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Texas A&M: Sydney Carter “sexiest” coach of all time

Sydney Carter smokin’ hot/Twitter

Sydney Carter sexiest coach ever.

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COLLEGE STATION — Texas A&M’s women’s basketball team just gained a bunch of male fans including yours truly. That’s because assistant coach Sydney Carter showed up against the Kentucky Wildcats donning the sexiest outfit in NCAA history… and Black History. The curvaceous damsel stimulated phalluses worldwide on February 7th when she shared courtside photos of herself dressed in a turtleneck, pink leather pants and clear stilettos. The only thing missing was a stripper pole. My penis is still perpendicular. Sydney told Yahoo Life, “I literally post every outfit.” As fellas, we appreciate it. As a matter of fact, Sydney’s confrères should mimic the wardrobe. But haters are gonna hate. Many vented their exasperation via social media.

One Twitter user wrote, “Is this outfit appropriate as a basketball coach?” Another chimed in with, “I’m not feeling it at all… she is coaching basketball. Looks like club gear and you want to be taken serious.” A third viewer added, “Inappropriate period. She should get ticket/fine whatever.” Several dudes rushed to Sydney’s defense. “What’s wrong with it???” a fan wrote.

“Moral of the story, shut up and let black women be great.”

Sydney is not only a coach, she’s a recruiting coordinator.

Is her attire inappropriate?

Should female coaches be allowed to dress sexy?

Watch Sydney defend her provocative wardrobe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I love me some Syndney Carter. I became a Texas A&M fan because of Sydney Carter. I’ve been a women’s basketball fan since the mid 90’s, and those Texas A&M teams with Sydney Carter, Syndey Colson, and Danielle Adams were my favorite teams to watch, and I was happy when they won the national title in 2011. As for this issue, I”ve seen plenty of women who dress stylish like that on the sidelines. It is not something that is unique to her. Now is it appropriate? Her outfits may not coincide with certain people’s taste or values, but objectively speaking, she is not violating any rules by dressing that way.

  2. Hell I don’t see nothing wrong her outfit, I like it,😁😁😁

  3. White people are good at wanting you to hide your gifts so you don’t overshadow them. To level things if it was up to them, the hairstyle wouldn’t been appropriate, she would needed to shave her head bald. That’s how sick these folks are.

  4. Black men are NOT the ones complaining about anything negative about her. Let’s get that one straight.

  5. She’s beautiful! I Love a beautiful woman that loves to dress herself! It’s more of a turn on to see a beautiful fully dressed woman in public 👠! Sry she’s not wearing a man buzz cut and looking like your big brother! You got intimidated by a sexy and beautiful fully dressed woman ♀️! STEP YA GAME UP POTNA!

  6. I’m black and I don’t approve of it there’s nothing professional about what she has on

  7. I don’t see a ring on that finger. She’s educated, articulate, confident, and freaking gorgeous! She can be the head coach in my house and to my children anytime.

  8. The pumps look great and professional, but you know that wearing leather tight pants at your job is inappropriate🙄🙄!! Are you gonna wear tight leather pants to a job interview!?! Girl, Bye! Ur beautiful and you look good, but we all know the difference between wearing professional wear to your job & wearing club wear to work?! You all are not keeping it real!! That’s like wearing club wear to church, it’s inappropriate, no matter how banging your body is!!🙄🙄🙄

  9. Let Coach be stylish. People are hating on her. She’s showing you can be cute AND do your job successfully.

  10. This reminds me of decades ago when I managed a retail home store. Well, the b*tches who I used to work side-by-side with before I got my promotion, started complaining to the district manager about how I was dressing. Their complaint was that my wearing nicer clothes was a way of showing off that I was making more money than them. This was ludicrous! Nothing was further from the truth. I was wearing nicer clothes for three reasons. 1) I didn’t see any reason why a manager shouldn’t dress a step-up from other workers, so that they are more easily identified by customers, should their assistance be needed. I mean, think about it, how many times have all of you scanned a store for the person who was dressed more business-like, when you were in need of speaking with a manager? 2) I bought all of those clothes when I was a Bridal Specialist in an upscale boutique, not with my increased earnings. 3) They were my F-in clothes! I wear them when I want to!

    It’s not like I was working less or not as hard. I was still sitting on floors while stocking lower shelves. And even when my blazer got caught on the box rollers and ripped the pocket, guess what. . . I took it off and went right back to unloading those hundreds of boxes from a stuffed-to-the-gills 53′ foot truck!

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