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Heat forward Jimmy Butler reveals woke feminine look

Jimmy Butler shows feminine side/YouTube

Jimmy Butler egresses closet.

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MIAMI — First, the Illuminati coaxed Travis Kelce into starring in a transgender Bud Light commercial. Now this. Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler raised eyebrows on media day when he showed up donning a woke “emo” coiffure and black nail polish — lookin’ like a lil bitch. The homo also sported pierced lips, nose and eyebrows. Jimmy, if you recall, wore dreadlocks at last year’s NBA event. On Monday, he upped the ante. “I feel like I’m very emotional right now,” Jimmy explained to reporters. “This is my emo state, and I like this. This is me. This is how I’m feeling as of late.” Jimmy’s teammates couldn’t believe what they saw. “Ain’t no way that’s him,” power forward Bam Adebayo said with a laugh. “What is wrong with him? That’s not real. He’s just misunderstood. If this is a phase he’s going through at 34,… I guess you’ve got to let him go through his phases.”

Shooting guard Tyler Herro thought it was a “Trick or Treat” joke. “He told me that’s his Halloween [costume],” he said. Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “This is sad. They got Jimmy.” Another chimed in with, “The NBA is a joke now. Pure clown show 🤡.” A third viewer added, “N*gga looks like Jermaine Stewart. I wonder if he can sing ‘We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off?'”

Should Jimmy transfer to the WNBA?

Are Democrats using sports to transmogrify men into bitches?

Watch Jimmy address the media with his new gay look.

Share your thoughts.

This Post Has 79 Comments

  1. Dat nicca gonna be looking like Big Red when he hung Byrd off the balcony in Five Heartbeats after the Game!!!…😂😂😂. Perm all over the place…

  2. Bløød went to one of them parties and got turn out that’s all 😂

  3. Look like he’s wearing eye makeup 🛎️
    The Jerry Curl,maybe
    The Perm 👀

  4. Dave Chappell and Tiny Lister talked about this and REFUSED to do it. Pretty much every other black man in showbiz has been in a dress in one role or another. Tyler Perry sold his soul for the bag.

  5. Black men you don’t need to wear a dress and skirts. Stop letting people make a fool out of you.

  6. 😂😂😂I’m looking through these comments. Why are half of em oblivious to the fact that dude is just trolling? Why is everything concerning black peoples a conspiracy? Why y’all so sensitive nowadays? Lighten up it’s very obviously a harmless joke at no ones expense.

  7. @drakeuchiha: Why can’t he troll without looking like a woman. How about wearing a big cowboy hat or anything other than a woman

  8. For those making excuses for why another grown as man want to look as if they wants there cheeks clapped your the problem idc about losing no bets I’m not about to destroy my image lol clowns only watch sports I see

  9. I’m tired of black men, specifically dark skinned men. They always doing something to make themselves look stupid in front of the world. 😡

  10. This may very well be the funniest thing I have ever seen an NBA player do. I can’t stop laughing.

  11. Part of agenda to encourage men to do women things and feminine behavior. A spiritual warfare the blind can not see.😮😮😢😢

  12. Come On NBA Guys The Female Relaxer Hair and Painted Nails🤬 Our Young Black Male Youths Are Watching Bruh! That’s Not A Good Look! Praying Ya Bruh🤲🏽🙏🏽

  13. He’s not trolling. Or he wouldn’t have got all the facial piercings. Hes embracing his feminine side. Probably Bi

  14. Millionaires always do this. They get bored and explore dumb wild shit. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. My guy Jimmy Butler sold his soul for a championship for next yr I bet you that. Smh

  16. Nails too…oh WOW…jimmy jimmy oh jimmy i wouldn’t want you guarding me not even a pick-and-roll

  17. i already called it, this f*cker is going to be the next Dennis Rodman 🤦🏾‍♂🤣

  18. He suppose to be emo but came out looking like a pimp named Slickback…

  19. Still don’t get it!? Now if he had a fur coat and jumped out a caddy, that’s a different thing,but this!? Piercing all around his mouth!? Yea,ok!!

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