever there would have been no shut down, and it likely would have just been looked back upon as a bad flu season. Part of covid was that it was literally spread via fear over social media and technology. W/O it, Covid could not exist and a shut down could not work.

    It is very suspicious that the moment we could endure a “shut down” due to technological advances, we immediately have a scenario that supposedly required it..

  10. I was never a fan of Aaron Rodgers. But ever since he had the balls to bring these “conspiracy theories” to light, I became a massive fan. Mainstream media is often the enemy of truth. A prominent figure like him will help to wake up many people. It will at least encourage people to begin questioning government interests, and to understand and look for propaganda. Knowledge is power

  11. People had guts in the 80s, never would of allowed us to be treated like the government treated us with covid

  12. Aarron did his homework/research! The facts are there for anyone and everyone to see for themselves, all you have to do is the Research. Clearly and Obviously Arron holds himself to higher moral standards than the typical [quote] “Celebrity” does. Everything he’s commenting about is FACT, and goes whole lot deeper than what he touched on. Arron barely even skimmed the surface of the Evil that has taken control of this world. Today’s world is Driven by Money, Property, Prestige, Immorality, and all of the other superficial desires that today’s Generation embraces as life and meaningful success, when in reality it’s all nothing more than a designed distraction. Humanity has become so dumb downed, by the powers that be, personally I believe it’s seriously too late!!! The comments even you guy’s made here about Arron! The average person today is so far out of touch with what’s transpiring on a Global level to change the entire dynamic of our total existence, hearing someone such as Aaron even touch on the subject leaves you all baffled with the impression – wow, what’s wrong with Aaron, why would he do this to his career, is he considering a political career move, what’s his owners going to think or do!!!! This is just how shallow minded and dumb downed our Society has become today, while not even thinking about the moral character of his heart as a man to speak the truth. There’s no amount of money on earth that can give your soul peace, nor make you any more of a man than that of the man that you are. You can’t Buy Spiritual Character…..
    Aaron’s far more Intelligent than you guys are giving him credit as being. You need to be trying to connect with him so that he can bring you up to speed……..

  13. I’ve always been skeptical of scientists who don’t mind to perform cruel animal experiments, which is done for most if not all drugs on the market. At what point do you realize that animal bodies are not exactly like human bodies and all their diversity and you will continuously hit a wall, which is why we have not come up with a cure for many things. NIH published an article on pub med in 2002, written by the president of Americans for Medical Advancement (a nonprofit currently an advocate for animal testing) , stating that animal studies are inaccurate for HIV research. The irony.

  14. Pfizer boy is a sell out. Especially after all the data related to athlete deaths and heart conditions post shot. Good on Aaron for telling the truth no matter what.

  15. As a chiefs fan I hate Pfizer but I have a new found respect for Aaron Rodgers. The boulder in the stream not going with the flow. God bless!!!
    Kelce can be bought it seems. Pfizer or Taylor or both?

  16. The NFL should ban him from playing, not because he is a moron, but because it is obvious that he is mentally impaired. Chances are it’s from the numberous hits that he has sustained in his career.

  17. He’s been in Green Bay for most of his adult life. It’s not a lot to do in GB. He had nothing to do but play football, eat cheese & make up conspiracies.

  18. All u idiots bashing Rodgers Should pick up a fucking book and educate yourself

  19. I always wonder where do these viruses come from, nature or are they man made.

  20. Aaron Rodgers is not alone with his suspicions. I read a book a few years ago called “The River” by Edward Hooper.
    This book explains how scienctists in Africa experimented on the people there with different kinds of vaccines and other things. They created HIV/AIDS in the process, according to this book. It’s a great read. But, it’s a thick book, so be prepared.
    Your local library probably has it.

  21. The US did create the HIV virus . In the 50s in the chase for the polio vaccine . They accidentally created HIV by incubating the vaccine in the chimpanzees. It mutated from the virus the chimp carries which is SIV to jump to HIV in humans. Do you know the chimpanzee is 99 percent DNA similar to humans. DO THE MATH PEOPLE. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE. The US made the vaccine in Africa. The Congo. AND HIV WAS ACCIDENTALLY CREATED BECAUSE THE VACCINE WAS INCUBATED IN CHIMPs WHO CARRIES A VERY SIMILAR VIRUS . It is documented the first case of HIV was in Africa. This make absolutely sense. There was and interesting documentary on the event of the search of a cure for Polio. The HIV virus was absolutely accidentally created by the US in Africa in search of the POLIO vac.

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