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Football analyst poisoned, deleted pregnant girlfriend

Blaise killed Jade and the baby/Gritty

Pregnant mom & baby poisoned.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NASHVILLE — “Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe?” Blaise Taylor, 28, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his gravid girlfriend, 25-year-old Jade Benning, because he didn’t want the baby. The femicide transpired on February 25, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. According to police reports, Blaise — a former college football star at Arkansas State and TV analyst at Texas A&M — implored Jade to jettison the fetus amid trepidation of child support. Jade – who was 5 months preggo – told him “f*ck no.” She couldn’t envision killing her baby. She was achieving parturition with or without Blaise’s blessing. Rather than step to the plate and handle his responsibilities like a man, Blaise told Rae Carruth, “hold my beer.” Then he pulled a Bill Cosby by slipping something into Jade’s drink. The frugal simp called 911 and lied, telling the operator his girlfriend was having an allergic reaction. But Jade was healthy enough to call her BFF and she heard everything.

“She was saying, ‘My drink tasted funny, I can’t even walk straight, you did this to do something to the baby,'” the tearful friend recalled on the stand during her testimony.

“I was like, ‘Jade, Jade,’ and she stopped responding.”

Jade was admitted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where her baby was pronounced dead two days later. Jade, who was poisoned, died on March 6th — her 25th birthday. Blaise was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He was also fired by Texas A&M. Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “That fool would rather rot in prison than be with a beautiful woman and raise their child. Make it make sense.” Another chimed in with, “Why is she drinking alcohol and she’s pregnant? Also, I don’t see why men don’t use protection if they don’t want kids.”


Jade was a big-time chef with her own catering business.

Watch the explosive documentary, which includes ample testimony.

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  1. So if you don’t want a baby, why not take precautions. What is wrong with these men?

  2. It’s high time women learn that you cannot keep a man by having his baby , she went to his place hoping for what to happen ?? A reunion??
    It is now her family that is left to pick up the pieces , could have stayed far away from this guy the moment he made it clear he didn’t want to be part of the baby’s life

  3. So sad that lots of pregnant women are murdered every year by the father of the child….RIP Jade and her daughter

  4. I believe that women should consider obtaining a restraining order if a man forcefully pressures them to undergo an abortion, move to a different city or state, and file for child support. This situation reminds me of the Rae Carruth story, and it seems that I consistently see men from the same demographic getting angry about having to pay child support. They never seem to be held accountable for their sexual behaviour.

  5. What was the “poison”? Where did he get it from? so tragic and look at him now…in orange. SMF WON THE SFPRIZE. I never heard of him until now. He is one of many Ballers, who dropped the fking ball FOR REAL FOR REAL. ILLEGAL PASS BRO, you look DIRTY. Heaven celebrates the new arrivals. Yet, he will have a lifetime to wait, his turn, and Heaven is not an option at this point, soooo…. He Wil See.

  6. They were seeing other people, so she automatically said it was his. It ain’t worth going to jail for, sound like a money grab to me.

  7. The jail is full of pathetic men who would rather spend the rest of their lives in jail than give up a couple of hundred dollars a month in child support. I bet he is tackling Bubba trying to keep him off his axx.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen … wear protection if you know you DON’T want a child, be RESPONSIBLE when dating and when a man does a 360 regarding his outlook on being a dad, BEWARE!

  9. Stop casually hooking up with people if you’re not going use birth control (both men and women) if when the woman becomes pregnant you don’t want to parent or financially support the child. As for women, if a man let it be known he doesn’t want to physically or financially support his unborn child you’re carrying, turn into a ghost. Stop letting people have as much access as they want to you when they’ve already told you or shown you how they feel. You can’t force people to do what they don’t want to do.

  10. This is horrible and he’s a monster. If you don’t want kids, use protection. As for women, if your bed partner is not committed to you, you’re taking a big chance getting pregnant. This happens too often even to married women. Look at Laci Peterson. These men will think nothing of disposing of you and your child one way or another.

  11. All this probably to avoid child support. Praying forJade’s family and friends.

  12. Well i think females get to chose abortions all the time ! So men should be able to as well !!!

  13. What a selfish, hateful piece of filth. I don’t understand why she went eating and drinking with him. When a “man” tells you he doesn’t want a baby, BELIEVE HIM. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that he’ll change his mind during the pregnancy, or after the baby comes. He WON’T. It’s heartbreaking that she had to find out, too late, just what he was capable of.

  14. The fact that she immediately knew he poisoned her tells me he had let her know prior that he didn’t want the baby. Ladies, stay away from these men who tell you they don’t want your baby. You never know what a person is capable of. He didn’t want to pay child support & was probably cheating on his main chick with her.

  15. So he didn’t wanna deal with her pregnancy so he poisoned them both? What a monster, RIP to the baby and girl, and to die on your birthday, that is just beyond tragic.

  16. We as women need to stop giving our bodies to men who don’t want us having their children. That’s basically two enemies getting down. I bet she was ready to take him for everything he had and he wasn’t about to let that happen.

  17. Tried to get out of that child support. I get it. Im sure she was probably just trying to secure that football money and easy life by just trapping dude with a kid like a lot of women these days but actually acting on it is kinda wild.

  18. There’s a movie on BET+ called Wake . Lil murder put cocaine into his baby mother’s drink, and she died.

  19. Homicidal Psychopath. Why, why was he afraid she was going to ask for child support. Did He want to start a life with someone else? Such a beautiful young Woman. So many Men today don’t or won’t simply walk away…. they seem to think killing someone is the answer to their so called problems.

  20. He was determined not to be a father, & didn’t see another way out.

    This is the kind of world a ban on abortion encourages. Bad people will go to extremes to avoid the burden of caring for another life.

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