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Jaguars safety says Travis Kelce stuck up & conceited

Kelce and Taylor Swift gettin’ it on/YouTube

Jenkins said Kelce full of himself.

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JACKSONVILLE — Yesterday, yours truly insinuated Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce might be full of himself. Turns out, my imputation was correct. That’s because Jacksonville Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins had a few choice words for Kelce after KC’s 17-9 road victory on Sunday. If you recall, it was a busy offseason for Kelce. He hosted Saturday Night Live. He recorded a million television commercials. He grabbed the mic during the team’s White House visit before Patrick Mahomes wisely intervened. And, as the proverbial cherry on top, he hooked up with pop songstress Taylor Swift. Jenkins believes the stardom has gone to Kelce’s head. “Of course [Kelce]’s a good player, but he’s a little too extra, at times,” Jenkins told News4Jax. “He gets to disrespecting, he feels like he’s above people. We’re all men out there, let’s just play the game.” Jenkins couldn’t have said it better. Kelce was flagged for two personal fouls and he punted the football into the stands after scoring a touchdown. Conventional wisdom suggests No. 87 should tone it down and show some humility.

Social media reaction was Icy Hot. One commenter wrote, “I was at the game and Travis Kelce kicking that ball was disrespectful.” Another chimed in with, “I would be conceited too if I was f*cking Taylor Swift.” A third person added, “Lol. It’s always someone crying about taking an ‘L.’ My boy Kelce has put on a show every time he has played them. He just came off a knee injury less than 10 days ago. Get real. He is a first ballot Hall of Famer for a reason. Get out of your feelings and take the ‘L’ my boy.”

Do you agree with Jenkins?

Does Kelce believe he’s better than everyone else?

Watch Jenkins put him on blast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. One of the best tight ends to play the game comes off injury and Jenkins is unimpressed. As Yoda said, “You will be. You will be.”

  2. Finally! 😂 After she ghosted him at her concert, I’ve been hoping she’d give him a shot 😂

  3. Future Taylor Swift songs include:

    I Can’t Block… You Out of My Life

    Naughty & Sneaky

    Big Yeti Loving

    87 & Running…Into Your Arms

    You’re Not Gronk

  4. He’s been full of himself since day one. When he started making quotes from The Rock, “Know your role”, Beastie Boys, “you Gotta fight for your right to party” I no longer was a fun. His ego is out of control and he needs to humble himself

  5. I thought Travis likes knee-grr poo-see. I thought he had some “Dark. Meat” she-boon at the Super Bowl last year.

  6. Kelce got caught cheating on his girlfriend. Taylor would never go out with him. They have zero in common. She is a global superstar. And he is a very arrogant football player.

  7. Taylor number is 13
    Travis number is 87
    Total is 100. Perfect 😊😊😊
    Both has 6 and born 1989.
    Taylor = 6
    Travis = 6

  8. Hopefully Travis is going balls deep in Taylor…he’s truly the man if he is!

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