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Alfonso Ribeiro’s family labeled the ‘whitest’ ever

Alfonso has a white family/Getty

Alfonso Ribeiro taking heat. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Alfonso Ribeiro, choreographer of the anomalous ‘Carlton Dance,’ suffered a savage beating over the weekend when he shared a holiday photo of his family via Instagram with the caption: “Merry Christmas from my family to yours.” The picture shows Alfonso, who’s a negro, standing next to his blonde, blue-eyed Caucasian wife and their quartet of mulatto children. Can’t lie, the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alum sticks out like a sore thumb. He’s the only one with a dark corium. Black Twitter users are calling them the “whitest” black family in American history. One fan wrote, “The Carlton dance tells you all you need to know. He got some weak genes.” Another added, “He might need a DNA test, or 4.” Alfonso, if you recall, ruffled feathers earlier this year when he accused black people of ostracizing him for marrying a white woman.

“Being Black isn’t something that I try to be. It’s who I am,” Alfonso said at the time. “I am in a mixed relationship and I get things and [dirty] looks and comments constantly. And I find it very interesting because you see a lot of things on social media where people say things and people have positions and perspectives. And it’s not easy to make that choice, because you’re not at home in any home. I’m never going to be white and I’m never going to be fully supported in the black house.”

“So I’m in my own little world with support from almost no one, to be in love with someone I’ve fallen in love with,” he continued. “How does that make sense? It doesn’t. We all want to live in a world where everyone is accepted for being and loving and living the way they choose to live. I will support any person that wants to live in a world that they want to live in. I’ll support a racist person to live in a world that they want to live in. They don’t have to be around me.”

Do you support Alfonso’s interracial marriage?

Should black people cut him some slack?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This weakazz negro must have payed someone to donate sperm; either that or his girl been creeping since day one. Dude has got to be the whitest “brotha” in history

  2. Let’s look at it this way who has more drama Alfonso with his wife with no problems in the media or Will Smith and Jada pinkett who wants to screw everybody around the way and embarrass her man in the public and her own kids calling her a w** think about that one I’ll take Alfonso

  3. Whats wrong with this pic? Looks like me and my wife and kids. Our children look white because their mom is white. Who cares.

  4. Nobody gets dumped on more than a conservative, intelligent, productive BM happily involved or married to someone outside Tha Communitah. People want BM to follow their script even if it makes them totally miserable and non-productive. I left the Hood Matrix years ago and never looked back. Now I just keep earning my bread and shaking my head.

  5. 99% of BW consider this brother a “lame” anyway. They don’t want guy like him, but it’s not acceptable for him to have options outside of them. They really don’t care about him, his happy relationship is a refection of their failings and insecurities. As a BM, you are not permitted to live a free, positive, and happy existence. Even a lot of crab in the bucket brothers don’t like seeking other brothers prosper.

  6. This is nothing! Go look at Diana Ross family’s Christmas photo. It’s almost 20 people in the pic and only 3 black people smh…Diana, her oldest, and one of her grandkids.

  7. Yeah those genes looking a bit suspect, but there are too many hating, miserable, crab in a barrel negroes.

    How many of y’all black women were checking for Carlton before this? I suspect not too many.

  8. “Being black isn’t what I’m trying to be, it’s what I am. I’m running the same race and jumping the same hurdles you are, so why are you tripping me up? You said we need to stick together but you don’t even know what that means. If you ask me, you’re the real sellout.”

    He said this 20+ years ago and it’s still relevant to today.

  9. The black nuclear family in America has long been under attack… the seed has been planted in A/A women to be strong and independent , to be a mother and not a wife.. it is very scary for the future of the black family.

  10. Can I please meet that one guy who actually wants a wife, wants to be monogamous. I mean no offense but our black men have let us down. The world is a messed up place right now!

  11. Leave this man alone, he is married to a snowbunny, and they have a stable marriage, we have to stop criticizing these men, if you rejected him and wont let him in, how is he suppose to find a black woman to help and suppport him in the first place? I love my black people, but leave that man alone and let it be, he is stable in his life.

  12. I don’t see him in none of them kids!!! 🤔🤔🤔. I mean nothing.

  13. Looking at what his co-star Will Smith going through with his wife, he’s definitely sticking with his white wife.

  14. Hell, I went to visit my white friend out of town that I haven’t seen in 5 years and she paid for dinner, washed my clothes and was so hospitable. Had me reevaluating things

  15. The daughter is his , the other two Mamas babies , Daddy’s maybe

  16. Fux wrong with y’all? Why the hell are y’all judging his family? He’s a good dude that has been married to the same women for years. He’s by far not the first Black man with a blond blue eyed wife. Two of the kids favor him and the other two favor his wife. Y’all watch to much Maury.
    Little dudes anchor man hair is kind of funny but in a cute way.

  17. If you put enough milk in the coffee, this is what you get. When you choose to reproduce with them, you’re basically trying to get kids that don’t look like you. This isn’t a black family. This is a black, white, and biracial family. Period. You cannot recreate the black family with just one person.

  18. Beautiful pic! If the man is happy, it’s no one else business. Much respect to Alfonso because he’s probably one of the only 70-80s child actors who’s never been in trouble.

  19. I’m just gonna put this right here and see where it lands. We are also talking about preferences as well. It’s a well-known fact, and they even made fun of it on every sitcom he was on. Alfonso is not a tall man. Let that sink in for a minute .… I hear women say they can’t date a man under a certain height all the time… I wonder how many times he’s heard that? In his circles? People are quick to judge others decisions, without even knowing the circumstances that led to said decisions. Shit is weird let that man live his life with his WIFE. You have to use that word wife, because I guarantee you some of those people in those comments don’t even know what one looks like.

  20. I don’t have a problem with black men/black women marrying who they damn well please. However, let’s stop uplifting white women as though they are the only women deserving of reverence. Love who you love without judging or downplaying other races. White women are not the only prizes. Geesh! Enough of this $hit! Sick of this conversation.

  21. Who cares? This dude been playing a whiteish character on tv since was it spoons? Only time he even acted any kinda black was doin Michael Jackson commercial and even mj isn’t the epitome of blackness after he whitewashed him damn self. He sat on many stages over many years literally yelling how he loves white women and we literally never cared because he has done nothing influential to black culture. He is not will smith. This has been his destiny his whole life stop givin him clout for being who he always wanted to be. He’s nothing. He’s no one. We don’t care.

  22. Which one would you rather have. A white wife with a family or a black wife that tells the world your business and having entanglements? Can’t stand black Twitter

  23. I’m not against interracial marriage.
    But if we’re trying to help black people then there’s gotta be black people.
    If the most successful of us marry outside the race then what’s it all about?
    Carlton’s kids are all gonna marry white as well and then all his wealth washing right back to white wealth.

  24. We isolate men who aren’t “black enough” for the culture then we get mad because they go where they are appreciated… I don’t get it honestly… You can’t treat black men like they are outsiders in their own community and then criticize them for going outside the community for love and companionship

  25. I’m jealous of his marriage because I married a bed wench with herpes that wanted to stay in contact with men she had affairs with in her last marriage.

  26. I’m not mad at him at all. About his choice in wife.
    Yet WE, the Black Community, especially the sisters, know FOR-SURE the the 2 youngest children Aren’t his children. ¹Hair too straight, ²too blonde, ³not enough Visible melanin‼️💯🙏🏾💪🏾✊🏾

  27. I’m not knocking nobody for what they choice is but mine’s is same color as me

  28. I’mma just say this and move on.

    Who a brother marries ain’t NOBODY’S G*DDAMNED BUSINESS….and ANYONE who goes after a black man for his choice in marriage?…Y’ALL are the problem. You wanna know WHY racism and this stigma won’t EVER leave the black race?…its because the BLACK COMMUNITY and not the whites…can’t seem to LET THIS SH*T GO!? And if I had to narrow it down a bit more?…its the BLACK WOMAN that really has the problem! Because I’m almost certain a lot of the brothers out there?…couldn’t give a DAMN about who this man is married to! But dollars to donuts there’s a cadre of black women who are sitting around “feasting” on this man’s wife and kids and marriage.
    And here’s the question: does ANYONE either here in this conversation or out there in twitter-ville think HE CARES!?…hes got millions…he’s got kids and a wife…a nice house…and an easy life….do you think he gives a rat’s a$$ who’s upset that his wife ain’t black?…HAhahahah!! Retards.

    I WISH someone would “come for me” regarding my ASIAN wife……I’ll put you in your place PERMANENTLY…. Bunch of nosy ass cackling crows…

    You women want more black men to “choose” you?…here’s some tips….maybe stop dressing like “you’re working on the corner”?….and dress like a lady? Following the fashions of Nikki Minaj?..isn’t the ideal dressing style of a lady. Maybe stop walking around calling every black man “ni&&a”?……you have no idea how unappealing it is to hear a female talking about her “ni&&a” and how he will be wildin’ out with them ni&&as from around the block. Maybe stop with the “Angry Black Women”…..or to be more precise the “Strong Black Woman” mindset…while a man can appreciate a woman that will get her hands dirty with him?…no man wants to marry a woman who is combative at every turn. And we have all seen the videos or read the articles about “Oh he can’t handle a strong black woman”…..well guess what?…THATS one of the reasons why we black men look to OTHER races!…..because I’ve never heard one say: “He just can’t hand;;e a strong White Woman”…or a “Stron Asian Woman”?….nope…seems only the black woman feels the need to be strong. And yes….that mindset WAS true in the 1800’s when the white slave masters abused you….took your children from you, worked you like a mule…….

    we’re in the year 2021…going into 2022. There are no more slave-masters, so all your “strength” you claim to have?…seems to be ineffective in you finding a man who’s willing to marry you, and its this same strength that you’re so proud of…THAT’S KEEPING MEN FROM MARRYING YOU.
    Maybe STOP with the smart ass comments, the constant combative attitude, the insistence on “not doin’ that” whatever “that” is…..maybe stop paying attention to the “Real Housewives from Wherever” and concentrate on making yourself the ideal wife?

  29. He wasn’t fully accepted in the black community way way Before he married that woman.

  30. Some folks are just gonna hate you regardless you fit the stereotype or not. For a lot of women they wouldn’t even give him the time of day because he’s not their type but because he’s happily married to an attractive and faithful woman with a good family, folks gotta start taking mess. At the end of the day some folks just need to have drama just to get through the day sadly.

  31. The problem some people have with Alphonso is that he doesn’t fit the typical “bm” image, as in speech and demeanor. And, if he is with a non-bw, the perception is even worse. I wish the black race would stop with the “acting white” or “talking white”. This man has never said anything negative about his race, therefore why the attacks on him?

  32. There nothing wrong with him having a white wife. And we have to look at what the alternative would be for him as a black man. If he marries a woman of the same race as him, the problem is black women have the highest divorce rate in the country. If a man wants to have a successful marriage, marrying a black woman is not a good idea. That’s just the truth. He probably married someone he is compatible with.

  33. I married a white woman too & I don’t care what anybody says or thinks! Do I think white women are better than black women?….”nope” ..I’m with who I fell in love with. Yeah, I get the dirty looks from black women & a few white men, but don’t care! 😄

  34. As a Black Woman I can only agree. We are not checking for Alfonso so why are we mad that he found a woman who holds him down. And his daughter looks more like him than the wife not that that matters. Im so sick of people not being happy with their situations then going to tear down happy homes. LEAVE CARLTON ALONE lol! The one thing I cant agree on is that black women arent judged too, look at how they ragged on KEKE PALMER when she was dating that unproblematic white guy

  35. Most Black women wouldn’t date him anyway!!! Even Will Smith isn’t Black enough for Jada….

  36. Brothas marrying white women or any other race of women besides our own is a DAMN SHAME!!! Brothas need to marry our sisters and stop making them baby mamas. Blacks Hispanics and native Americans are the same people marry each other!!

  37. Our culture is broken. I don’t blame BW. I don’t blame BM. I blame society and the evil demons who brought AA’s on slave ships and have beaten us and broken us and broke down our structure to the point that we can’t have a family. Stop BLAMING EACH OTHER! Blame the real monsters because we are under attack

  38. If I played Carlton Banks I wouldn’t give 2 fucks about what people say.

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