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Michigan’s Juwan Howard slapped Wisconsin coach

Howard and Gard had words/Clutchpoints

Howard lost his cool. 

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MADISON, Wis — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to Michigan men’s basketball coach Juwan Howard who bitch-slapped Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft on Sunday in the handshake line. The assault transpired during Michigan’s 77-63 defeat to Wisconsin. It was also captured on national television. CBS footage shows Howard having contretemps with Wisconsin coach Greg Gard. Then he put his finger in Gard’s countenance before grabbing his sweater. That’s when Krabbenhoft came to the rescue. Only problem is, instead of de-escalating the situation, Krabbenhoft added kerosene to the fire and got thwacked as a repercussion. An all-out brawl ensued. Howard told reporters Gard pissed him off when he called a timeout with 15 seconds left when Wisconsin led by 15.

“I didn’t like the timeout they called, and I’m being totally honest with you,” Howard explained. “I thought it was not necessary at that moment, especially with it being a large lead. … I thought that wasn’t fair to our guys. And so that’s what happened.”

Wisconsin athletic director Chris McIntosh didn’t mince words after the game. He was absolutely livid. “There’s no room, no space for conduct like that in any competition, much less a Big Ten competition,” McIntosh fumed. “The Big Ten takes pride in sportsmanship. The Big Ten takes pride in acting with class. That didn’t happen today.”

Howard, who’s black, was suspended for the rest of the season.

Both Gard and Krabbenhoft are white.

Gard put his hands on Howard first.

Many people believe racism was involved.

Watch the bitch-slap.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Black men, black women, we TIRED of white men and white women starting shit, talking shit, and then wanna run when their ass get whooped! What more do they want, they have the world at their feet for JUST being white.😡

  2. Why is he still pressing down 14 pts? I understand being competitive til the end, so why get pissed off when the opposing team does the same?

  3. He will be wondering why he got fired the next day. He had a problem with the coach for calling a timeout and he decided to punched a different guy.🤔🤣

  4. Wisconsin coach started the BS so what if Michigan was pressing! All they had to do was throw a long pass and the game would have been over. Howard shook his hand and wanted to just go on his way most coaches do that. There was no excuse for the Wisconsin coach to put his hands on Howard. If anyone should be suspended it should be the Wisconsin coach. No one knows what he said to Howard, Howard should be suspended for a couple of games but the Wisconsin coach should be suspended for the rest of the year had he just let Howard walk by after the handshake none of that would have happened.

  5. Juwan Howard had every right to feel the way he did, If I walk past you and I don’t want to talk to you that’s my right get you’re dam hands off me. Period….

  6. first off the other coach grabbed howard to try and talk first escalating situation and then that tall goofy coach had one of howards players arm and thats why i think howard reacted that way

  7. If only that black guy wouldve calmed down instead of using violence, ghetto never leaves a person

  8. This is unacceptable in college sports the heck with suspension. I don’t care who you are. HE SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  9. I’m black but if a white coach would’ve did that the dumbass media would make a race war out of this 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. What a great example for the young men you’re in charge of leading. What a fucking joke. Act like you’ve been there before and emotionally detach.

  11. Perfect role model at a time when 10’s of 1,000’s of Black Men are incarcerated for crimes occuring after they felt they were “disrespected” … Another episode of when “Keeping it Real” goes wrong …

  12. “Hey Juwan could I get an autograph before your prolonged suspension”

  13. He’s only mad because he got coach of the year last year. Then starts off season ranked 5 and his team is TRASH now lol

  14. Ugly, This is how the 13.4% act Howard needs to go. Showed your true color Brother.

  15. The guys should’ve just let Howard shake hands and walk by.. The dude got in his face.

  16. THANK GOD….. it wasn’t the other way around or else the media and the libs would talk about this for months and label the white guy a racists and demand the “death penalty” 😉

  17. Gotta hold the wisconsin coach accountable for the unwarranted grabbing of Juwons arm when he was just trying to get through the line. That grab was tasteless and disrespect to any man. That’s not a grab of I want your attention to explain something. He grabbed Juwon like he was his kid. Then that set off Juwon. So start the conversation where the initial contact came into play and understand its intent.

  18. Ridiculous…. Dude he walked up and ran his mouth 3rd person in the situation, howard has passion for his team and reacted poorly. but his dumbass stepped into at the end of the day, if you don’t wanna get ran over stay outta the street, if anyone should be at fault it’s Gard for not just shaking hands and keep walking, the player behind Howard was willing to shake hands and keep it moving too.. how anyone can’t see that is ignorant, who put hand on who first

  19. Juwan is nearly twice his size and a former athlete. I don’t know about the other coach but he doesn’t look like a former athlete unless it was a hotdog eating contest. Juwan’s explanation is that he called a timeout he didn’t like? and the little fat guy “touched” his chest so he was defending himself. Honestly Juwan should go to jail for this behavior. If I did this at my local YMCA I would definitely be in jail.

  20. Somehow this will be spun as racist and an “outrage to the black community”.

  21. Is everyone blind, im not even a fan of this bullshit but its clear as day that Juwan was walking right past that dude (guard) and he grabbed Juwan. At no point did that man have the right to grab Juwan. Now they complaining like little girls because he reacted. How fucking typical, you grab someone than cry when that person smacks you. Sounds like children. Get em a bunch of pacifiers so they stop crying.

  22. #1. Juwan did not initiate this (you simply can not put you hands on another as the coach impeded Juwan). #2 Juan did not punch the aggressor (he clearly could have if that was his intent). #3. Finally the guy who got the face swipe (failed attempts at a head grab), was the aggressor. Period. Everything after that… so be it. Having said that… collectively, all of them were out of line and inappropriate. But I am asking that you build a narrative based on TRUTH! The narrative should include the acts of Gard (the initiator of all this) and NOT just Howard.

  23. Trust me ,this behavior from Black Men throughout America is for only making a big case for the Whites and Asian to hate,so when the Civil War starts guess who will be their number one target? The Black Communities and we will lose because we do not have or own the Military.

  24. And people are wondering why more black HCs are not hired by these ADs, GMs and owners?

    If Howard was any other race in TODAYs uber sensitive world, he gets shown the door as quickly as Michigan could call a presser on Monday to announce his interim replacement. 99% of the public would all nod their heads in approval after what just happened.

    But because he is black, the entire administrative team has to have lengthy meetings and discuss what the potential racial fallouts will be with public opinions, MSM, Twitter and all the diversity, inclusion and equity blowback from our SJWs.

    From a business perspective, what owner wants to assume that type of PR risk in the event things do not go as planned and the obvious move is to fire the coach.

  25. If a white coach punched punched a black coach that coach would be fired so fast maybe even have charges brought up against him.

  26. This whole 🐂 💩 about it being instigated is fkn crazy!! Juwan started running his mouth, & dude stopped him to explain why he called the timeout, & Juwan wanted to no parts of it & acted a fool. Juwan is 💯% at fault & too blame for this situation.

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    Don’t delay, you should immediately trust Jesus Christ and God!

  28. The slap punch is what started the brawl if Juwan didn’t get violent then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened. If juwan was mature and in control of his emotion he could have told Gard calmly don’t touch me and moved on. Instead he acted like a man baby.

  29. Juwan thinking he’s still a teenager thug from the hood
    In fairness to him the other coach should have not forcibly grabbed his arm
    That’s what really blew this out of proportion

  30. Oh BOYYY! Now that wasn’t very SMART. You aren’t setting a good example for the young Men you’re coaching! You’re not white or BOBBY KNIGHT!

  31. So they are blaming Howard… why…. don’t put your hand on me… period…. Blacks always get the bad rap…. But the white coach had his hands on Howard first…. clear as day

  32. JizzOn COWARD should be in jail where succa punch b*tches and snitches get stitches.

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