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Access Daily: Shemar Moore talks about following in Samuel Jackson’s footsteps

Shemar following Samuel L. Jackson. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOLLYWOOD — Talk about a tough act to follow. Shemar Moore sat down with Kit Hoover and Scott Evans for 8 minutes on “Access Daily” to confabulate his protagonist role as Sergeant Dan “Hondo” Harrelson in the “S.W.A.T.” crime-fighting series. Samuel L. Jackson portrayed the character in 2003.  When asked how ...

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Junkie Video: Chris Brown exhibits weird crackhead behavior, Lizzo still loves him

Chris Brown has ‘crackhead’ look.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — The Internet was set ablaze the other day when a video surfaced that shows R&B singer Chris Brown “fidgeting back and forth” like a damn crackhead. The 32-year-old vocalist exhibited junkie-esque deportment backstage during one of his concerts with corpulent songstress Lizzo. Chris’ body moments were jerky and ...

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Shaquille O’Neal trashes Kyrie Irving for eschewing the vaccine, wants him fired

Shaquille O’Neal lambasted Kyrie.  Blog King, Mass Appeal BROOKLYN — Shaquille O’Neal has joined the celebrity campaign to get every American inoculated with the COVID vaccine. The NBA Hall-of-Famer, who lacks a medical license, made headlines this week when he said the Brooklyn Nets should fire point guard Kyrie Irving who’s against involuntary immunizations. Shaq, 49, spewed the diatribe during ...

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