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Cheerleader stabbed by her rival during a victory parade

Kayla was stabbed in the chest/Twisted Crimes

Cheerleader killed by a hater.

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MOUNT VERNON — Tayanna Hall, the 15-year-old girl who fatally stabbed Kayla Green, received a measly 36 months behind bars and family members are pissed. The crime occurred on April 8, 2022 in Mount Vernon, New York. Kayla was stabbed in the chest by her cheerleading rival during a parade to celebrate Mount Vernon High School’s state basketball championship. A brawl broke out, and Tayanna seized the opportunity to kill. Hundreds of students flooded the street. But, for some inexcusable reason, there was only one cop in attendance. It took forever for paramedics to arrive. Kayla was eventually rushed to the hospital where she died from her injuries. Law enforcement officials used surveillance footage to identify Tayanna. The knife wielder was arrested, charged and convicted of manslaughter. The judge sentenced her to 3 to 9 years in a juvenile detention center. Kayla and the teen were both members of the Supreme Allstars — an independent cheerleading squad.

But Kayla was also captain of Mount Vernon’s junior varsity cheerleading team, and that made Tayanna even more jaundiced.

For what it’s worth, the malefactor apologized to Kayla’s family in court. “I am sorry my actions took away a big sister. I am sorry my actions took away a daughter,” Tayanna bemoaned. “I think of all the different choices I could have made that day that would have left Kayla alive and saved her family this heartache. But that is why everyone is here today, because I made bad choices.”

Kayla’s mom, Lavern Gordon, called both the sentence and the apology a joke.

“Justice did not occur today. Mockery did,” she said.

“My family is broken and our heart will never mend from this loss of my daughter.”

During the stabbing, Kayla’s friend jumped in to intervene and Tayanna stabbed her in the leg.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Parents need to teach their children not to have that ugly ssa trait called JEALOUSY AND ENVY! Like my goodness that was a senseless k*lling smh and her weird self need to be serving atleast 40yrs!!! Idc if she’s only 15. She let jealousy be the reason she took a beautiful young woman away from her family! Rest peacefully Kayla!!! Oh and not to mention she almost k*lled Kayla’s best friend too smh and still only got 3-9yrs… should have been charged with murder& attempted murder! NO JUSTICE

  2. I CAN’T EVEN…3-9 years??? What in THE WORLD??!!! I can’t believe that…
    Lord Have Mercy, please help Kayla’s family and the other victim…

  3. I will keep saying it Drug Dealers get more time then murderers smfh

  4. She stabs someone in the heart, which is intentional of unaliving them, and stabs a other victim in the leg, but gets sentences to 3 years, and will mostly likely be released on her 18th birthday. How is that considered justice?

  5. It’s hard to believe these kids are literally taking others’ lives and getting no repercussions behind it. They are moving on with their lives and leaving the suffering to others. I swear something has to be done about the justice system. Kids need anger management in schools and a class on how to deal with conflict resolution and rejection because they are not getting it from their parents but other families are the one’s that suffer from the damage of their children. SAD RIP baby girl and I pray for comfort for your family.😢

  6. I’m sorry if this was my baby I would be counting her days down to get my own justice I wouldn’t care if she was 5 she knew better she understood what she was doing and should be held accountable as such

  7. Hmmm, I thought only white people received light sentences. Ratchet privilege !

  8. Now if she kills somebody else when she gets out, it will be on that judge for that light sentence.

  9. Children should be children. Allowed to just be kids. These children are behaving like adults, looking like adults and doing adult things. Take away these phones, social media, these so called outings, spend more time with your children, dont leave it up to THESE people to watch over your children. The system is a setup for US to fail. This is too much. Smh ️

  10. How these kids have so much hatred and jealousy in there heart at such a young age is beyond me .. Praying for her family

  11. I have a cousin who lives in Mt Vernon. She is a social worker. Mt vernon used t to be upper middle class. My point. MV was an ideal place to live… I Truly believe the EARTH world is HELL now..

  12. She should have been charged as an adult. What a slap in the face to the victims family.

  13. 3-9 years for ending another person’s life out of jealousy. That judge needs to be disbarred.

  14. This generation needs JESUS!! We all need him but it’s sad because he times we are in we’re able to watch it happen repeatedly & we’re even able to see the actions that may have led up to events like this! But man this is so sad it didn’t need to happen at all. She not only killed a teen she injured another one

  15. I bet if she was white they’d get life. 3-9 for first degree murder is spitting on the family and the deceased’s faces

  16. this why black lives matter is a thing. if she stabbed a whyte girl, she would’ve gotten two life sentences. she’s 15 with a history of violent conduct and she’s STABBED a group of kids and is gona get out?

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