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Trucker kills baby mama, leaving baby home alone

Adelin shot Ramiah 12 times/YouTube

Truck driver kills baby mama. 

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PITTSBURGH — In this week’s episode of “If I Can’t Have You No One Can…” Adelin Itongwa, 22, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama, 20-year-old Ramiah “Remy” Griffin, because she moved on with her life. The femicide transpired on February 9, 2024 at Ramiah’s apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to multiple reports, Adelin and Ramiah split up after their infant daughter was born. But he sought to rekindle their romance, imploring her to take him back. When Ramiah said “no,” Adelin pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking her 12 times before fleeing the scene. Their baby was in an adjacent bedroom. The murder took place around 3 a.m. But police didn’t find Ramiah’s corpse until 4:30 p.m., which means Adelin left his daughter home alone for more than 13 hours. Ain’t that a bitch? “He wanted us to find her like that,” Mariah Griffin, Ramiah’s sister, told reporters. “He wanted us to find my niece soiled in her diaper and my sister lifeless on her bed.”

Adelin, a truck driver, tried to stage an alibi. First, he parked his semi-trailer at a different location. Then, he stole his own mother’s car and drove it to Ramiah’s place to effectuate the crime. Detectives used surveillance footage to identify his black ass. Adelin was arrested and charged with criminal homicide and endangering the welfare of a child. “We treated him like family,” Mariah recalled.

“He was at the family dinners and anytime there was a birthday, he was there.”

Ramiah was a fashionista, hair stylist and TikToker.

She and Adelin did a bunch of videos together.

Prior to gettin’ arrested, the chump even had the audacity to attend Ramiah’s funeral.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. The problem is that these women are not taught to take their time with people. Get to know someone first. You don’t have to be, boyfriend and girlfriend.

  2. He has snake eyes. Never trust a guy That Looks like a snake with spider hair. Those black guys are No good.. so sad what happened to her. rest in peace

  3. A lot of men (not all) but most are wicked and envious of a woman filled with light, can cheer up a room, who is loved by many with a positive outlook on life. I come across too many of them. Idk what it is but they just don’t like to see a woman in her power doing her thing man, even with a gracious heart.. the world has a lot of wickedness.. Protect yourself Queens. I don’t even like dating anymore much love to baby girl and may mommas soul rest peacefully

  4. Why did he do this???? They never said why? They broke up…. What happened? Left the baby alone? Plus they were so young

  5. She was pretty i see why he was jealous of her with his zesty ass then had the nerve to show up at her funeral they supposed to had got down on him

  6. They just killing our women and who they expect to take care of all these children they are leaving behind? They dont care! She had everything going for her. Just gets on my nerves.

  7. What was it about him that she liked again…can someone explain that to me, because im not sure what she saw in him, he has a low self esteem and self worth that being said you can look at him and tell, that if hes in a relationship hes gonna be jealous and controlling hes not attractive at all, i never go for men who look as if they have low self esteem, because it turns into a nightmare, when u as a woman know that you were blessed with looks, go for men who have confidence as well, because if not, that man is going to be jealous of you and become abusive…hence eventually kill u

  8. The baby wasn’t his. The baby has 0 of his features which is what his family probably told him and the people around him. Prayers for the young ladies family

  9. Love in front of the camera and world is a sad mentality insane thing. It was , is and never will be successful that way. Love is a personal thing when it’s real. You don’t need affirmation from others, only the two that share it! RIP! Young sister!

  10. This ninja emptied the whole clip on her,smh as a father,how could you,do that, with your child present? A whole animal

  11. These Pookies and Pookeeshas are a real burden to society. This kid didn’t stand a chance with parents like these. Maybe the kid will be adopted by responsible people, thereby getting a better chance than she would have with either of these cretins.

    What exactly did Pookeesha do for a living? She was a hair stylist, I mean weave stylist. Which means she didn’t have any viable means to support a child. But being female, she could always rely on zaddy welfare. I for one, am sick and tired of my tax money going to the worthless. At least he was a truck driver.

    These Pookies are homcidal maniacs. And these Pookeeshas are damaged beyond repair weave wearing welfare leeches.

    Society would be better off without them both.

  12. He didn’t know what he liked about her and he probably don’t even know why he even killed her because even tho he didn’t hurt the baby, why would you leave her in those conditions?!. Sad and senseless, ladies learn to be by yourself because these men we left with don’t even love themselves lettalone love u or their children. His eyes speak volumes, that’s them psychopath eyes.


  14. When he shot that poor girl 12 times it was an overkill and this fool is a pure evil, wicked demon

  15. Everybody always mad at the guy. I’m sure he has a long list of why this happened. All women aren’t victims nor innocent!

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